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Part 39: Halloween? (Restful Stones II)

Update 39: Halloween? (Restful Stones II)

Welcome back! Last time we fought some Kawas and then I accidentally triggered an event instead of progressing. This occurs if you return to Port Grendel (the otherwise unremarkable town on the island) after beating the fight at Bardvig Aqueduct.

Because they’re sitting by the door, Kyrie feels compelled to eavesdrop on these spooky-looking people’s conversation.

Suspicious Gossip: The one in the middle of the night, in that cemetery?

Shady Gossip: Shhhh! Not so loud! Yeah, that one. You going?

Suspicious Gossip: I don’t know… Those guys are a little intense, even for me.

Having snooped on their private conversation, Kyrie turns to finish her business.

Now, the only graveyard we know of is the one where we fought the corrupt Arbiters and rescued Bzaro, so it’s pretty likely to be there. The red mark on the map helps you figure out if you don’t remember that though.

We go in and are immediately thrown into a fight. This one can either be very, very difficult or relatively easy and it depends largely on your gear to determine which it is.

You get 7 people for this fight, so I’m bringing Eustace, Bobby, Sophia, Reiner, Selina, Bzaro, and Mongo. A key thing is that everybody has at least 50% dark resistance, with most having 100 or more.

And that’s because of this guy. He’s a Lich, which is the same class I used for Bobby in the max difficulty fight. If you have low dark res, this guy will kill you with a bunch of double-cast map-wide dark attacks using blood price. And then the Plague Doctor/Mender in the pumpkin head will heal him back up to do it again the next turn. He also has mystic shield, so he’s a massive pain to try and take out even with low health, and life font, so he can heal himself a bit with no support. The only saving grace is that all of his attack spells are dark, so he can’t do too much to people with the resistance.

Additionally, we have a Cadaver, 2 undead Kawa, 2 undead Seireens, a Werewolf, and a Vampire. So a lot of spooky guys to deal with.

On a cramped map like this, I’m able to draw blood on my 1st move as Reiner shoots the advancing Werewolf and the Cadaver.

The AI also continues its love of boomerangs, whacking Mongo twice.

The Vampire moves up and does nothing, so I have Mongo run over berserk him. Hopefully he’ll ran back into the crowd of enemies instead of moving towards me.

Sophia and Selina whack the Werewolf.

And Bzaro follows up for the first kill.

I have Bobby heal Selina back up because she has low-ish dark resistance.

Because it’s time for Darkstorm spam! Thanks to my resistance, these 2 casts don’t do nearly as much damage as they could.

And then Eustace lowers him down to double digits with his counters.

Mongo gets skyjacked about 5 feet from where he started.

While the Kawas start swarming Bzaro.

The Vampire takes a shot at the Seireen.

And Selina gets a very nicely positioned Fire Burst off.

Which Bzaro takes advantage of to kill the Seireen, though the Vampire dodges.

Having decided that Darkstorm didn’t do enough damage, the Lich instead uses his locus casts to heal the zombie.

Reiner misses another killshot on the Vampire as the Kawas keep bouncing all of my people into each other.

And on Bobby’s turn I have him cast Firestorm to pretty badly hurt most everything on the field.

He doesn’t get any actual kills, though, and gets a lot of statuses from the counters.

Mongo then uses Righteous Blade to kill the Cadaver

And Sophia finally picks up the kill on the Vampire.

Bzaro somehow survived multiple enemy turns at low health so I have Selina heal the group up a little bit.

While the enemy Plague Doctor does the same and heals their allies.

Bzaro kills the last Kawa threatening my backline.

And the Lich uses about half of his health to do about a third of Sophia’s.

Reiner continues his trend of missing killshots, failing a 95% chance on this.

And the Seireen puts a bunch of status effects on Sophia.

I have Eustace run in the middle to weaken the Seireen and deplete the Lich’s MP with a thunder burst and then have Mongo wake Sophia back up.

So she can get the double kill with Avernaal.

The Plague Doctor revives the Cadaver, but at this point the fight’s mostly just mopping things up.

Sophia weakens a remaining Kawa that Mongo finishes off with a hit from All for One.

Selina kills another Kawa.

Reiner weakens the remaining Cadaver and the Plague Doctor.

For Bzaro to kill the Cadaver again.

And soon afterwards, Reiner finally gets a kill to finish the fight.

For a reward, we get another pair of Riftwalkers, which let you teleport, and a few other sundry things.

Overall, the fight was pretty easy because I came in prepared. I tried it once before, without moving gear around, and got absolutely destroyed. That Lich can do some crazy damage to everyone, and then the fast enemies are really good at ganging up to take out whoever’s weakened by the Lich.

Still, with that quick side event finished, it’s time to keep moving forward. Next time we’ll be going through the ominously named Godstear Wastes.