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Part 102: DS Bonus Update: New Game+ 1

DS Bonus Update: New Game+ 2

Hello, all! Today we're delving deeper into New Game+. What wonders could await us?

Last time, we had just picked up Eddie and the Hovercraft.

Only one of these will be at all useful.

I'm not wasting any time. It's off to the Antlion's Den. I want my Dualcast Rosa back!

Rydia absolutely rips these enemies apart. She can one-shot the Adamantoise with the Ice Rod. Scary stuff.

This will make Eddie marginally less useless!

Mostly by comparison. Seriously, Rydia could probably solo this place.

Who's ready for a boss?

Counter remains incredibly useful. It doesn't incur Counter: Pincers, either!

But let's not kid ourselves. This is Rydia's show, no question!

Eddie's main contribution will be to take up healbot duties so Rydia doesn't have to waste her time.

It is a task he carries out admirably.

Time for Cecil to have a turn.

Not bad. Totally upstaged by Rydia, of course, but that's life (and the Adamant Armor).

One drawback to using abilities like Kick...

It's not instant. Seen here, I told Cecil to Kick when the Antlion's eyes were still red. They turned white while he was charging.

Whoops! Oh well.

It died on the next hit anyway.

Eddie got 2 levels out of it. Good for him.

Of course, this is what we're really here for.

I suppose this will come in handy as well. I'll be sitting on it for now, though.

Let's get Rosa properly equipped, shall we?

By that I mean, of course,

she gets the Onion Equipment.

Because why not?

And some of these for the hell of it.

As you probably figure by now, Rosa still has all the Augments we gave her before.

This is, as you can imagine, quite exploitable.

Something else I never showed off before, but meant to, is Cecil and Rosa using Twincast.

These will do quite nicely for a demonstration.

Burn, baby, burn!

Twincast is really fun, and quite powerful. Downside? The charge time is stupid long and the MP cost is hardly worth it. Plus it takes up valuable ability slots.

Oh well. Moving on!

Rydia uses her new-found fiery powers,

to rain death on all who oppose her!

This encounter is the only annoying one here, because you can't just nuke them all with Fire and be done with it. (The Spirits absorb fire, as you may recall.)

They even managed to off Cecil while I was faffing around.

I am unconcerned.

Cecil can two-shot Bombs with Kick. All of them at once. It's pretty nice!

Also I picked up this. This is nice, I suppose.

Yang handles himself. Handily!

And then we face another boss.

Rydia, kill!

That's nice too!

Counter. Love it!


Behold, the power of Dualcast! It sure saves time.

Yang's here too. Don't forget about him!

Twice the Kicking means twice the fun!

Seriously. This won't take long.

Having nothing much better to do, Rosa starts spamming Pray.

And the Mom Bomb transforms.

We can get a few last licks on her before she blows up.

Speaking of that...

Time to Defend!

Bah. I expected that from Eddie, but Cecil? I am disappointed in you!

Rydia, as usual, does not care.

Now, I tried to get clever by tossing Eddie a Phoenix Down right as Rosa finished charging her spells.

It did not work out.

Oh well!

A couple Kicks,

and a Blizzard,

and it's all over. Eddie's face is still in the dirt.

I am happy with this.

Yang keeps his Augments as well. That means we'll get another copy of Kick and Brace later on!

That should about-

Eh? -ingway?

I'm still just traveling about with no particular destination. Well, until we meet again!

And then he's gone...

-ingway still shows up in all the places he would when you're finishing his sidequest. That's his only appearance in NG+, though. I wonder where his wife got to!

Such musings are unimportant, though. We're done for now.

Short update, I know. There's just not a lot to show off that we haven't seen. I'll keep this up until I get bored, I guess! Wonder how far I'll get...