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Part 22: Forbidden Land Eureka, we're almost there,

Chapter 22 - Forbidden Land Eureka, we're almost there,

Well, we're back! Our last visit was short lived, but this is guaranteed to be a good trip!

It's a good thing to know that when going into the final dungeon, the place you're at practices a religion that teaches empathy, and loving thy neighbor, and not eating meat on Fridays.

That's one way.

Blargh. The enemies here are really annoying. Not much experience and they deal a decent amount of damage.


Oh god damn mazes

Sweet! Crystal Mail. It's the strongest armor in the game. In the two chests in the right, I said fuck them - they contain a shield and a DarkScent, or something.

Again, useful.

To go to the next place, you gotta step into the darkness, man.

Items ahoy here!

Sweet, first set of Crystal done.

This is a short-lived useful item.

This is pretty good.


What the fuck?

For some reason, I love screen-shotting myself getting phoenix downs.

Technically, I've just gone up, around, down, and from this point, I really should be in the middle of the labyrinth, however...

This dumps me right outside But first, treasures.

If we have to fight a Garuda clone, this could be useful (we won't be)

Hey, I have a Master - only that for claws to be useful, you need to have TWO OF THEM, YOU STUPID GAME. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING GIVING ME JUST ONE?

Short-lived praise. That was just the intro.

It's purple!

First thing to do: let's head straight.

Well, I can't move forward here, unless...

Hey, remember when I beat up my best friends and stole their keys? Maybe they'll be useful here!

Welcome to hell.

Forbidden Land Eureka. The enemies here are annoying. You get hit a lot, and they do a decent amount of damage. It's long, and yeah - stuff.

First thing you'll notice is these 4 chests. They contain nothing really useful, items to use in battle, or something. Fuck them.

Who knew there was a secret path?

What kind of enemy?

Oh shi-

You'll run into Ninjas here. They have a lot of HP, and hit for a lot of damage. They are, however, weak against stone

You'll find plenty of these here.

Hey check it out! Another FENIXDOWN!

After this, it's all one big blur...

You see the weapons...

The weapons talk to you...

Some boss comes out of nowhere and fights you...

Proceeding to give you shitty experience...

But who cares, cause you just got a fucking kickass weapon.

Let's equip dat shit.

Final Boss! It gives you something special!

Sadly, this enemy isn't that hard.

Probably why it gives out shitty experience.

The Eldest Staff blows compared to the other weapons, but...

This is just kickass.

The final area of Eureka. To your left, you have a revivification spring; to your right is a hit point and magic point spring.

Surrounding the area is two shurikens and two elixirs.

Time to get some awesome magic.

One seller sells the best white and black magic. Flare and Meteo are useless, because I've already got a stronger non-elemental magic attack called Bahamut. WWind is useless, because guess what? Why put the enemy at near death when I could just kill them with death itself? For the record, the spell "Death" is a guaranteed kill on all enemies that aren't bossing. Totally getting it. Life2 as well, obviously. And Holy... well, its okay, I guess.

The other spell person has the best summons, in case you missed them. I'll buy an extra Bahamut, just cause.

Up here is a secret butan.

It leads to a hidden seller!

He sells the best armor in the game, for a nominal price...

Alright, that last boss gave me some new fucking jobs. Mighty Morphin' Light Warrior time.


Fuckin' kickass.

Let me explain - Ninjas can equip anything. ANYTHING, except the onion gear. They can also use the shurikens, which deal shit tons of damage. Sages can use any spell - white, black, and summon. They also have excellent stats as well (not shitty like white mages).

In the DS version, these jobs were gimped. Ninjas could only equip ninja shirts, katanas and full moons. Sages could still cast every spell, but they gimped their stats, and they won't use the best summons (there's three levels of summoning for each summoner, final level being their ultimate attack). Instead of a 2-ninja, 2-sage party, it looked more like a Knight/Ninja/Shaman (called Devouts in the DS version) / Summoner party. Of course, people can mix. That's what I used.

Fucking sweet.

I just spent over half of my gil buying shurikens

I'm gettin' the hell out of here.


Part one done of the Final Dungeon.

I'll spare you the time I'm going to spend grinding and heading back to Eureka to buy more shurikens.