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Part 9: The Flame Cave.

Chapter 9 - The Flame Cave.

So our magical heroes find themselves surrounded in lava. This begins a long journey.

Actually, the lava feels quite nice! It doesn't hurt a bit.

Quick note: They changed this in the DS version. Lava burns, like well... it should.

The lava waterfall on the other hand makes you take damage when you walk under it.

Fuck yes!

Considering we're in a fire dungeon, ice weaponry is good.

Oh god

Okay, so the waterfall didn't hurt THAT much. Likewise, when I walk under a waterfall, I'm usually expecting a porn scene to be filming, or a celebrity marriage of some sort. I was denied both of these.

I just want to point out that these enemies are giant pricks.

They also were the first enemies to back attack me.

Being back attacked absolutely sucks. There's no switching rows, and trying to run is an absolute pain, as it leaves your characters "defenseless" so they take lots of damage. It sucks.

This rock looks ODDLY out of place.

In all honesty, that door made of wood probably would have lit on fire being surrounded by lava.

Damn you fantasy physics.

It's that cross-dresser again. I wonder what he may be up to!

We all know that's a bullshit answer. He's just making up excuses to kill me in his power mongering self.

"Sorry, I have to kill you."
"Uh, I have no reason for killing you."
"And you're sorry for that?"
"I guess."

Well now! Guzco certainly got an extreme makeover! Actually, now, he's pretty damn hard. Hardest boss to face.

See? Fucker killed DarkId!

Yeah, that didn't work either

Thank god McFly placed a much-needed critical hit. Score!

Well, McFly and Virgin lead in experience now, I guess.

Sweet! I listed the jobs above.

Upon returning to the dwarf cave, I'm greeted by this fine young chap.

Awesome! Wait, did we miss the rape stage?

Scholar, eh?

After that, the person mysteriously vanishes like nothing ever happened.

The dwarfs opened up a path for me, and what lies there?

Lots of goodies. There's a LOT of stuff for the new jobs. A LOT.

Speaking of new jobs...

Anyone object? I wanted to make DarkId a thief, but I have no thief gear yet

Likewise, he might be needed as a black wizard.

Tune in sometime soon for the next update!