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Last we checked, our heroes were sitting pretty at level 20...

But after a little intense level up session in an anonymous location  Thanks for the reminder, Ubik. , we're packin' 24, and ready to move on.

Last we left Leprit, or that other town? I can't remember.

A little bit south of here resides a lot of stone. Hey! It's like Conernia from the first Final Fantasy!

Remember how this game hates transportation?

What the fuck

Ow Jesus





Thankfully in Final Fantasy games, falling 10,000 feet from the sky doesn't hurt a bit, or at least damage the knees. In the case of Zelda, they'd just lose one heart. No biggie.

Well, maybe it hurts a little bit...

We've fallen into a game of Risk!

Here comes the Man Train!

For some reason... and yet you do it anyways, right? I best be talking to the king about this.

Can't really disagree with the King's policy here. This be Salonia. It's divided into 4 parts. Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. The Southern parts are the only parts I care about for now.

They closed the gate too.

Alright, we need to get shit done in Salonia.

Of course, if you weren't leveled up, you're in bad shape, because there isn't shit to buy here.

Meanwhile, in a local pub...

Hey, Salonia allows kids under 21 into their bars!

I hate being only 20 years old

You see, we're stereotypical heroes. You're stereotypical not-so-badass punks that are about to get the shit kicked out of them in a stereotypical bar scene.

They're rather laughable. Virgin kicks ass now. He gets in 8 hits for about 700 damage right now while the others hover around 400. Tacos just gets terrain backfire and hurts himself.

After the rumble...

You see, it's obvious your town is in a civil war and your dad has gone batshit insane and is killing people for fun. But really, what the heck is going on?

Sure thing. We're equal opportunity travelers, and we have yet to get a kid to tag online. This stuff looks good on hero resumes, because every goddamn Human Resource rep at each office wants more of that "diversity" stuff

Yep! We'll take you to your insane ass father and let him kill you. That'll teach ya for screwin' with the man.

So Allus is in our party. Don't expect much of him...

At least these old men are generous to children...

Dragon Armor? Well then!

It's kind of funny if you think about it, I mean - Allus can't use this stuff at all, yet these old men sneak out to give it to him anyways, and by give it to him, the game means give it to us.

Your theory intrigues me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Remember how all shops were sealed?

Not this one!

Spears, eh? Forshadow?

In Southeast Salonia, you'll find this oddity of a building.

This is just a hidden wall maze.

And at the very top...

Lie these. They contain Dragon Armors, Dragon Helms, and Dragon Spears.

What's with all this Dragon equipment? Figured it out?

Yup! It's time for an all Dragoon party. Reasons being - Dragoons are awesome for this.

Why hello there purdy boy

Dragoons, we strike at dawn...

Or in this case...

The next update!