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Part 25: The Final Battle.

Chapter 25 - The Final Battle.

Alright, boys and girls, here it is. I'm going to mention that the ending of the rom translation is a little glitched. I've tried like 10 different roms and all of them have the same glitch. It's a small one, and we'll still go on.

First room we enter. It's filled with lots of little hidden paths for us. Dark Cloud is trying trick us, stupid faggot.

Har har.

It's kind of sad that they forgot the design of this game when they created the ending in the moon to FFIV. They took this and flipped it upside down.

Whoa. This is it.

The final battle. Dark Cloud.
I left the original music due to a request awhile back in the thread.

Beaten. Well, what's next? Plot advancement!

Only that the game seems to garble this message for being a translation or something

I'm not sure what the message was, but if I were to guess, it's something to do with some legend, like that Dragon story in FFIV engraved on Cecil's sword.

Yay! What next?

I'm not sure if this was a limitation to the NES, but everyone just turned red.

Yeah, they "did" it. No mention of if they're okay, did they lose any body parts, did Dark Cloud poke their eyes out, nah - not needed.

They're the fuckin' Light Warriors.

Game skips a whole 3 dungeons to get back to the Invincible for you.

We had to let the pedophile out first. Allus, our 8-year old king was getting nervous.

"I stared at a demon, and it didn't do shit back! That's how you be a hero!"

If this were real, it'd be met with an awkward "Yeahhh..."

These guys are the kind of people you'd see on America's Got Talent getting booed off the stage.

Well, to be honest, an 8-year old as a king kind of scares me, but hey - it's just a video game.

I think I'll be getting a lot of this bullshit for awhile.

No prob, buddy!

Now we take the cool airship.

And crash it into a floating island

Ha! So Desh apparently wants to see that girl he banged way back when and get some sloppy seconds.

Nah dude, I'm gonna see that girl, fuck the shit out of her, leave her the next day, and come back and find a 5-year old son I had abandoned. Then I'm going to fuck the shit out of him too.

I never liked Cid in this game.

Sarina starts bitching at Desh. This relationship won't last.

Yeah, I gave up with you a long time ago.

this circlejerk is pissing me off, I'm here to put an end to it.

Hah, he'll leave that whore no matter what.

Everytime I think special, I think special in that

Sounds pretty hot, actually.

Hey - fine by me.

She can't deny her feelings any longer...

Want to talk about massive circlejerks?

Here's one.

Within minutes it becomes an orgy.

Heh, I guess Sara is a 4-man-1-personality type person.

There's about to be some stunning quality within the NES system.

Whoaaa shit.

Dude, look at THAT artwork.

This exists solely to annoy you.



McFly!, he was always my tank. He never came out of a battle dead, until the final battle against Dark Cloud

DarkId was the whipping boy. He died more times than anyone else. Must be a Leon Kennedy influence or something.

Tacos was always the healer.

I'll tribute Virgin to Oyster, RIP little buddy

More characters, more glitches. Sara, obviously.

Fukken Cid.

Desh, ya know.

That girl who lowered the sea level, I forget her name.

Haha. The 4 old men.

Allus is pimpin' the crown sideways.

Dorga... he's dead.

So is Unne here.

And the people who made the game!

That's supposed to say Nasir.

I'm assuming he got fired when FFVI came around? The character designs were all the same there.

We all know Uematsu.

Special thanks to: Nong, Nong, Wong, Dong, and Fong.

Hironobu Sakaguchi. Recently retired from Square-Enix, now working at Mistwalker, the studio he created. I thought the Japanese had honor, or some shit that say you should work in the same place, but I'm just making stuff up now...

The M stands for Mr., so it was Mr. Miyamoto... no, I forget what the M means.

And that brings a conclusion to our stunning story

Well, this Let's Play is complete. I'm going on vacation for a week, when I get back, I may do an alternative to Dark Cloud, or something else. In the meantime, I hope ya'all enjoyed the thread!

I hope a good DS emulator comes out and someone can do the DS version of FF3.