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Part 4: Exciting! Could you call me Indiana?

New dungeon means new enemies. We've got some jumping pumpkins and the tootsie-roll owl's homicidal cousin. The mice are poisonous and like to make dashes after you, and the zombies are immune to our weapons and have to be put down with fire.

Crystal can be handy early in the game. When they're used they immediately fill your attack bar so you can unleash a supercharged spell or attack.

The mice drop cure potions, which is handy since we might have to save some mana for fire spells.

There's two ways we can go here, the easy way or the Rock way. The easy way leads to a dead end, by the way.

We end up finding our next obstacle before we find the way to cross it. The backtracking on this one isn't that arduous, however.

We basically just have to go back downstairs, destroy some jars, and step on a switch.

Oh no, we're trapped by our greed in going after this chest! If only we could somehow pull ourselves over these blocks by wrapping something around that post out there...

The Chain is another incremental boost to our attack and attacks in a straight line. Using it with the attack bar full gives you extended reach. In some ways I don't like this weapon as much as the others since you have to be directly in line with your targets and can't react to attacks from the side very easily.

The pillow can be used to put enemies to sleep, but it doesn't work on the undead.

Medium-sized chasms are no threat to us now!

For once there's an actual hidden passage. It's a short cut, but short cuts mean less killing and are thus summarily rejected.

A few of the posts are spaced so that you actually have to use a charged attack to reach the other side.

They do everything but draw you a map here, seriously.

This one's a bit trickier, since they actually have two possible places they could be hiding the staircase.

Owls can inflict the Dark condition on you, which just changes the screen to a kind of psychedelic blacklit deal that actually won't stop you from murdering everything.

Finally we stumble onto Mr. Lee's secret...a... room full of coffins, presumably full, and containing young girls. It's always the quiet ones that people think are just nice guys, isn't it?

Let's get out of here! Why did that guy want you anyway?

I don't know, he just kept muttering something about "blood of a pure maiden" or something.

So does that mean you're...hey, when did you start being able to walk over thin air?

None of your business, and I'm amazed you couldn't just step over that little trench. Now help me across this thing.

There's no boss room as such in this dungeon. Instead, Mr. Lee ambushes us when we return to the entrance.

We've reached level 11, which is what we'll be at for the boss fight. I wanted to show this since I forgot to take a stat screen shot before the last boss.

Boss Fight: Mr. Lee

Sane people would probably be dashing for the door at this point, but not our heroes!

Mr. Lee

Still working on video. Next one won't have any screen caps visible, but I'd already taken this when that issue was brought up. At any rate, whatever you were expecting it probably wasn't a rat-faced monster that flew around the screen flashing us and shooting bats at the hero. You can chase after him with the chain and try to dodge the bats,or you can just hang out and destroy him with magic. I decided to do something a little bit different to show off the fire spell. It's actually pretty useful.

After half a dozen fire spells Lee explodes, like a proper vampire is supposed to. None of these vampires that sparkle, either.

The prize isn't really anything to write home about, but I might experiment with this spell a bit more often to see what it can actually do.

Roll doesn't want to spend another second in this place, sensibly enough.

Unfortunately we need to restore our MP before continuing on the road. Suck it up, Roll.

Take that, mud monster! Mua ha ha ha ha!

I think I liked you better when you just knew Cure.

I should mention the inventory system in this game. We've got 16 spaces for generic items and a rather larger separate inventory for weapons and armor. Key items like the bronze key or mirror do take up inventory space.

After dropping some extra stuff, it's just a cure potion. Such is life.

The sleep spell looks just like the pillow, and can put an entire screen full of enemies out for a bit. I suppose it could be handy in some situations.

Dick move number one: Pointless obstacles to make you mess around with your inventory screen for a few extra seconds.

I've always called this enemy type a bugbear. They throw tridents at you and make a barking motion when they walk.

The yellow jacket type enemies can put us out, I believe, but I didn't hang around to check. I didn't want to gain a level by accident at this point. It's kind of funny playing with these things in mind.

The gates of the Holy City of Wendel, our destination. Success!

Next time: An info dump to explain what this is all about.