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Part 10: Castle Hyne.

Chapter 10 - Castle Hyne.

For quick reference, you may have noticed that the lines in this game for our 4 characters aren't exactly scripted. They basically work as one unit. Hence from now on they'll be represented by the icon when doing any sort of talking.

Let's roll.

Alright, before we do anything, I need to stop by this town.

Gishal. Spelled Gyshal in the DS version, mainly because of the translation of Gyshal Greens. There's shit to be found here. But first...

DarkId needs to be a bit more pimpin.' Virgin deserves his scholar robes.

Speaking of DarkId, this will probably be the last black magic I buy in awhile, and it's going to him.

This dude sells magic keys, which can unlock doors, but why do that when thieves can do it for free?

Oh, and you saw that treasure chest, right?

Fuck yes. Shurikens are awesome. I won't be able to use them till the very end, however

Alright. Back to Tokkle. Notice how my Scholar is showing? This game employs a feature that if you press select, your character on screen changes. This only shows up once more in Final Fantasy IV, it seems. Cool concept.

Well shit! Who didn't see that coming?

I keep hearing about this Hyne asshole. What's he like?

Well, he's got a pretty sweet castle with vines and stuff.

Of course he's fine. I'm sure he won't die either because he has a little sore throat. Seriously, why do games always have people dying from sore throats?

This is just hilarious.


Another mini-hole! Well, only one thing to do!

Cast it once and resize. I'm getting sick of these, though I think this should be the last one...

Notice the secret path? Yeah, it's really easy to see.

That box contained me a fenix down.

Alright, each of these rooms have chests. The one on the left has 2 boxes of pitiful gil, where the middle has a lot of gil, and the right has a fenix (yeah, or phoenix, this game refers to them as fenix, it's fine with me) down and a zeus' rage (casts bolt something in battle).

Oh hell yes. This sword is probably strong against undeads, which has been the entire castle thus far.

It's pretty strong on McFly to say the least!

We're getting closer! This castle holds a lot of fenix downs, which is good - they're rare as hell to come by.

Excellent. Tacos has been kicking ass as a hunter lately.

An attack power of 46 is highly misleading. He can hit for about 200 damage with each shot (really good at this point in the game)

Well looky here! Hyne does a funny 8-bit dance while he waits for you too.

Man, perish was used a lot in older games. New games haven't picked up on the word perish. I miss perish

Why hello there Hyne.

Here's the deal with Hyne (called Hine in the DS version). He's like the Mage Master from FFVI. He'll change his weakpoint with a wallchange on occasion. He also has extremely good evasion and makes physical weapons very bad against him.

The only way to tell what his weakpoint is, is to use the Scholars' scan option.

Fire, eh? Let's kill this little fucker!



Are you there, warriors?

You tried your best...

Now it's time to relax, because you're not going anywhere for awhile.

Where the hell are we?
Let's Play Purgatory.
Let's Play Purgatory? And who the hell are you?
Just a representative.

An old friend appears.
The name's Downstab. Let's Play Purgatory is where all the finished Let's Play characters go and be judged depending on their performance.
Why are you representing us?
Even in purgatory, we're bound by copyright rules, and the author of this Let's Play was too lazy and didn't get permissions to use anyone else, so he had to rehash his own characters.

Don't worry, everyone has been expecting you.
Dude, this thread hasn't even hit it's 4th page. You're seriously thinking we're dead. Man, fuck that. I'm tired of these abandoned threads. Besides, this is a horribly replayed joke from the Resident Evil 4 thread as it is.
Shit, you're right. Let's change that. I'm reviving you, just this time. And to make matters better, I'll assist you.

Har! I'm a-takin over the world! Har! HAR!

Hey what the fuck

Hyne! Fuck you! I'm gonna finish your magic changing ass once and for all! With a little help from a good ol' spell of mine...
Nah, Legend of Zelda has that copyrighted too...


What the?


Well, you gotta take advantage of what you got to finish these things.


Still blows on experience.

Well, it appears that the castle is talking to us.

Oh, ho ho! So that wandering tree in the desert was you!

Well, dammit, I didn't want to make parallels to the first Final Fantasy, but I think he just called them Light Warriors.

Well, I would have figured the king would have died, but...

The phrase "Tree:" makes me laugh.

Well that was quick.

Another fang! Yay?

Well, damn. 1000 years is a little bit of a wait.

And we're kicked out, never to return.

And that's the end of this update!

I forgot how long it takes to make a real update :shobon: