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Part 3: The fire cave, retardedly done in Japanese.

Chapter 3 - The fire cave, retardedly done in Japanese.

始まろう. (Let's start this game).

私は力の水平にをした。 私の特性は今より強い。(I did a little powerleveling before I started this dungeon, hence why the stats might be different).

この洞窟は恐い。(This cave is kind of scary).

ミイラ! 私は私がそれらを殺すべきであることを考える。(Mummies! I'm not really a fan of mummies and they're kind of strong).

Wightの殺害者は強力である。(The Wight Slayer is very effective against them. Tacos is kicking ass here)

別の治療の綴り。 私は私がこれを必要とするかどうか知らない。(I found more cure magic. I don't really need it at the moment, since I already have a set).

私が骨のこの山に話せば、何かは特別な意志起こる。(I really don't know where the hell to go, so I'll talk to these bones).

優秀。 (Excellent!)
サラ王女。 彼女は売春婦である。(It's princess Sara! She's a little skank that somehow survived not being outlined).

雌犬逃げてはいけない。(She's giving some bullshit on why she needs to do this alone).

それは私が考えたものである。(That's what I thought, bitch)

私達を結合しなさい (Looks like she's joining our party, hooray?)

素晴らしい (Cool.)

bボタンか。(If I press the B button, I can talk to her).

(I have no clue what item I just got)

レベルは主任の前にであるよい事、特に持ち上げる。(I got a series of level ups. This is important as the boss is nearby).

彼は非常に素晴らしく見ない。(Oh shit, the boss).

私はこれがどこに行っているか見ることができる。 (I think she's trying to fight it herself. It's rather pitiful).

貴重なオハイオ州。 私達は戦おうと思っている。 (Well, that failed! You can't seal it unless it's dead! It's time we take action.)

畜生! (Let's fight, Jinn.)

攻撃! (Here we go!)

氷マジックは強力である (he's fire-based, so he's weak against ice, as Virgin has cast here).

彼は死んでいる。(and that fucker is dead).

40の経験ポイントは恐ろしい。(40 experience points are still pathetic)


彼はリングで今密封してしまった。(Jinn is now sealed in the ring, as Sara has nicely done now that he's practically dead).

水に彼は人々を救うことを行く! (This is the magic water of some sort in Sasoon Castle. Throwing the ring in there with the sealed Jinn will save the people. Hurrah!)

皆は常態に戻ってある。 (Princess Sara is going to leave our party. She also is giving us some emo bullshit about how she wants to go with us but can't do it because she's absolutely retarded and would only drag us down. I agree.)

彼女は永久に私達を残している (And she leaves for good. Too bad, I'm not a fan of sausage fests)

彼は私達にカヌーを得た! (For saving the people, King Sasoon is giving us a Canoe! Sweet!)

私達は停止しなければならない。(We've saved one group of people. What next?)

そして別の日これをしなさい。(We'll have to figure out on another day)

(Seriously, sorry about that. It sounded like an awesome idea on skype, but I'm not taking ideas from diabetics on the internet again.)