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Part 8: The Tower of Owen and Underground Lake.

Chapter 8 - The Tower of Owen and Underground Lake.

I think we left outside of here, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong as I fuck with my game as I go.

Here's a new town! Let's check it out.

It's got the "this town is pretty much fucked" music.


Essentially this town was attacked by King Argass and his knights. Why? Who the fuck knows, well... actually I do, but I'd have to spoiler that shit. In the meantime, this town has goodies.

The town fireplace contained a few potions, but we also got a nice 3-part nunchuk. DarkId kicks ass now.

These cost 3500 gil on their own. Fuck that, since my White Wizard stays in the back row anyways.

Leaving Tokkle, I head to a new place. The eel in the water is a precursor to the upcoming hentai scene that you have to secretly unlock in every Final Fantasy games.

Man, fuck Japan... well, sometimes.

The gurgan valley. Remember the beginning when it talked about Gurgan's predicting stuff?

This is the FF3 equivalent of the Circle of Sages from the first. Gurgan's are blind, but can foretell the future. Neat stuff.


This guy must be important.

If Desh's destiny awaits, does that mean he finally leaves? Hell yeah!

Here's that tower they was talkin about. That little whirlpool blocks the way for my boat to get by

Thar be frogs here!

So there was a reason that dude gave us that spell.

No, you dumbshit. Only FROGS can get in. Toads are fucking useless, unless - of course, they were awesome shades and and pop the boils on Betty's face.

Well, we be in.

But let's go back to normal before anything.

These enemies were retarded and cast mute on DarkId, which makes his non-existent magic useless!

As you walk through this tower, voices will talk to you, and Desh.

Well, this item is practically useless because none of my characters can equip it.

Well, I'd STAY wandering if this tower wasn't so straightforward.

Pretty blue.

There's random chests scattered throughout this dungeon, but most of them are practically useless.

This chest isn't.

Why hello!

You're taking your sweet time. Instead of actually standing at the door and waiting for us, maybe you could have... oh, I dunno, DROPPED THE TOWER?

Uh, okay.

Meet Medusa. She tries to stone you. It doesn't work very well. Also, I forgot to heal DarkId's mute problem

I killed her without taking a hit, actually.

Still cheap on the experience.

Flames generally don't explode...

Really? I thought you were something else.

Remember that fatty in a fursuit that you made whoopee with awhile ago? She told you the exact same thing, just you chose not to listen and conceal those thoughts away.

Wait, you're stopping him, why?

Hey, that's a great plan. Fix the goddamn reactor!

Hey, even sweeter!

I'm not saying my goodbyes. You stared at us while we slept in bed. That wasn't creepy enough as it is. Then you had that dragon fetish as well. All I can say is I hope you die in a fire.

My wish comes true!

Later, fucktard.

The game then plays some really really depressing music that goes on and on for awhile, and you can't move. It's kind of odd that FFIV follows suit with this, only that Yang was kind of cool.

Hey, he warped us out at least!

Desh did one thing right.

Sweet. The whirlpool is gone.

Lali-ho! These dwarfs are retarded. Then again, most dwarfs are.

This be our next mission. Should we choose to accept it.

There's a lake in the dwarf cave. Requires you to frog yourself to get in.

There's not much to the cave. A few Zeus Wraiths (which cast bolt2 in battle, or something), and then the occasional soft potion.

Let's swim, boys!

What the fuck

Well, meet Guzco, he's a cross-dresser, and has a thing for horns.

He's pretty easy, too.

Really fucking easy.


Well, now there's a graphical glitch following me.

Even the menu shows it too! After a quick exit spell, we're out of there, and back to the normal world.

They're just horns, not THAT important.

So THATS what the graphical glitch was.

Guzco was nice enough to get the trance goin.'

He'll probably grab the horns and do a little glow-stick action with them.

Wait, where'd the party lights go?

And none of the dwarfs try to stop him...

And off he goes! Well, we can't let anything BAD happen to them. Well, shall we?

Let's roll.

That's this update.

After next update, I'll start taking suggestions for party jobs. I'll have guidelines too. Main one is no more than 2 people taking the same job. Seriously, that shit is just annoying.