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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 40: Godstear Wastes

Update 40: Godstear Wastes

Welcome back! Last time we had an out of season Halloween party in a graveyard. This time we’ll be moving towards the final Temple as we walk through the Godstear Wastes.

We pop in and are immediately confronted by a group of not-too-friendly looking people.

Turn around and begone. This will be your only warning.
You know, Reiner, I don’t think that patented greeting of yours is as effective as you think.
Sadly, I think you might have a point.
Our leader warned us there’d be troublemakers coming this way.
Your leader left other Sigil members to block our path, and yet he warned you we’d be coming? Sounds to me like someone might be considered… expendable.
Securing a future that isn’t controlled by the Immortals is worth the sacrifice. Something an Arbiter dog like you could never understand! And you, Katja… I didn’t expect to see you amidst the immortals’ lackeys. You were a high-ranking member of Sigil! What happened to you?
As ye say, I was a high-rankin’ member of this organization and I didn’t even know the leader’s malicious methods and true objective. What does that say about how much a grunt like ye knows of what’s really going’ on?
I… I know enough! Enough to know I need to stop you here and now! You won’t be getting in our way anymore!
I thought you’d be better at this whole “negotiations” thing, with your ransoming experience and all.
I don’t usually parley. That one time was only because ye caught me eye, love.

Enough. Looks like this lot means business.

And it’s time for a fight. This one can be decently difficult, especially if you let things drag on.

Kyrie’s locked in like most story fights. In addition to her, I’m bringing Hannah, Eustace, Sophia, Bobby, and Azure.

Up against us, we have a Reaver and a Warmage,

As well as a Gambler/Sorcerer, a Peddler, Gadgeteer, Ranger, Vessel,

And the leader Templar. This guy is special for this fight, in that you want to avoid killing them if at all possible, for reasons that will be revealed shortly.

Because of the boosted MP trait, the Gambler opens up the fight with a map-wide attack. Thankfully, he doesn’t have a great MND stat so it doesn’t do *that* much damage. The Peddler then hastes the Gambler, so I’ll probably have more of these to look forward to.

Down low I have Azure Focus and Kyrie advance along the sides. My goal is to draw the enemies over here, rather than trying to deal with them in the center trenches.

The enemy Warmage also focuses and moves near Kyrie, which is quite bad because they will most likely deal a lot of damage off of that.

In general, people keep advancing and buffing each other.

Until finally the enemy ranger starts the close combat with a multishot on my wizards.

Kyrie hits the Warmage for some good damage, Azure continues hitting the Warmage, and then Kyrie

gets MND-broken by the Reaver. This new positioning is actually great, because it means that I can easily hit both the Reaver and Warmage while most of the other enemies are out of range to stop me.

First off, Eustace kills the Warmage and severely weakens the Reaver with a cast of Earth 2.

Sophia uses Quetzalcoatl to hit the Reaver from a distance

And then Hannah’s able to take them out.

The Templar advances in, which is less than ideal. I’m going to need to figure out how to either root them or keep them away from my squishier guys.

But first I have Bobby hit everyone with a Darkstorm. It doesn’t do a ton of damage, but weakens everyone and will at least get them to use resources on healing before they get close.

The enemy Ranger is apparently also a Knight, and uses One for All in range of both Bobby and Azure, which is not conducive to their survival.

Meanwhile, further back the three enemies continue buffing and healing each other as they approach.

And now, for some questionable decision choices. The AI charms Azure.

So she gets shot by One for All, which gets rid of the charm.

Who she then shoots back for a good chunk of damage too.

Annoyingly, when I try to move and take out the Ranger, I trigger a trap and lose her turn. Kyrie also lost her turn to a damage trap, taking about half of her health.

The Peddler comes along and puts her down to critical levels with a rock. The Ranger also moves forward and uses another One for All, now in range of my entire party.

A combo of defense break and the shot takes out a big chunk of Bobby’s health.

And I have Sophia heal up Azure because she’s the only person actually in range.

Eustace nearly kills the Ranger, but whiffs on the melee part so they survive. Hannah uses her turn to use a full potion on Kyrie, who had 5 hp remaining.

And on Bobby’s turn, he hits the whole map with a solidly strong non-elemental attack.

Which successfully kills the Ranger and nets me another plume for crafting.

Sadly, the Gambler takes offense to this and brains Bobby with a rock for a kill.

Kyrie whiffs a kill on the Gadgeteer, so I have Azure take them out instead.

That’s why he left us these summoning stones.

This has me cross a threshold which triggers new dialogue from the Templar. This triggers either when you take out enough of their allies, or when you take out the Templar them self.

The Templar has a purple flame appear around them

At which point 2 gigantic turret-like demons appear out of the ether.

What… is this..? I… Trust in our leader everyone! Fight on!

And then they die too.

These new enemies, called Aeoths, are pretty simple.

Every turn, they’ll put down a delayed attack area somewhere on the map. On their next turn, it’ll explode in a ton of fire damage and they’ll put down another. They can do a basic AOE cross for free, or larger AOE burst for 20 MP, both of which can neither be evaded nor countered. Additionally, they have the Impetus passive from Katja’s Bounty Hunter, so they’ll slowly ramp up until they get multiple turns to your units’ one, and counter any offensive actions with slow, making it so they can hit you even more easily.

They can be really dangerous if you can’t focus them down quickly, or at least have to deal with other enemies, which is why I think it’s so important to hold off their appearance to as late as possible.

With them here, I have Sophia revive Bobby a bit back and mostly out of harm’s way.

Eustace gets some good damage off on the Gambler

And then Eustace and Azure get targeted by a barrage.

Azure does take out the Gambler as she moves to safety though.

On the Vessel’s turn, we get a preview of the final Vessel skill, Immortal Souls.

Which she uses to obliterate Hannah

After some weakening from Sophia, Azure takes out the Peddler.

The reraised Hannah goes to kill the Vessel but hits a bleed trap and has to stop. I have Kyrie move forward and heal her with a potion.

The Vessel hits me one more time with a Quetzalcoatl

At which point Hannah is finally able to go again and 1 shots her with Blood Trophy, leaving only the Aeoths.

Sophia does 1/3 of the closest one’s HP

Followed by a snipe from Azure

And then an infused edge from Kyrie for the kill.

As I run over to the other Aeoth, I take the time to hit some gather spots and have Bobby cast Meteorstorm (mostly because it looks cool).

But after a few hits Hannah is able to take it down.

Not too bad a fight overall. In my experience, moving off to the side makes things much easier than trying to fight all of the enemies at once in the center. It also allows you to delay killing the Templar more easily, so that you don’t have to deal with the Aeoths and aggressive enemies at once. Because that is an easy recipe for disaster.

With that done, we’ll pop back out to the world map, where we can see that our next stop is finally Gogombob City!