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by Leavemywife and Silver Falcon

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Original Thread: Cecil Christ Superstar: Let's Play Final Fantasy IV!

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Be glad that my school schedule is very light and I don't have much else to do, as I'm here with another LP (already)! This time, we'll be tackling the Game Boy Advance remake of Final Fantasy IV, which was originally released in the United States as Final Fantasy II in the early 90s. Why am I doing the GBA remake instead of the DS remake?

I don't really like FF4DS. vv

Final Fantasy II/IV has a very special place in my heart; along with Super Mario RPG, Earthbound and Final Fantasy VI, this game really launched my RPG career. It was probably my first RPG, too, and one of my most beloved.

This will be a SSLP, as I'm afraid of change. Updates will come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or whenever I feel like it. For those of you who have followed my previous LPs, you know how I update. I've also talked to some other goons, and we should have some special features coming, in addition to the regular LP.

Anyway, with all of that out of the way, let's get this LP started.

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Silver Falcon's Final Fantasy IV DS Extravaganza!
Silver Falcon is doing a run through of the DS version of the game, to highlight differences and show off the cutscenes! You can find her stuff below! She'll be throwing her updates out on Tuesday and Friday, so you'll almost always have fresh Final Fantasy IV content to enjoy!

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