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by OOrochi

Part 87: Unit Summary 2 (post Update 45)

I managed to find a save right before the upcoming battle, so here is a quick summary to tide things over.

Side Update: Unit Summary 2


Kyrie generally leans towards offense, mostly because I have her using a 2-handed Maul so her defenses are a little lower than they would be with a shield. She’s still pretty solidly bulky to most damage, especially once the bonuses from the Avenger passive start kicking in. I’ve kept her in the Marked class because I like it as a chassis and it has a wide equipment variety. Combined with a Warmage secondary, she’s able to hit every element from at least a few squares away. She also does ridiculous damage up close thanks to Infused Edge, with the only downside being that the Marked abilities don’t work with it. She doesn’t have access to the badge classes like Vessel (which I would love to grab a passive from), so I’ll probably be keeping her in this setup for most of the game.


Reiner sitting as a Spymaster/Ranger right now, though I do change his secondary set up depending on what I need. Stats-wise, he’s decently bulky thanks to his equipment variety, and does pretty good damage thanks to the attack boost passive and using a bow to get solidly strong single hits in, Because of the run up to Gunner, he has quite a few classes unlocked that he’s dipped into for a few abilities or a specific passive. In battle I typically use him to teleport around, get back shots, apply status effects as needed, and to do burst damage with a long-ranged snipe.


Right now, Bobby is a Lich/Sorcerer, which means his job is to stay in the back and blast the map with attacks whenever possible. Though it’s not necessarily the best class for leveling, I like the Lich as a chassis for its innate dark immunity and 2 good passives (including Blood Magic). And thanks to Blood Magic, Bobby gets to use Mystic Shield which makes him really difficult to actually kill. His only real downside is that he’s a bit slow and that his mapwide attacks mean he often eats a billion counters and ends up with a ton of status effects early on. Writing this now, I really should just stick an immunity item on him.


Sophia is typically a Vessel/Mender. She’s both a very effective attacker with the Vessel abilities (especially if I give her an mp stone early on) and my best healer thanks to the Mender abilities. I’ve been debating making her a Princess to get its awesome abilities, but haven’t actually done so and probably will not. Ignoring the resistances (they’re due to a specific shield that I’ve been using off screen) she’s actually decently bulky too, with solid defensive stats but a bit low HP. Overall she’s definitely a member of my A-team.


Mongo’s recently been turned into a Lord/Knight. He has a pretty simple role, in that he pretty much refuses to ever die thanks to his massive bulk and then runs around whacking people with his shield, berserking them, or using the Lord skills to deal damage and inflict debuffs. He’s not necessarily the biggest powerhouse on his own, but he is an awesome front line support unit to take hits and mess with enemies while the rest of the team takes them down.


Hannah is probably my most mobile attacker and uses it to get in close where Duelist and Werewolf skills can inflict some really heavy damage. She has a really high crit rate as well, and pretty much the only reason that she isn’t my main physical attacker is because of how absolutely absurd Anadine can be with her unique class.


Azure’s a ranged attacker, running with dual-wielded guns and some riftwalkers to let her teleport. She is my 2nd fastest unit, which is nice to get early damage in. Thanks to the gunner’s height advantage passive, she can do really great damage from relative safety if there’s a vantage point for her to work with. Additionally, the Gunner and Ranger skills are great at inflicting status effects and there’s something really great about berserking a unit on her first turn while they’re still surrounded by the rest of their team.


Selina is a Warmage/Plague Doctor, and essentially fills the same role as Sophia. She’s better at putting out burst damage thanks to her high attacking stats and the Warmage’s Infused Edge, and can do good healing with the Plague Doctor abilities. She can have a little trouble keeping everybody up at once since the Plague Doctor heals are a bit expensive in MP, but I think she’s a great option to tech in if Sophia’s injured or enemies are really mobile. Also, she can swim, which means I can’t lose my healer to stupid things if I use her.


I really liked the description given for Eustace, so I’ve tried to stick with it. He’s my 2nd Vessel, almost entirely to get him the Hallowed Body passive to boost the damage of his Warmage attacks to super high levels. And while I could do just as well as a Warmage, the Vessel can use Rapiers so I’ve generally stuck with it. As you can see, he’s a bit under leveled currently. Not because I haven’t been using him, but because things keep ending up that he dies. Between this save and my current spot I make sure to grind him up off screen, and he’s back up to pretty much the same level as the others now.


Anadine has one job: kill things. She moves far, teleports, can buff herself to do more damage, and gets damage boosts for being low on health and for being near enemies. Combo that with the Cleave passive and after about turn 3, I count on her killing at least 1 enemy per turn if not more. I prefer to have her as a Reaver over a Demon Knight solely because the Reaver can use sword and the Demon Knight can’t, and I love giving her the Soul Eater to boost all of her stats.


Yates has been mostly left by the wayside. I made a conscious effort not to abuse his reanimation early on, so I just kept leaving him out of fights, and by the time I realized it he was quite a few levels behind and really couldn’t offer much that I didn’t have covered through other units.


While it’s probably not necessarily the most effective combo, I like to make Bzaro an Archafflictor/Malcubus since they’re both themed arounds status effects. The Archafflictor chassis has pretty solid offensive stats, the absolutely amazing Plaguestorm ability to debuff everyone, and Infestation to take advantage of the debuffs, while the Malcubus set has Sedate and Soul Binder to deal with specific enemies for a relatively low cost. Also, though I did it as a joke, I actually really appreciate the huge movement range he got, so Bzaro typically wears 2-3 pairs of boots.


Katja’s my final ranged attacker, and I actually often swap a big chunk of the equipment between her and Azure. Despite that, I typically use her as a bit more of a close-range fire support than Azure’s deal of sitting on a vantage point. Katja can deal good damage with dual-wielded guns, inflict useful status effects with Bounty Hunter skills while also keeping herself safe, and can use the Assassin skills to hit groups or inflict burst damage with Assassinate itself. She’s also my fastest unit by far, especially thanks to the Impetus passive, so she’s come in clutch quite a few times by taking out or otherwise disabling an enemy before they get a turn.


Kairu I got but basically never use. I went over my thoughts on him generally earlier, and they haven’t really changed. He’s solid enough, but really doesn’t offer much that I don’t already have somewhere else.