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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 84: Mummified

Mini Class Overview: Mummified


Win a battle in the Ancient Tomb with Bzaro in the active party (Patrols count as well).

The Mummified class is the reward for fighting through the entirety of the Ancient Path and defeating Quarta at the end. It’s entirely unique to Quarta and Bzaro and has some really interesting abilities. The growth rates don’t necessarily matter, but the class itself will give Bzaro some pretty high all-around stats, with a slight lean towards MND over ATK. Another thing of note is that it has the same regular attack that Quarta did, with the massive absolutely massive range. The class itself isn’t absolutely overpowered but it does have some neat new abilities and can be a fun thing to stick Bzaro in.

Abilities: (Because all of the actives are unique)

Curse: A sort of weak magical attack that has a high chance of charming and weakening the target. While it won’t be your primary attacking tool, you can combo it with the Malice passive from the Malcubus tree to get up to 72% chances for each debuff, which is quite significant.

Concentration: A powerful passive that makes the user much more accurate. Missing sucks, so making sure you hit is great.

Mystic Shield: As ever, this is a powerful passive though Bzaro might not be able to take as much advantage of it due to his lack of Blood Price. Still, it can be a great way to stay alive especially if he’s in a physical class that doesn’t require very much MP.

Ravenous Soul: For a draining attack, this is very powerful, especially since it uses this class’s primary stat. In my experience, as long as you’re past turn 1 you’ll almost certainly recoup the MP cost of casting it and deal/heal about 100 Hp of damage.

Sacrifice: A neat ability, but one that I think works better in the hands of the AI than the player. While it’s not especially efficient, one way to use it would be to reanimate enemies mid-fight and then target the new cadavers to get the boosts.

Canopic Jar: Essentially a random roll on the offensive Vessel skills but with the strong positive of entirely avoiding friendly fire. This can pick from Avernaal, Ippokampos, Quetzalcoatl, Fafnir, and Immortal Souls. Additionally, the AOE of Canopic Jar will override whatever AOE the original skill has, so all of them except for Immortal Souls will get a pretty big AOE boost.

Deathfeeder: A pretty self-explanatory passive that buffs the character more as the battle goes on, capping out at a 0.3x stat boost. It’s pretty significant and can come in clutch in difficult battles, but won’t necessarily be as impactful as, say, the Avenger passive from the Marked. It does trigger off of enemy deaths too which is a big plus.