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by Cool Ghost

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Original Thread: It Could be Worse: Let's Play Final Fantasy III for the DS [SSLP]



Hello, I'm Cool Ghost. In this thread, I will be doing an LP of the DS remake of Final Fantasy III.

What is Final Fantasy III?

Final Fantasy III is a game, originally released by Square for the Famicom in 1990. It was an 8-bit game with cover art that looked like this:

That's not the version I'm playing, though. The version I'm playing was released by Square-Enix for the DS in 2006. For the longest time (16 years, give or take), this was the only main series Final Fantasy game that hadn't been released in English. It was also the first main series Final Fantasy game to be remade for the DS (followed by Final Fantasy IV). It's a 3D game with cover art that looks like this:

(In Japan and Europe, anyway. If you're worried about the North American cover art, look at the logo at the top and then imagine a white square around that. Give or take some words and markings and you've got it.)

In a lot of ways, this is a very early Final Fantasy game. Things were revamped and updated for the modern era, but the basic structure is still very old-school and a lot of modern convenience features aren't here. A lot of modern inconveniences are also missing, though, which is nice.

The Structure of the LP

This will be a screenshot LP. All screenshots, all the time. I'm planning on keeping a twice-weekly update schedule (on Mondays and Fridays), but something will probably come up and I will probably miss an update or two here and there. Don't worry about it too much. If there's a lot of posting and I feel like it, I might throw in a third weekly update on Wednesdays.


Don't spoil things from this game. Unmarked, marked, spoiler tagged, hidden in the background of a linked image, none of that stuff is cool. No spoilers.

I've probably missed something here, but let's get this show on the road anyway!

Table of Contents

Job Profiles


Fan Creations

Upon seeing my pixellated 150% resize portraits for character dialogue, megane hooks the thread up with some fine replacements:

They're even colour-coded!
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