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Part 4: Canaan, with large images.

Chapter 4 - Canaan, with large images.

Upon saving, I returned to the castle to wish Princess Sara good-bye.

Well if this isn't a goddamn stereotype in every RPG, I don't know what is.

Yeah, fuck that. We help you, and you expect us to come back?

On the bright side, you can still sleep in Princess Sara's bed while she's in the room. If that isn't I don't know what is (well, actually I do. Don't ask, you fucking perverts).

Let's get the hell out of that castle.

Hmm... How should I cross?

With a goddamn canoe, that's right.

Here's another recycled Final Fantasy sprite. Hell, the first three game use the same sprites over and over... well, minus the MSX version of Final Fantasy, that's a different story. It added colors and loading time, basically.

Airship in hand, let's return to Kazus. Something good must be there.

Who the fuck...

Oh, Cid.

Who the fuck calls their wife granny?

Cid joins my party. Interesting note: while while Cid isn't one of those characters, in the DS version, when you get a 5th character, they'll occasionally go into battle for you. For example, Sara would cast magic on occasion. There's other characters, but I've said too much.

Oh yeah, press B and you talk to the person behind you.

Oh, we will. Trust me, we will...

First things first.

Third panel from the left unlocks a secret passage!

These treasures contain...

The same thing.

Attack power of 28 becomes...


Now that these people have outlinings, perhaps we should visit the local shops for some toffee and novelty bongs?

I won't buy too much armor. I could change class soon.

Meet Taca. In the DS version, he's Refia's adoptive father. I'm sure he molested her a few times too. That's why she's such a dyke.

This motherfucker is fast.

Exactly! This plan is fool-proof!

I could make a 9/11 joke right here, but...


Fuck! We lost our goddamn airship, Cid. This is your own damn fault.

But, we're at a new town anyways. Canaan.

Yeah, we could. If you weren't a fucking incompetent fruit-twat you wouldn't have destroyed the one we had in the first place.

Or how about you build me a new one?

Cid leaves the party...

I fucking hate Cid.

One of the locals mentions Desh. Sounds sexy, no?

Sounds like this whore needs to get over some personal problems.

Haha. Hear that, bitch? You were dumped. For a Dragon. In essence, you just weren't furry enough for Desh.

LuckMallets! Uh, these change you back from mini-status, I think. Or something.

Jesus, why am I helping you again?

Meet the town dancer. Absolutely boring and a waste of your time. Don't bother talking to this bimbo. They improve the dances in FFIV anyways.

The local magic store sells bolt. Nice.

Well, like a lot of towns, taking a tour in the water yields good results.


Do I really need to use an elixir to cure your cough? Doesn't Cid carry any Dimetapp?

When next to certain characters, press B to bring up your items. Yes, I realize mine is a mess. I'll organize it soon, because I KNOW that pisses some of you off.

This better be worth it.

Old woman can jump!

Well, I used a fucking Elixir, you better feel better.

Hey Cid might be useful after all!

I hope so. I just wasted some nice potions on your granny.

Hey this is kind of cool.

Sweet. Essentially what's in these chests are some arrows, some soft potions, and a few phoenix downs.

There's another secret passage here! It leads to 4 more chests that have more of the same of what we got in the previous chests. Phoenix Downs are rare as hell, so that elixir may have been worth it.

Time to leave town.

Well this mountain looks like fun!

Oh god what the fuck

Let's see where this leads!

Only when we play again soon...

Let me know what you think of the new size. I can easily switch this out for the original size too, if you want that.