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by OOrochi

Part 73: Demon Knight and Anatomist

Job Overview: Demon Knight and Anatomist

Demon Knight

Requirements: Complete Chapter 11 (Yates’s Cabin II)

Unlocks: None

Equipment: Scythe, Axe, Heavy Armor.

Mastery Bonus: HP+10, ATK +15, Crit +2, Dark Res+10

As has been stated earlier, the Demon Knight is Anadine’s unique class and it is all about offense. It has a ludicrously high attack growth, with a good HP growth and decent mind and defense growths, but pretty terrible resistance and speed growths. It has really limited equipment, but scythes and axes give big attack boosts, and heavy armor helps keep her alive against physical hits. Its abilities are pretty one dimensional, but are all about letting her hit even harder and more often. Overall, it’s a really powerful class that combos well with other secondaries like the Ravager or Templar.

Notable Abilities:

Enraged Blow/Wrathful Blade: These are both strong attacks (1.6x non elemental/3.0x Dark elemental) that cost ¼ of Anadine’s current HP. Enraged blow costs no MP so it is very spammable, while Corrupted blade costs 24. These are basically the class’s bread and butter, and let Anadine take out enemies very easily. Just need to give her some healing support to keep up with incoming damage.

Demonic Might: A self buff that gives Anadine an attack and mind buff, and renew, for no MP but instead costs 1/5 of her current HP. I love it because it’s an easy way to boost Anadine’s attack even higher, and makes her decently self-sufficient.

Focused Rage: The same passive that Thervals get, you can choose to consume all of Anadine’s current MP to inflict more damage on a regular attack (0.025x bonus damage per MP). This does stack with things like dual wield and crits, so you can really make Anadine throw out some crazy damage with just basic strikes if she gets low on HP.

Cleave: The class’s other passive. Once per natural turn, If Anadine KO’s an enemy she can take another full turn, but gains 0 MP on the 2nd turn. Does not trigger if the target has Rebirth. This is incredibly powerful. With 2 consecutive turns, Anadine can just mow through groups of weak enemies, reposition out of danger, run all the way across the map, buff herself or others, and just generally be incredible. It’s not even hard to trigger, since Anadine will be hitting so hard anyway.


Requiremets: Complete Chapter 11 (Yates’s Cabin II)

Equipment: Rod, Staff, Robe

Mastert Bonus: HP/MP+5, MND+15. RES+5. Crit+2. Dark Res+5

We’ve already seen a bit of this class with Yates as an ally, but now we can actually go over it. In a nutshell, it’s sort of a mix between a wizard and a mender, but not necessarily better than either in all situations. He only gets single target healing, but has a passive that boosts all healing by 0.45x, and can only hit the Dark element, but has a passive that boosts damage by 0.45x when a target’s under half HP. He also has slightly worse magical growths than a wizard, but much better non-magical ones to make up for it. And that’s not even getting into the Reanimate ability, which is incredible and totally unique. Overall, an incredibly useful class that I usually keep as Yates’s secondary throughout the game.

Notable abilities:

Reanimate: In my opinion, one of the most useful abilities in the game. Not only does it stop enemies from resurrecting, it also gives you an extra disposable team mate in a game where you’re usually outnumbered. The only downside is that it requires a dead enemy to use, but that’s pretty negligible. Like I said earlier, I'd even consider giving up Yates's secondary slot just for this.

Legendary Healer/Pain Points: His two passives, that boost healing and damage by 0.45x. They really make up for the limited spell selection on this class, and are incredibly useful in any other.

Dark I/II/Locus: His damaging spells. I and II are AOE, and Locus is single target. The dark spells are pretty rare, though not unique to Anatomists, and all have slightly boosted modifiers (~10%) compared to other elemental spells. Definitely powerful, and another way to hit an extra element is always nice. Just watch out for undead stuff.