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Part 14: Everything you wanted to know about Garuda and The Final Countdown.

Chapter 14 - Everything you wanted to know about Garuda and The Final Countdown.

Before I do anything, I'm gonna get rid of all my Dragon equipment except one set. Also, I need to snag the weapons I used prior to becoming Dragoons. Since Final Fantasy III decided to go the way of "Well, let's make you sell more shit and have less items" like the earlier Final Fantasy games did, I have to conserve. So how the hell do I get my items back?

If you've played Final Fantasy IV, you might know who fat chocobos are. They hold items for you, that you can grab at later times.

The fat chocobo is a jolly, friendly guy.

And as you can see, you can give, and take. That sounds kind of gay, but go with me.

In the castle lies treasure! Nice stuff to snag, too.

Whelp, here's my new party setup. You'll notice in the chests you get a few items that are slightly slanted towards white mages, hence... Tacos.

There's also the nice Cure3 spell too.

Well, this is foreshadowing! See the little stairway over there? I wonder what that leads to...

Here's happy times.

Hey I could use an airship, since you shitheads shot down my other one. Well, that was built by Cid anyways. I actually needed an excuse to get rid of it.

Aww look at that.


Yes, very cool.

Meet the Nautilus! What's so cool about it?

It flies twice as fast as the Enterprise. That's the beginning cool feature.

This is that content of Dalug that those scholars were talking about. This area wasn't accessible to the Enterprise, because the strong winds would blow it out. The ship's speed drops when you enter, down to the "normal" speed.

What the hell?


Yeah, in select parts, there's enemies in the sky. This is one of them.

Fancy house to have in such a windy area

Oh shi -

Hay moogles


Yeah, why you calling me human? You look pretty human yourself.


I don't know if I want an old man hanging out with us, that'd lower our coolness factor, we won't be able to join the High-Fivin' White Guy club now

Well I'm sure we can dump him soon.

I prefer the term "height-challenged individual" but hey - you can be a dick like that.

The moogles that live with Dorga sell some alright magic. Aero2 and Haste are the only ones that interest me thus far.

Apparently touching hot candle wax makes you open doors.


Yeah, midgetized again. And yes, I have to stay a midget the whole time.

There was a reason I made DarkId a thief. Thiefs have the escape ability, which is running, but it actually works. Running normally just absolutely blows.

I didn't have to fight a single fight because of it.

This place sucks. There's no treasure, I mean... come on.

Finally at the door.

Well, he's gonna die. On the bright side, that means less people following us around, on the other side, well... I dunno, is there a downside? He's dying? I don't even know who the hell he is.

Hey that's a pretty good dying gift

Okay. I don't really want to, but... okay!

How can you do anything when you're dead?

Hey another vessel? I'm cool with that.

He disappears. Dead? I dunno.

See ya, man

Hey, that's some good exit magic.

Let's test the new system out.

I played Lufia 2 before I played this, and I thought the ship turning into a submarine in that game was the coolest innovative mechanic of all time, then I learned this actually did it first

Here's a neat little town.

This town is filled with black mages that sell you magic. There's only 1 spell I want.

This one. I really don't need any of that black magic shit.

Sweet. So we got ourselves a FLYIN' machine that sinks underwater. What next?

Find out next adventure!

Next update features the first optional dungeon! Woo!