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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 82: The Exiled

With Kairu joining the party, it’s time to go over the final unique class of the game

Job Update: The Exiled

Unlocks: None

The Exiled is Kairu’s unique class and it’s an interesting one. Stats-wise, it leans offensively, with above average ATK, MND, and SPD growths and a little below average DEF and RES growths. For equipment, he’s limited to only swords and shields but can wear every type of armor in the game which is pretty nice for versatility. The abilities are nice, if a bit schizophrenic, with some physical skills, water magic, and some hybrid skills. It does have some really nice passives, with the Lich’s Chilling Touch and the Vessel’s Hallowed Body, as well as the Helhund’s Pounce as a reaction. As a chassis, the Exiled is pretty solid and while you won’t be that specialized you can put pretty much any secondary skillset on it and do well enough.

Notable Abilities:

Dash Strike: Essentially a copy of the Bzzerk’s charge ability. While it’s a little bit weaker than a basic attack it’s a good gap closer, especially because there’s no maximum range.

Averian Thrust: A burst attack that hits everyone in range with a basic attack. It can be a bit clunky to use without smart casting from the wizard, but is still nice to have as an option.

Pounce: The exact same ability as the Helhund, but the only way for the player to have it on a non-Bzaro character. It’s a pretty nice way to harass ranged attackers or squishy mages, especially if you run both Kairu and Bzaro with it at the same time.