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Part 54: Gogombob City II

Update 54: Gogombob City II

Welcome back! Last time we defeated Raife for good. He gave us the amulet and charged the party with defeating The Maw before it was too late. This time, we’ll be visiting the Kawas in Gogombob City before continuing after The Maw. This visit actually has two different parts, but they get combined into one if you fulfill the requirements for the 2nd part. And fair warning, this update has a lot of talking in it.

When we arrive, Reiner takes the lead and heads out.

The party waits.

And waits.

And waits even more (I like that Katja just falls asleep).

But eventually Reiner returns.

Is everything all right? That took quite a while.
Nothing to worry about. As the title implies, some of the elders aren’t as young as they used to be.

And the party then heads further into the city to see the elders.

Arbiter Reiner has told us you come with questions on how to seal Ancient Beast.
Yes, elders. We recovered the original Medallion that was used to summon The Maw into Teora. Quintus told us we could use it once again to seal the beast, and that your people might know the method. But he feared the knowledge might be lost to you?
Not all lost. Silly Immortals.
Our knowledge of summoning rituals has greatly diminished since the days of old, but some of the ancient lore yet remains.
Really? That’s great! But Quintus was convinced the Council’s prohibition on summoning meant your people would have lost this knowledge.
Our summoning magic is not like Human magic, to be taught and learned. It is more like innate ability with Kawas. Council prohibition did cause techniques to be lost, but Sealing Ritual is simple one.
Just need cata-
*Ahem!* Could the elders give us the *abridged* version of the Sealing Ritual? We’re eager to deal with The Maw before any more lives are lost.
Ah! Yes, yes!

There’s a quick fade in and out.

And those are steps to follow for complete Ritual.

With an entity as powerful as The Maw, the ritual must require some form of cata-
Yates, cease your rudeness! Or should we leave you in the care of Eldest Elder?
… Ah. I think I understand now. My apologies, Reiner. It was my mistake. Elders, please proceed.
That is… all there is to it. Keep in mind, this will only seal The Maw away again. Which means the Immortals will still be needed to siphon dark energy away from Seal, to keep it contained.
(Grumble, Grumble).
And whole situation could very well repeat itself one day.
I know this bloke Quintus said the beast couldn’t be defeated, but couldn’t we just give it a good wallopin’ and see that happens? After all, we defeated Primus and his flunkies where the other Immortals failed.
Not possible.
Quintus is most certainly correct that The Maw cannot be defeated. Such big summoning as Ancient Beast would have created permanent connection between Teora and The Maw’s terrible realm. Even if beast’s physical form were defeated, beast life energy would retreat to home realm and regenerate. After short span, beast would return to Teora to terrorize all again.
Then there really is no other way?

And here is where the visit splits. If you have not yet completed the Henge Fragment sidequest and unlocked Kairu, then you get this dialogue:

If there is other way, it is beyond our ken. But, if there was something, it would be connected to Lodestarhenge, where The Maw was summoned, long ago.
In that case we will all do what we must, and hope that the next generation of Immortals is more prudent.
All right everyone. This is our most important duty yet. Prepare yourselves.

And then you pop back out to the world map, ready to move on.

But if you have completed the Henge Fragment quest, you get this dialogue.

Well… There *might* be another way.
What, really? You might have mentioned that earlier when we, uh- Right. Let’s hear it.
Henge Fragments you possess might just be the key. Area from which they came, Lodestarhenge, is nexus of power where The Maw was summoned long ago. Portal there could be activated with fragments and then used toe enter The Maw’s realm.
But isn’t The Maw here in Teora now? Why travel to its home realm?
You would not go there immediately. But if you defeat beast in battle and life energy returns to beast realm… At that point, you could use the portal to follow and dispatch for good.
Simple. But what’s the catch?
“Catch” was finding Henge Fragments, as fragments thought lost.
That’s it?! Where I’m from, the elders would insist we gather a wagonload of ancient artefacts before trying to take down such a beast.
And need one more thing!
You need an Energy Fragment from The Maw itself to connect the portal to beast realm.
How would we go about getting that?
We’re not entirely certain. It must come from beast itself, so you’ll need to acquire it during fighting beast. Once beast is defeated and you have Energy Fragment, head for Lodestarhenge and activate portal. If all goes well, you will be able to end The Maw’s threat for good. We would accompany you, but I fear we’re a little past our prime. And fighting was never strong suit to begin with.
We understand. Thank you very much for your help and advice, elders. We will take care of the rest.
So, are we going to seal the Ancient Beast away like before, or attempt to destroy it for good?
Defeating The Maw will be our first step, regardless. We’ll see how things play out from there. All right everyone, we know what we must do. Let’s get to it!

This second part, like the Henge Fragment quest in general is totally optional. Whether or not you see it, however, will affect the ending of the game. Visiting the Kawas and just learning of the first method will open the path up for the story. It’s also possible to return at any time after completing the Henge Fragment Quest, at which point the Elders will explain the 2nd method of beating The Maw.

After the conversation, we are put back at the world map with 2 more areas available, the first of which we’ll be checking out next time!