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Part 19: Cave of Goddamn Darkness.

Chapter 19 - Cave of Goddamn Darkness.

So I'm going to say that the Cave of Darkness blows. I swear to God the random enemy detector is higher in this level, and the enemies suck, because well... they give shit for experience if they don't split, and they can hit hard (also consider that my Magic Knights have one piece of armor, that's it).

Leaving Fargabaad, I got one small detour to make.

Hey, remember this place?

Small area on the floating island you couldn't get to until NOW!

I'm doing a little level-upping. Also, it's time to show a nifty "exploit" of some sorts for Final Fantasy 3! Gather around.

Remember how I snagged those 2 Aegis shields earlier? And even before that I said shields were absolutely useless?

Not always...

There's a trick to them. Equip a knight with 2 Aegis shields. Aegis shields add +5 agility to your knight. Why do this?

Get your other party members at near-death and throw your Knight in back row. Remember how knights block those who're low on health?


This planktae tries to hit Tacos, but McFly takes the attack. And since he's so agile from the Aegis Shield, he pretty much dodges almost every attack.

I snagged another Aegis shield. I didn't complete this dungeon (no reason to), but rather, I leveled up here. Bahamut's lair is still out of my reach, and the downside to that is that I'd fight Grenades there, that use explosion, and knights don't block near-deathers against magic

Oh, and for anyone that plays Cybernations, saying Aegis that many times started to make me cringe

Here's a shitty-ass maze.

Lots of mountain holes itt

Oh, the Invincible has this nice little rig for when you fight enemies in the air, it automatically starts by dropping a cannon on the enemies. The enemies here are so lubriciously easy that it's not needed.

Okay, we're here!

This isn't necessarily true if you kill them in one hit!

He tried so hard, and got so far, and in the end...

I took his weapon

Aww, man.

Meet the cave of darkness! Shit tons of hidden passages, and lots of enemy encounters! It's a shitty ass cave!


I guess not all paths are bad

If anyone is following along me on their own journey while I play (God help you), the second from the left is the path you take here.

Kikus are fucking badass.


See above.

Nice! Got me a set of Genji gear. This will prove useful. Oh, what the hell does Genji mean anyways?

Check it out! A neat little path!

This game is such a goddamn cocktease.

After a wonderful trip around, we come to our goal!

This boss was so goddamn easy he didn't deserve his own video. (Next video you get the rest of that song).

Let's get the hell out of here.

Next update! Stuff! Maybe new jobs? I dunno. I play sporadically.