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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 52: Gelligh Foothills

Update 52: Gelligh Foothills

Welcome back! Last time we fought a bunch of Sigil members after Raife failed to control The Maw again. This time we’ll be fighting even more Sigil members.

It’s a pretty simple map, though it can be a tough fight. In my first attempt on this playthrough I had three people go down before the end of the first round thanks to some poor positioning on my part. But we hopefully won’t be seeing things go that badly this time.

I’ll be going with a crew of Bobby, Sophia, Katja, Hannah, and Anadine.

And they’ll be up against a good variety of enemies including 2 Gunners a Daodrenner and a Vessel.

You “plan.” Do you mean your intention to unleash the ancient beast that nearly tore Teora asunder when last it was summoned?
Our leader is more powerful than the beast or the sorcerers of old. He can control it. With the creature on our side, we will finally be able to change things for the better!
I see. You intend to replace the very Council you so despise, but with a bigger cudgel to enforce your rule.
I don’t have to listen to the drivel of those who don’t share our bright vision! Everyone, it is time to eradicate these lapdogs of the old order. For the cause!

The enemy Druid then starts the fight by poisoning Kyrie.

While the Ranger is annoying and debuffs Anadine’s attack.

Katja and Kyrie retaliate and nearly kill both of their targets, though the Ranger just uses their next turn to heal back up with a potion.

Anadine goes to harass the ranged enemies while Hannah kills the Druid.

I cluster up a bit as the Daodrenner and Reaver move in and the ranged units take potshots at various people.

And Bobby finally gets a turn so he, unsurprisingly, hits enemies with a Darkstorm. It doesn’t kill anyone, but it does get the Gunner up top to waste its Focus charge by healing itself instead of attacking.

Kyrie follows up on the Darkstorm to kill the Reaver, but misses the attack portion so they survive.

While Anadine whiffs a shot at killing the annoying Ranger.

And Hannah misses killing the Daodrenner as well.

Considering I just absolutely failed to finish anyone off, I have Sophia heal people instead of trying something that would almost certainly miss.

And on Bobby’s turn he blasts again, still not killing anyone but he does at least slow a few as the damages them.

The Daodrenner uses a reaction turn from its Quickening ability to heal itself

While the Ranger uses their Quickening turn to snipe Anadine. Thankfully, Anadine has decent physical defenses so she barely survives.

Katja falls just short of killing the Reaver, so I have her net them instead of attacking. My reasoning was that Kyrie is pretty bulky and I’d much rather her get damaged than almost certainly lose Sophia.

The enemy Gunner and Knight nearly kill Katja and Hannah, respectively.

And then the Reaver uses a Flourish, combined with their low HP damage boost, to absolutely obliterate Kyrie.

And instead of doing the smart thing and just killing the Ranger with a rock, I have Anadine take another swing at him. She misses again.

But at least Hannah doesn’t fail her 95% chance to hit and she kills the Reaver.

Though she then dies to an undodgeable attack from one of the Gunners. Her reraise brings her back up.

But Bobby avenges her with yet another Darkstorm that, this time, kills both the Ranger and one of the weakened Gunners.

The enemies spend a round mostly healing themselves as Hannah does about half of the Daodrenner’s health.

And Sophia revives Anadine at low health to hopefully not miss any more.

After a heal from Katja, I have Bobby take a big chunk out of the Knight with a Locus.

But it doesn’t kill him and he then kills Hannah. Which was probably the better outcome for me, because Anadine comes up next.

And she finally gets the memo that you’re supposed to actually hit things and kills both the Daodrenner and the Knight.

There’s a bit more skirmishing as I close in and both sides revive people.

But soon Bobby kills the Vessel with another Dark Locus.

Kyrie whiffs yet another potential kill.

But Bobby and Anadine work together to weaken and then kill the remaining Gunner and the Reaver again.

And Sophia finishes off the fight with a cast of Avernaal.

And that’s that. This one certainly went a bit worse than it could’ve since I just couldn’t finish anyone off for a good chunk of the fight. The enemies in general hit pretty hard on this map, so not being able to reduce incoming damage definitely made things harder than they would’ve otherwise been.

Still, we made it through, and next time we’ll be reaching the top of the mountains at Mount Nervanzer!