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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 41: Gogombob City I

Update 41: Gogombob City

Welcome back! Last time we fought a bunch of Sigil members who summoned some giant fire demons. This time we’ll finally be reaching Gogombob City.

We pop in to the full party walking across a bridge over lava in what looks to be the middle of Gogombob City.

At the end of the bridge, we encounter three Kawas wearing fancy feather headdresses.

Elders. It is good to see you as well.
Captain Kyrie always welcome in Gogombob City!
I see necromancer at your side. We value your healing, Necromancer Yates. But remember, we will not allow the use of our fallen brethren for your… science.
Not my intention at all. I happened to be traveling with the good Captain, and because of my long acquaintance with the esteemed elders, thought I might be of assistance. Although since you raised the topic, my research has advanced significantly since last we spoke. If you were willing to keep an open mind…

Erm! Just let me know if my assistance is required. I’ll move out of the way for now… over there.

And Yates retreats to stand opposite of Katja.

(Grumble, grumble).
It is good you have not come at behest of necromancer. How can we help, Arbiter Kyrie?
My team and I are visiting each of the sacred Temples as part of the Marked pilgrimage. I am here to request the elder’s permission to access the Gogombob City Temple.
Oh no! Temple is closed to all!
Why is the temple closed? If it is a matter of security, perhaps we could help.
Since you are on Pilgrimage, you must know each Temple houses Relic. We have sensed Relics being drained. Every Relic but one in our Temple.
Draining Relic is bad! Very bad!
You seem to know quite a lot about the situation.
Is… complicated.
(Grumble, grumble).

The elders step back and confer for a second.

Hmm, I agree. We must trust Kyrie in this.
You know about ancient beast, called The Maw?
The Maw not dead. Only sealed away… In Relics.

The entire party reacts in shock.

But that’s not right! Everyone knows the first Immortals defeated The Maw centuries ago. Why would they seal it up and not destroy it?
We Kawas live long, much longer than Humans. Eldest Elder’s grampa alive when our people fought against The Maw.
Kawas understand beat too strong for defeat! So Immortals put beast in Relics.
You’re telling us the ancient best was never truly destroyed, but sealed away in these Relics all this time?
What’s important now is Relics being drained. Don’t know what happens if drained. Suspect nothing good.
We can help if you’ll trust us. We’re right now trying to stop Sigil. They’re the ones who’ve been draining all the Relics.
Sigil is draining?!
You are certain when you say this?

At that, the Elder also recoils back

Is big problem!
Should toss Grim Eye in lava!
Grim Eye and Raife arrive here not long ago. Grim Eye is summoner of great knowledge and power. Raife his good friend. Sent them to Temple to investigate Relic problem.
Smelled of dark energy!
Then, there’s no more time for debate. If we’re going to stop them, you must grant us passage to the Temple.
Relic must not be drained! You are always great friend to Kawas, Kyrie. We will trust you.
We will stop them.
Careful on way! Big, nasty monsters!

The two groups turn back to confer amongst themselves.

Agreed. But whatever it is, there isn’t time to talk them around. Let’s go.

And things fade to black.

Before moving on, I stop by the merchant to upgrade everybody’s weapons and armor.

And then, once I leave the city and return, a new event starts up.

Where we run into Somier again!

Yes! Thanks to kind Arbiter and friends. Good trip! Good trade, good travels. Big thank you!

Somier then steps forward and gives us some gifts as thanks. The Dragonscale Mail is a solid armor with resistances to both fire and thunder damage, and the Henge Fragment is important for the sidequest I mentioned earlier. Both nice things to have.

And now, to round out the update, there’s one more side thing I want to do before hitting the Temple. And that’s returning to the Jungle Temple. If you remember, after we beat up the new Sigil recruits, we spared their lives and Kyrie said that she’d return to release them. Well, if you go there at any point after beating the Desert Temple, then an event triggers.

I believe you’ve had ample time to reflect on your actions. I’ll open the seal for you. Don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd anymore.
Yes ma’am! Here. I had these stashed away, but now that I’m returning to farming, I don’t think I’ll need them.

And he gives us a Saphire Earring, which is an accessory that prevents a good chunk of statuses, and another Henge Fragment. At this point in the game it is fully possible to finish off that sidequest, but it requires killing a Bandit Kawa in a patrol, and that’s a pain in the butt so I don’t do it until after the next Temple.

But with the Jungle Temple taken care of, it’s time to return to Gogombob City, in preparation for our trek through the Devilsblood Ascent next time!