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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 80: Bounty Hunter

Job Update: Bounty Hunter

Now that I’ve actually used her in combat, it’s time to talk about Katja’s unique class, the Bounty Hunter. It’s definitely an interesting one, with just about average growths in everything except for Mind and Res (which are just below) and Speed (which is the 2nd highest in the game). It has a solid equipment selection, and is notably able to equip guns. Daggers and spears are solid enough melee choices if you want to keep her close, and armor and shields are always appreciated. For abilities, the class has a one of the rare non-damaging status moves, a ranged push attack (always useful), and a few attacks with different parameters like preventing revivals or doing more damage when the target is isolated. The passives are also great, one is Know Weakness II (The crit boost that stacks), and the other is a gradual speed boost that ends up giving her a 30% base boost by turn 6. Overall, I think it’s a pretty useful class that could definitely be worth using as your primary or secondary.

Notable Abilities:

Boomerang Bounce: This simply a ranged push attack, similar to forceful shove. However, the range makes it a lot more useful because it allows you to do it from safety, through blockers, and mostly ignoring intervening terrain. If an enemy can’t swim or is on an edge, this makes it incredibly easy for Katja to kill them at will.

Net: an ability that has a sort of short range and just guarantees a status infliction. It’s not always the best option, but considering how many times Rooting Shots’s 75% success chance has failed, it’s always nice to have a guaranteed option.

Pick Off: A relatively cheap attack (12 MP) that starts off at a base modifier of 1.6x, but decreases by 0.6x for each enemy adjacent to the target. Basically just a boost useful to take out isolated characters, this is a nice easy damage boost.

Impetus: A unique passive that slightly boosts Katja’s speed each turn. The boost maxes out on turn 6, with a massive 30% increase, and can really add up quickly, letting Katja move earlier in the rounds and take more turns overall.