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Part 24: The Dark World.

Chapter 24 - The Dark World.

From strongest to weakest: start in the top left, and work around counter-clockwise.

Each entry has a little maze. I'm showing this one.

Each maze has a chest with a ribbon too.

You fight a Zande Clan. He's as strong as Zande was, except he's weak against stone

Alright, here comes the fun.

(Oops, forgot the final room) So each room has a crystal. We're supposed to save the dudes in the crystals.

Of course, with that come REALLY fun boss fights.

And I mean REALLY fun! (music kicks in after 5 seconds, don't worry)

This next part is boring-ass shit.


Whelp, here it is folks. Final room. This is everything on the line. Next update is the final update.

It's been lazy fun

 Notes on the movie: I originally had 10 minutes of movie. I cut out most of the healing/hasting/reviving stuff and kept in the action and cut it down to less than 3 minutes. Gah.