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Part 20: Killin' friends is fun.

Chapter 20 - Killin' friends is fun.

So after leaving that hell-hole of a dungeon, I just switched Virgin back over to a Master, and gave DarkId all the good Magic Knight gear. 2 Kikus and Genji Gear is quite nice, actually.

Now I'm out of the maze. They made that way more complicated than it needed to be. Then they just throw in weak enemies to piss you off.

Well, we got the final fang

And that explosion doesn't hurt The Invincible at all! It is called The Invincible, ya know.

For some reason they only want you to use The Invincible and not the Nautilus for some reason here.

What's that

Well, it's got lots of fire, we'll be quick here.

Hay, sup. A crystal. New jobs.

But first... a boss fight.

Meanwhile... back at Dorga's house...

I've still got to be able to get INTO the tower, first.

I hope it's milk and cookies

Jesus, this is not what I wanted.


Dorga is clearly packin' the Benjamins.

Not really sure what barriers do, but they're all in here.

Waterfalls: RPG stereotype way of saying you're close to the enemy.

This door... THIS DOOR.

Oh hay it's Dorga and Unne. Apparently I have to fight them because their spirits hold the keys to the next places I'm going to.

And because I'm an idiot, I totally forgot to record the fight and aftermath. But just for reference:

Dorga on the top, Unne on the bottom. It was a very fight.

Yay, let's get the hell out of here.

See, I told you guys I beat them! (look at the keys)

Up next, sidequests