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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 75: Bzil

Job Overview: Bzil

Since we just got him, I might as well go over Bzaro’s class so I can stop dancing around it.

It’s probably pretty obvious, but Bzaro/the Bzil in general are this game’s version of a blue mage. However, they do it a bit differently from a regular blue mage, and end up a bit more similar to a morpher from FFTA. Rather than having 1 job that gets 1 or 2 abilities from each monster, the Bzil get access to all 20 different monster families as individual jobs, and are free to mix and match primary jobs, secondary skillsets, and any passives or reactions from any job. Because there are so many available, I won’t describe all of them, but basically, any ability that you see a monster use, a Bzil could also use.

Instead of having a job tree, the Bzil unlock new jobs by gathering 5 monster essences (essentially by being in a combat where that monster is defeated 5 times). Rather than having stat growths that are affected by jobs, Bzil stats automatically adjust to whatever job you make their primary. They also change their base movement stats to fit as well. They also are stuck with their natural weapons and can’t equip any armor, which is actually a bonus because it means you have 5 free slots to use for boots and other accessories.

So with all of that, you end up with an incredibly versatile and customizable unit. Want to have the defense of a Pekite but even stronger magic attacks and healing? You can do that. Want to get bonus damage from movement on a class that flies and can have up to 10 squares of movement and also has cleave? You can do that.

The only real downsides the Bzil have is that it can be a bit of a pain to level up each job to get all of the things you want, and that you’re entirely gated by which monsters are available to fight. But if you’re willing to put in the little bit of effort to get them up there, the Bzil are incredibly powerful.