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Part 11: The New World and Ice Cave.

Chapter 11 - The New World and Ice Cave.

Well, now that Argass is back to normal, let's make things better again. Well, they're already better, let's just steal shit.

Jesus man. You have to go out and say Cid, now, didn't you?

Well, minus the fact that he gave us some kickin' rad time gear, I'm really not looking forward to seeing Cid.

Did you think I was kidding when I said I'd steal some shit?

Hell yes. Elixirs are always nice when you're not wasting them on some pseudo-scientists' whore of a wife.

Speaking of pseudo-science...

Well, fuck. He's the only one who can do it, so what other options do I have?

At least he's quick at his work.

I'd complain about it, but this is as petty as complaining about Gamestop asking if you want to pre-order anything when you buy from them. Wait...

How dare they...

How dare they...

He lets test...

Hell yeah, flight.



Well, there's lots and lots of water here.

Still lots of water.

Whoa, shit, land. Finally.

That little piece of dark blue is a wrecked ship.

Let's take a looksies.

Well, I can see the Enterprise was clearly the superior boat.

It's Noah! Well, Final Fantasy isn't big on biblical references. So maybe not.

See this whore? To talk to her, give her some antidote. Perks her right up.

I don't remember any earthquake... Why do we refer to it consistently?

Well, Elia is joining us now. But there's really nothing special about that.

The only other landmass was this.

I grabbed a shard, see?

It's got the "Crystal" music. I project good things.


Well, as long as you're down there

We're through the door, and now through a dungeon maze of some sort. This dungeon has no items, either.

These monsters are all GRR! and we're like "sup, we got lighting-based weapons."

A door!

Oh shit, ya know what that means?

That makes EVERYTHING better.

But suddenly from the shadows...

See that little line of pixels? That's 'sposed to be an arrow.

"I like your pimpin' hat. I wanted to wear it at least once..."

Kraken, didn't I fight you already? Like, 2 games ago?

Kraken. He's fucked. He's got 2 members with kickass lighting weapons (Tacos and Virgin).


Bolt2 did 68 damage

Aaand... dead.

Still sucks.

She can speak all she wants. She's dying anyways.

Well then!

You weren't so bad after all.

Well, not for your sake, but whatever.

You want me to make fun of her?

She just fucking died.


Well, I'm pretty sure everyone drowned.

Guess not.

Be sure to check your pants. I think you shat them while you were asleep. It reeks in here.

Oh, and what were you gonna do with those 3 days anyways? Save the world? Yeah, right.


Yeah, you saved her, and I killed her. Nice trade-off.

Maybe not for her, but anyways... It's time we change our jobs.

Here's our new jobs. I'll go into detail about them next update.

DarkId is fitting as a thief and is ready to do some old-school anal porn scenes.

And well, Masters are pretty cool, I guess.

Oh. I forgot to take screenshots of what's happening. Basically 4 guys think they're the legendary warriors. So they went into the sewers, where we need to go. This old man unlocked us.

Well, fuck the sewers.

I'm fucking chained here What the hell will we do?

We'll find out next time...