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by OOrochi

Part 45: The Crossroads II

Update 45: The Crossroads II

Welcome back! Last time we beat up Raife and Grim Eye before discovering that Primus had been backing them the whole time. Having drained all of the Temple Relics, Primus teleported the three of them back to Illuster to gather the final Relic needed to complete their plans, whatever they happen to actually be. This time, we’ll be chasing after them to hopefully catch up before things go too bad.

However, as we approach Illuster, a battle triggers on the unmarked Crossroads.

Upon entering the map, we discover a ton of demons all over the ruined inn.

We can’t allow them to run loose. We need to eliminate them, now!

After the craziness of the previous fight, this one’s pretty simple. Just a basic defeat all foes, where they’re all demons.

This time we get 6 controllable units and 2 friendly Arbiters helping out. I’ll be bringing Eustace, Hannah, Selina, Bzaro, and Bobby.

Up against us are a bunch of demons. 3 Malcubus varieties, 3 Harvester varieties, a Pestilord, and 2 Overscourges (max tier Archafflictors). The Overscourges are really nasty because they have a map-wide attack that, while not super damaging, randomly inflicts debuffs on all enemies. And it seems to love berserking whichever unit whose turn is upcoming.

The AI Scoundrel opens the fight by shooting a Harrower.

Who responds by hitting quite a few of my units with an AOE.

However, both Kyrie and Hannah swarm the Harrower and take it down pretty easily.

Selina takes out about two thirds of another Harrower’s health.

While the AI Merc heroically decides to charge 5 demons on his own.

I had Bzaro boost Bobby’s MP, so Bobby takes a big chunk out of all of the demons with a Holystorm. It also kills the weakened Harrower.

There’s a bit more skirmishing as the demons gang up on the 2 AI partners and one of the Overscourges inflicts a few status effects on people.

The Pestilord takes advantage of the debuffs to nearly 1 shot Eustace and take a big chunk out of Selina as well.

While Kyrie uses her new ability to take out one of the Overscourges and severely weaken a Harrower and the other Overscourge.

And Hannah then leaps over to kill the Pestilord.

Selina heals quite a few units with a burst.

And then thanks to my positioning a Sincubus pits both Hannah and Selina to sleep.

On Bobby’s turn he blasts everybody again, but only kills the Huntsman.

And the lack of kills was unfortunate because one of the Domincubi uses Soul Binder on Hannah. Since she’s asleep, this does significant damage and charms her as well. Which is great because she’s up next.

And she uses her new turn to leap over and kill Selina.

Kyrie kills the remaining Domincubus.

While Eustace kills one of the Sincubi. If I’d been smart, I would’ve combind Bzaro and Eustace to kill the other one instead.

But because I didn’t, Eustace falls to a last shot Sedate from the final Sincubus. On his turn, I have Bobby remedy Hannah so she doesn’t kill another one of my units.

Instead, she kills the Huntsman.

The Sincubus runs off and revives an Archafflictor, but neither of them has enough health to survive a third Holystorm from Bobby.

Despite her teamkilling, Hannah still receives the MVP award. Not too tough a fight at all.

The timing is certainly suspicious. This has to be related to Primus and Sigil.

Suddenly Reiner runs on screen.

It looks as though they came straight from the Capital. I don’t know what’s going on in Illuster, but it can’t be good if demons are pouring out of it.
All the more reason to hurry. Let’s go.

And we’d pop back to the world map. But instead of heading on to Illuster, I’ll be taking us back to the Devilsblood Ascent for a brief moment.

On a skirmish there (through a combo of buffs, focus, and the attack bonus from a massive height differential) I finally manage to kill a Bandit Kawa.

Who drops a bunch of stuff including a rapier one tier up from what’s currently available.

And the final Henge Fragment I needed!

So in the grand tradition of poorly timed sidequests, we’ll be checking out the conclusion of the events at Lodestarhenge before saving Illuster from demons and an evil god-king.