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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 47: Illuster

Update 47: Illuster

Welcome back! Last time we finished a long running side quest, dealt with a suicidal AI, and recruited this game’s blatant reference character. This time, we’ll get back to chasing Primus, Raife, and Grim Eye to Illuster.

When we arrive, things look fine. At least until the camera pans up.

Revealing a lot of demons!

They finish off an Arbiter as we watch.

But another guardsman finds us and approaches.

What happened here, Guardsman?
It’s Sigil, Captain. They attacked from without the gates, at the same time these demons began to appear within the walls!
What of the Council?
I’ve received no orders, but someone reported heavy fighting in the central hall, and that the Immortals themselves had joined the fray. But I don’t know that this report can be trusted. They said a few of the Immortals were fighting each other… Surely that can’t be true?
If the Immortals are fighting among themselves now, I… I don’t even know what to say to that. What should we do?
Nothing has changed. We press on to the Council chambers and stop Primus.
You’re going to fight these demons? We met them blade against bone, but they were too much for us… How did it come to this?! I’m the only one left…
Calmly, Guardsman. You and your brothers did well in reducing their numbers. Thanks to your bravery, we should be able to handle those that remain.
Yes, Captain! I will see our city reclaimed from these horrors, or die in the attempt!

And it’s time for a fight! And surprise, this is another max difficulty fight! This wasn’t on purpose; I just didn’t set the difficulty back after doing the demonstration and didn’t realize until I’d already saved. So get ready for a fight that goes much, much worse than the other one I showed.
The fight itself is a simple rout all enemies map.

We get 6 units and the friendly guardsman. In addition to Kyrie, I’m bringing Mongo, Katja, Sophia, Hannah, and Selina.

And up against us are 3 Harvester variants, a Plaguelord and an Archafflictor,

And up top there are 2 Malcubi variants and, even more importantly, 2 Aeoths! Because this map is so small and the ways to get up top are limited, these guys are going to be an absolutely massive pain.

There’s a good bit of skirmishing and buffing as things start.

As the Aeoths start prepping to blast my guys.

Eventually though, Hannah actually opens the fight by attacking one of the Harvesters.

While on the western side Kyrie hits a Harrower with a Holy Bolt.

As the demons close in on Hannah, I realize that Harvesters can’t swim, so I have Katja swap places with this one and drown it.

Hannah gets hit by a few of the demons, leaving her at about 1/3 of her health.

So Sophia moves over there to heal her and get in range to start blasting with Vessel skills.

Unfortunately, the nearby Archafflictor decides to attack Selina, who he crits and nearly 1 shots.

The Sincubus heals the weakened Harrower back to full health while the Hunstman kills Selina and badly hurts Hannah again.

The Aeoths keep barraging me.

And the guest moves up to hit the Domincubus hiding underwater.

In the center, a Harrower takes a chunk out of Kyrie and Katja responds by taking about ½ of its health.

While Mongo takes advantage of the Archafflictor’s holy weakness to absolutely overkill it with a Righteous Blade.

Kyrie takes out the central Harrower.

There’s a bit more skirmishing before Hannah uses Blood Trophy to kill the Huntsman.

And then things go wrong. Very, very wrong. First off, the Domincubus uses Soul Binder, which has about a 50-60% chance of charming the target. And she successfully charms Katja, whose turn is up next.

So she goes and promptly drowns our friend, while also staying out of range for any of my units to clear her charm in the meantime.

On the bridge, Mongo and Kyrie team up to kill the Pestilord.

I have Sophia heal Kyrie up and have Hannah give herself regen as a bunch of Barrages fall around the map.

And the Domincubus kills Katja. Not sure why, since she was still charmed, but whatever.

I have Sophia revive her immediately, but her turn is still pushed back a bit.

And it’s at this point I notice the other problem. Specifically, it’s been long enough that the speed boost from Impetus has started to beat out some of my units. Here, the Aeoth is able to shoot and have it land before Sophia can move to dodge it.

And it turns out that the same thing happened to Hannah, who nearly dies from the hit.

Though she just uses it as motivation to kill the Sincubus.

I have Katja net the Domincubus for one big reason: if Soul Binder targets a sleeping unit, it automatically inflicts a special form of charm called Mind Control which lasts 1 extra turn and gives the target an immediate turn. So, the sleeping Mongo would get 2 turns and could probably kill at least 1 if not 2 people.

Of course, Katja herself is still in range, so she just gets charmed again instead.

And then drowns Sophia.

I make a mis-step here, since Katja was just about to get hit by the Barrage and either be cured anyway or die.

It ends up that she dies again.

And then Kyrie gets targeted by an undodgeable attack. At this point, I realize I have 1 single saving grace: Mongo is wearing a fire shield, and is thus immune to the Aeoth’s attacks. Downside is that I don’t think he could kill them on his own. So I really need to make sure to keep some other people alive too.

In order to make sure Mongo doesn’t die to the Domincubus, I revive Sophia in a temporarily safe place.

While the Domincubus uses the opportunity to revive the Pestilord.

And Kyrie dies to another Barrage.

The Pestilord heals itself to full, but thankfully Hannah and Mongo are just barely able to kill it before it’s able to start spamming Plague Storm.

I finally get people up top, and have Katja and the newly-revived Selina start trying to hit the Aeoths with status conditions, though nothing takes immediately.

And down low the Domincubus kills Hannah and leaves Mongo with very low health.

But I have Sophia heal him back up and then he’s finally able to kill the Domincubus. Now I just need to deal with the incredibly fast Aeoths without too many more deaths.

I poison one but lose Selina again shortly thereafter.

After a lot more running around and having them heal each other, one of the Aeoths finally falls asleep, which gives me a tiny bit of leeway.

Which I use to slowly wear down the other one

Before Katja finally kills it.

After that, it takes a good bit more wearing down before Kyrie is able to take out the other one and finally end this fight.

Not my best fight, to be sure. The enemies were unexpectedly difficult for sure, but I also made some big mis steps. The biggest thing I should’ve done, besides making sure anyone that can swap places is immune to charm, is give someone either the jet boots or riftwalkers and have them teleport up top to deal with the Aeoths before they got too fast.

Regardless, I make sure to set the difficulty setting back to normal before the next fight. Next time we’ll be going to the newly revealed Cataracta Citadel!