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Part 1: Selecting classes and the First Dungeon/

Chapter 1 - Selecting classes and the First Dungeon.

I think it's time we started this.

Frankly I'm not quite sure what the hell a Gurgan is. Well, actually I do. I'm just not at liberty to say what it is. Don't worry, you'll see.

Whelp, we've already found the stereotypical orphans being raised by the town elder. This game is elderly itself, we'll be nice.

Here's our starting screen! Well, there's not much to it. Let's start a new game.

Ugh. 4 characters to name, 6 letters. Frankly, I'm not feeling like waiting for a thread to respond with the most awesome names for my fellow onion knights. I'll go by this guide:

- One character gets named after another character renamed in a Let's Play thread.
- One character gets named after one of my favorite Let's Play authors
- One character gets named from the first noun that pops in my head
- One character gets named regarding the situation I'm currently discussing on skype.

Onion knight one. This would be the equivalent of Luneth. Not that it matters. Well, maybe, brash, strong, and well... cool?


Ah, blue. Technically Arc. Arc was totally emo. And by emo, I mean goth. So goth he was shitting bats. I've said it before, but the RE4 Let's Play was my favorite thread. The Dark Id, this onion's for you.

Hmm, well, I've been playing a lot of Awful Fantasy III lately...


Ah, last but not least. During this update, I was in a regular skype conversation when Oyster busts in drunk and says he's going to a party. We give him advice on how to get laid, but he doesn't take it...

Thus he'll probably be doomed to this state for the rest of his life.

Virgin, DarkId, Tacos, and McFly! are ready for their journey.

Like all journeys, it begins falling through darkness.

Of course, it doesn't say WHO speaks, but who cares, right?

I'm not controlling this, by the way.

Haha, conflict!

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the translation thus far.

Well, better head out until...

Whoa shit, them goblins came out of nowhere.

Time to explain the battle mechanics a bit: It works a lot like the first game. You go through turns choosing to attack or do something else. But unlike the original and second, they fixed that god awful issue of not hitting anything if your target was dead. Now your attack redirects to a live enemy.


Like every Final Fantasy, we are accompanied with the victory dance! Huzzah!

Gil, capacity, and EXP. What you usually get from each battles. Gil and EXP are self-explanatory. I'll explain the other next update.

first fight and we all got level ups!

Because the world is in danger, monsters are escaping, correct? I'm pretty sure that's it.

When next to treasures, press A, and you will be able to open and procure the item that lays within the treasure chest itself.

Next time you see a rock, stare at it really hard, and perhaps something good might just happen!

Hay guys which way should I go next

New set of enemies! These dudes are a bit tougher.

With a few of my characters hurting, here's a good time to demonstrate the menu. It's got your basic needs.

Left goes good, right goes...

Sweet water.


Delicious water.

Southwinds are basically items that cast ice 2 or something in battle.

This is a mighty fine door.

See those purple balls? Yeah, they're not very nice.


Oh man, something evil. I can't wait to see what this might be!

The screen flashes this color when you go into battle, just a quick FYI there.

Land turtle. By that one law that states the first boss of the game is 1) Going to kick the everloving shit out of you, or 2) Is really fucking easy, this boss can be a bit of a pickle if you're absolutely retarded.

McFly will use them Southwinds he got.

Shit. Didn't get a good screenshot of what it looked liked.

DarkId was able to land the final attack, so hey!

31 capacity points is good, for the record.

33 experience, on the other hand, completely blows.

We still level up at least! I mean, shit, you think bosses could give a little more, for god's sake.

And thus began the Crystal fetish of Final Fantasy games. Shit, there's gonna be even more crystal games when the FFXIII series rolls around.

Aw jeeze, not this bullshit.

I sure hope. I mean, we came down to this cave for a small adventure, and this shit shows up? Man, we need some goddamn compensation for being chosen as heroes when we didn't even fucking ask to be heroes.

Random Battle!?

Naw, just the opening scene.

Looks pretty good for an NES game, if I say so myself.

I've seen Nasir thrown around before a bit. I should read up on them.

Ah Sakaguchi. I thought the guy was smart until he decided to form a studio that's primary focus is for games on a system that sells like utter shit in the Japanese market. Where is your honor, man?

Here's the translator. He does a good job, I guess. Uematsu isn't mentioned in the credits, but yeah - he did the music.

Yay plot

Yay gameplay

Here we go!

Sweet. We're out of the first cave thus far.

We'll take this opportunity to save.

And play again soon!

That's it for this update!

Here's a game I actually look forward to updating.