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Part 105: Shit I Didn't Cover


After just one update, HelloWinter steps up to the fan art plate and knocks it out of the park.

ParanoidLogician steps up with an interesting idea:

ParanoidLogician posted:

And now I can't stop imaging a buddy cop show with Cid and Gustav as its main characters as they go about fighting crime with hammers and magic.

And now I'm convinced I've spent too much time in this thread.

And CmdrKing rolls with it and makes the thread even more worth it:

CmdrKing posted:

: Dammit ya old coot, ya can't go around roastin' suspects after we brung 'em in!
: Coot?! You're the one sayin' you're too old for this shit!
: And the hell does that have to do with burning that guy during interrogation!
: Golbez's scum deserve no better. And a basic Fire spell does far less damage than your clobbering every suspect unconscious during arrest, I'll have you know.
: Keeping civvie's safe is our first priority and you know it!
: I don't take orders from you, pretty boy. I'll bring Golbez in, and I'll even let you keep the box I stuff him in.
: You're off the case! Give me your badge!

It's a very dramatic point in the season. The earlier episode where they have to bust up a prostitution ring is a lot more lighthearted.

I made mention of how the Diamond equipment makes people look pimptastic. Keeshhound rolled with the idea.

Keeshhound posted:


I'm flyin' to Mysidia, doin' something evil to it/
Do it better than anybody ya ever seen do it/
Screams from the mages, got a nice ring to it/
I guess every evil warrior need his theme music.

No way Golbez should have all those crystals/
Gustav wants him dead, but we're gonna need more levels/
Stop Knightin', I'm climbing up a mountain/
Gonna be a brand new paladin...

Keeshhound posted:

All that aside, it was pretty much just

"Cecil... I am your brother."

"That's not true, that-
Ok, actually now that you mention it, that makes a lot of goddamned sense."

Politemachinegun's thoughts on Cecil and the Trap Doors:

More Politemachinegun art. Apparently, landing in a Giant's mouth makes him do things that he feels no remorse for.

PoliteMachineGun posted:

That is completely how that conversation went down and I totally have to draw them on Bahamut as soon as my hand quits cramping.

PoliteMachineGun posted:

I didn't forget.

(Seriously though I'll probably do something awesome-looking. Eventually. Once I've figured out how to draw Rydia and Rose riding God to the Moon and make it look as badass as it TOTALLY IS.)

And now I have no more excuses.

PoliteMachineGun posted:

Art Dump Time!

Somehow I think it was more like this:


I...I...I think my face is a little damp. Fr-from sweat, you understand.

I'm not touched at all!

(Nor do I desire one of these avatars for myself. Coveting is for fools!)

PoliteMachineGun posted:

And now that Explosionface's posted, I'll just leave this here:

And for Leave:

That guy is too fucking powerful.

And of all the presents he gave that night, not a single one was a fuck.

since I was looking for an excuse to draw us sending a Lunar Whale to you anyway

This Trial in a nutshell:

Why, thank you! As for the Sylphs...

Happy Awesome Birthday Leave! I give you Action Movie Crime Boss Rydia. Your thread is awesome, your readers are awesome and I hope you stay awesome another awesome year.

I am so rusty, how do I dog

TEGGS posted:

I went ahead and did it myself because I'm a broken person.

Have you ever wondered if Champ could pull off his underwear, turn them into a harp and play them? Well, TEGGS decided to show us, even if you didn't wonder about it! What...What a nice thing to do.

FeyerbrandX posted:

A bit late, but was I the only one who thought of this when leave made Cid sound like such a badass with the flame hammer?

Adnor posted:

When I was reading the LP I had this idea and wanted to do it.
It's been months since I draw something, so I'm sorry, I completly forgot how to draw hands