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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 76: Spymaster

Job Overview: Spymaster

Requirements: Complete the Locket Sidequest.

Equipment: Sword, Dagger, Staff, Crossbow, Light Armor, Shield.

Mastery Bonus: HP/MP+5. ATK/MND/DEF/RES+5, SPD+3, EVA+1. Crit+2, Fire/Water/Earth/Lightning Resist+5

It certainly took a while to unlock, but we finally have the Spymaster, Reiner’s unique class. Like the unlock description said, the Spymaster is a pretty versatile class. Growths-wise, it’s slightly above average in everything except for speed, where it is in the upper tiers. However, what makes the class good are its skills. First off, is a passive that allows the Spymaster to equip any armor and any weapon. And because it’s a passive, it means that you could bring it into other classes which could open up lots of fun combos of abilities and equipment. Second, is the other passive, Shadowstep, which functionally gives the user the flying movement type. And third is the move Doppleganger, which allows you to copy the full move set of any non-boss character, including things like monsters. This essentially gives Reiner access to 4 classes worth of moves at any time, and the move set can also be swapped to any other person’s move set at any time. Add in a self-buff that both hastes and raises attack, and a move that literally copies the last used move (without having to pay any cost like MP or consuming an item), and you have an awesome class that really lets you do whatever you want.

Notable Abilities:

Equip All: A passive that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s great.

Shadowstep: A passive that lets you fly. I think this is the only passive in the game that actually changes your movement, and it’s very nice.

Doppleganger: Allows you to copy any non-boss character’s moveset. It’s a massive boost to his versatility and is just really fun to play around with.

Mirror Trick: Perform whatever non-boss ability was last used. For some reason, items are included as abilities, so it’s possible to copy them as well. Anyway, this is very finnicky to use, but it can be fun to do things like throw out things like multiple sniper shots, AOE Buffs or extra revives.

Pandora’s Box: You use a random ability on a target, which cannot evade. This is totally inconsistent, because it could be almost any attacking ability in the game, but it is some guaranteed damage at a long range for no cost. So not a mainstay, but essentially a side-graded rock. It also does weight the abilities to at least probably use whichever attacking stat you have built for, so that’s another plus.