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Part 103: DS Bonus Update: New Game+ 2

DS Bonus Update: New Game+ 3

Welcome back, everyone!

I believe last time we were off to save the Wind Crystal?

Sounds about right.

As usual, we loot Fabul Castle blind and buy some new equipment.

And unequip Rosa.

As noted in the thread, if you forget to remove the Onion stuff and/or the Adamant armor when a character leaves the party, you do not lose it. The game removes that equipment for you and puts it in your inventory.

Why it couldn't do this automatically for all equipment, I have no idea.

I'll miss you, Dualcast/Omnicasting Rosa.

It's time to fight a bunch of scripted battles again.

No one in the party can equip the Onion stuff or the Adamant Armor at this time.

So, I'll just have to resort to the usual shenanigans.'

Eddie confuses the captain with his harp. This will be his only useful contribution. Ever.

The Captain whacks one of his underlings in the face for a crit. Nice!

After a couple rounds of Focus, Yang is ready to go to town.

This time, I'll get my bonus EXP!

Next round,

a couple Kicks from Kung-fu Dark Knight takes 'em out.

These assholes.

A single Focus + Kick is all it takes.

Yang is awesome.


meet Yang's fist.

Feh. Boring.

Eddie's contribution to this operation is Potion-slinger.

This is the last level up he will ever get.


Focus + Kick will one-shot them. All of them.

That was the last round, and Cecil is rather wounded. That means...

Oh. Right.

Didn't really change the outcome, just made it happen faster!


We get a very nice sword.

I like the Deathbringer, yes I do. It's such a pity you don't get to play with it for very long.

Time to strip everyone else naked and head off for our date with Leviathan!

I'll miss Yang.

And Rydia.

This is nice. I'll hang onto it.

And once again, we wash up just outside Mysidia.

This time,

I don't waste any time talking to people.

I make a B-line for the Hall of Prayer and pick up our murdertwins.

Palom still has his Augments and is ready to kick ass.

Let's make him even more ridiculous, shall we?

I buy an extra Flame Rod for Tellah, and don't end up using it that much. Oh well!

I didn't bother picking up any of the Paladin equipment, nor will I. Once Cecil becomes a Paladin, he'll be able to use Onion equipment... and the Adamant Armor.

I do pick up some extra Hi-Potions though.

On the way to Mount Ordeals, I take some time to level up the twins.

Palom already does respectable damage, thanks to the Adamant Armor and Item Lore, and he'll only get better!

Deathbringer. It does what it says on the tin.

I toss Level Lust back on Cecil to make the grinding go faster.

It works.

Ah hahaha!

I think that will do. Onwards to Mount Ordeals!

Cecil re-equips Treasure Hunter. Treasure is always good.

Palom gets rid of these pesky flames,

and starts murdering his way up the mountain!

Mm hmm. That'll do!

Porom picks up Shell. That'll be helpful against Scarmie.

Yes! It is nice to have the murdertwins again.

Tellah joins too.

His presence is wholly unnecessary, but it's good to have a backup healbot I suppose!

I stick Bardsong back on him so he can serenade our foes to death, or something.

Ah. I also picked up one of these! Now, if I so choose, I can rock the Cursed Ring/Adamant Armor combo. Cecil might end up with that at some point.

Hmm? Oh, is it boss time already?

Palom is going to kick this guy's ass, just you wait.

Porom sets up our buffs, but without the aid of Dualcast it'll take awhile. I miss Dualcast.

I have Cecil kick Sarmie and his flunkies in the face for some reason.

Really not worth it.

Nope. Definitely not worth it!

This'll help, but not that much.

I mean, Regen is handy and all, but...


Draw Attacks.

Sometimes it can bite you in the ass.

Oh well. It's not like this bastard can beat us.

The murdertwins are on the case!

Yep, yep. That'll do. Yes, that'll do quite nicely!

Palom has no fucks to give whatsoever!

One more...

and that's it for Scarmie('s first form).

Second form, go!

Guess who forgot to switch the party's rows around?

That's right, I did!

Oh well!

I love Counter, but Cecil will be doing chip damage, at best.

He's the perfect candidate to spend a turn putting our rows back to normal.

That's better! Now Palom can get to ass-kicking!

Mm hmm. Plenty more where that came from, too!


This won't take long at all!

I got a little impatient, though.

I had one of these kicking around, so why not?

So long, Scarmie!

Say goodbye to Dark Knight Cecil.

Oh, and Tellah learned how to turn things into frogs with the power of rock.

This amuses me.

I unequip Cecil, so he can face the trials ahead as god intended: bare-ass naked!

Or should I say, fabulous!

I win. Gimme my Paladin.

Thank you!

Nice. You still have all of 90 MP!

And now we can finally get Cecil properly equipped!


hang on...

Oh. That's right! The Onion equipment scales with your level, and Cecil's level 1!

Wait! I know what to do!

Now, that's more like it!

The Onion Sword ain't so great right now, either. We're better off with the Mythgraven blade anyway, at least for now. All the monsters on the mountain are week to holy, remember?

So, with that,

let's get Cecil caught up!


and goodbye. Thank you, Palom. I'll wake you up when I need you!

Time to kick ass!

... Shit. This is going to take awhile.

Wait, wait. I have a better idea.

Let's try this!

Ah hah! That's the one and only time Cecil's magic will do more damage than his regular attack.

The reason this happened is because magic doesn't scale nearly as strongly with your level as normal attacks do. If you're low level, you're better off with magic.

Of course, that doesn't matter anymore!

Yes, yes, and yes.

See, and now the Onion Sword actually gives Cecil a strength boost, should I choose to equip it. And I will, just as soon as I get off this mountain. I can save the Mythgraven Blade for things weak to holy.

The rest of the Onion stuff gives stat boosts now as well, so let's toss it on.

The defense penalty is minimal, and more than compensated for by the Adamant Armor.

I'd say Cecil is pretty well indestructible now.

And he's only going to get better!

Now, let's see what kind of numbers he can put out.

Now, that is what I'm talking about!

I got this too. As I (maybe) mentioned, Curse- and the other Augments you get from the archfiends, give the best stat modifiers of any Augment. Toss them on when you start levelling past 70 if you want to max your stats. (You know, if you care about such things.)

Murder, murder, and more murder. It's almost not fair.

Oh look, another one of these! If I turn in that other Pink Tail, I could have two characters with the Adamant Armor/Cursed Ring combo.

Probably Cecil and Rosa. That would be a good choice.

I think that'll do it.

Let's heal everybody back up.

There! I think Cecil can carry us through the whole rest of the game now.

And that's it for me!

That's really it, I think. If there are no objections, I'd like to stop here. I think I've shown a good amount of New Game+ without playing through the whole damn game again. You get the idea, I think.

It's been a pleasure. Unless there's a big outcry, I can get this submitted to the archive. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you around!