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Part 14: Update Fourteen: Take To The Skies!

Update Fourteen: Take To The Skies!

Welcome back! Last time, on Final Fantasy IV, Cagnazzo, the Elemental Lord of Water was defeated. However, he had one final trap laid for our heroes; Masa and Mune bravely gave their lives to save Cecil, Cid, Gustav and Leave. Let's mosey, folks.

Everyone takes a moment to mourn the twins after their sacrifice; they can't be restored. They will forever remain in this hallway as twin statues, in an eternal testament to their bravery.

Even with your strength, Leave, you couldn't have held those walls back.

As for Gustav, this just serves to further put fuel into his murder-the-fuck-outta-Golbez fire.

Even Cid, who had barely met Masa and Mune wishes to avenge them.

After everything that's happened here, including finding out that his King had been murdered and replaced without his knowledge, Cecil may have the most reasons for why Golbez should be destroyed.

Speaking of Golbez...

In all fairness, Golbez, Cecil did approximately jack and shit in that fight.

Everyone who's played this before just felt a twinge of despair at "that place" being mentioned. For those of you who are new to this game, just you fucking wait.

Further proof that Golbez is a moron; Bowser came up with a damned good plan here.

I can't help but imagine that Golbez is desperately trying to figure out just what Bowser is talking about here. Everyone reading along, I hope you figured out the plan as soon as Bowser mentioned it.

: her for the last Crystal.

: exchange.

Bowser then walks off, confident in his plan. The thing is, we all know that it's going to work. Not just because it's a JRPG, but because Cecil loves Rosa enough that he'll damn the world for her.

Though, if Golbez would just get off his fucking ass and go blow Cecil and crew into a million gibs right now, it wouldn't even be an issue that Cecil killed Cagnazzo!

Bowser pauses in his tracks; Rosa has that effect on him.

Well, she might. I think you just proved to her that you're superior to Golbez, at least, intellectually.

Maybe I'm being too hard on Golbez here. But, you've gotta admit, at times, Golbez just seems kind of...Well, stupid.

The scene closes out.

Back in Baron, Cid's got a secret to share with everyone.

He suddenly enters the wall after kerjiggering with something.

The others follow without hesitation.

They descend down a very long staircase. I think it's at least a solid five seconds of walking straight down just these stairs.

This scene is also completely automated, so you can't just run and rush through all of it. But, it's not actually that bad.

We come to an airship dock, surrounded by what I believe to be a bottomless pit. Cid, you are a crafty fellow.

Cecil, Leave and Gustav all glance around the ship rapidly. Gustav and Leave I can understand, as this may be their first time on an airship. Cecil has no right to look around in wonder.

Then again, this airship is state of the art, so maybe it's different enough from one of the Red Wings that even he doesn't know what the hell.

Aye, that's one way of putting that, Leave.

Personally, I would have called my ship Desperado. But, maybe that's just me.

Behind Baron Castle, something begins to erupt.

Cid hid his airship in an excellent spot. It's right behind the castle and quite a ways underneath it. It's right under their noses, but I can't imagine they'd ever look there.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have ourselves an airship.

Welcome to the Enterprise.

There better be a damned good reason for us waiting, Cecil. There are battle stations to be taking!

That's just the sound of me considering how far I should shove my foot up Cecil's ass, Leave. Just ignore it.

Sure enough, there is one of Baron's Red Wings airships.

It pulls up right beside Enterprise.

Bowser is on that ship, sure enough, ready to deliver the terms to Cecil.

Since his ass kicking by him, this is the first time that Cecil has seen Bowser.

Bowser, I think some of Golbez' stupid is rubbing off on you. You already knew he was still alive, you twat!

Cid is not happy with Bowser and is already tired of this bullshit.

Oh, I'm sure she's just in the lounge, Cecil, enjoying a dry martini.

Gustav, quick, Firaga their airship!

: And if Rosa means anything to you, you'll get that Crystal.

I wonder if our team could take Bowser and his airship full of troops. Though, if they could, that could screw their chances of rescuing Rosa. Golbez would have to come collect the Crystal himself, so he could blast them into oblivion and then blast Rosa.

Cecil tries to get through to Bowser.

But it's no good. Nobody but Rosa can break through Golbez' spell over Bowser.

Bowser walks back to his ship and they fly off.

Cid is good and pissed at Bowser. In all fairness, it's easy to see just how much Cid loves Cecil and how much he loves Rosa; a slight against either of those two is a slight against Cid.

Cecil, of course, is playing directly into Bowser's hands.

You might expect the game to automatically take us there, but no, we're given free reign with our airship.

So, the first place I go, is over near Fabul.

We'll be heading straight south from Fabul, to one of my favorite towns.

Also, keep that cave right there in mind. It'll be important later on.

This town is northwest of that little cave. Despite how it looks, that's not actually a Chocobo forest next to the town, so we can't get any of the birds around here.

Mythril, as some of you might recall, is a metal often used in Final Fantasy works and is usually pretty good armor and weapons.

Granted, as far as I know, Mythril usually doesn't come from towns populated by pigs, midgets and frogs, but in this game, it does.

I hit the weapon shop first, as Mythril weapons are pretty powerful in this stage of the game.

Cid uses hammers and axes as his weapons. Hammers are two-handed weapons, so he can't equip a shield with them, but that's okay. I'll show his stat screen in a minute, so you'll see why Cid doesn't really need a shield.

Cecil also gets a Mythril Sword; he could also equip the Mythril Knife, but it's weaker than his current weapon, so I don't pick one up. Gustav also doesn't get an upgraded Mythril Staff from this shop.

We head next door to the armor shop and prepare to lose all of our cash.

The Mythril Armor there is great stuff, but extremely expensive, too, at 17,000 gil a pop.

All I buy for now is a Mythril Shield for Cecil, two helmets for him and Cid, and two pairs of Mythril Gloves.

Cid's got a monstrous defense and attack right now. That's pretty much his game. He's built like a tank and hits like one, too.

Even with a new weapon, Cecil is weaker than Cid. As far as my physical fighters go, Cecil is actually the weakest.

Keep in mind, after these gloves are equipped, Cid's defense is only ten points behind Cecil's and he's wearing what is basically a T-shirt to protect his body.

I can only afford one suit of Mythril Armor and that's after I sold off a bunch of shit I didn't need.

It goes on Cid, as Cecil was already wearing himself some armor.

As you can see here, Cid is just going to smash your skull in with his hammer and call it a day. It'll take him a while to get to his turn, but it'll be worth it when he finally gets to hit something. Magic, though, is going to severely fuck his day up.

Cecil for comparison; Cecil is pretty much the everyman of my physical fighters here. He hits weaker than the other two, but is the fastest. His defense is pretty damned good, too, and he's got some healing magic if someone needs a quick boost.

Leave for comparison; Leave is my strongest physical attacker now and also capable of exploiting elemental weaknesses. He's also pretty fast and has a nice chunk of HP, but he'll suffer from magic as bad as Cid will.

Those were just physical comparisons; Gustav doesn't get one as he's the worst physical guy and we all know his magical ability will fucking wreck something's day real good.

I didn't get everything in this town right now, as there's one thing left, but I'll be sure to come back after "that place".

To the right of this frog...

Is a hidden Mythril Staff, free of charge.

It adds +3 to Spirit, so Gustav's healing gets a bit of a boost. The staff can also be used in battle for a free Esuna.

Up here, there's a free Mythril Knife.

For now, that covers the town of Mythril. Let's get over to Troia now.

For you guys, a quick warp. For me a quick flight, as I know where I'm going in this game.

Casting Sight in this game is kind of useful, as compared to the SNES version's Sight, which just gave a shitty bird's eye view of the area you were in.

The gold orb is the Enterprise, while the silver one is the Hovercraft. The pointing finger just points to where you're at.

Here's Baron, to show where Troia sits.

And here's Mythril. It's a bit out of the way, but entirely worth it.

Before we hit the castle to beg them for their Earth Crystal so that Cecil can get some tang from Rosa, let's pop into town.

Their weapon and armor shop shows up nice and early, so let's browse!

All they sell is a bunch of shit. For now.

Over in the weapon shop, the Great Bow isn't too bad of an investment, if you want Cecil rockin' the back row. They also sell Fire, Ice and Thunder arrows, so you can hit the basic elemental weaknesses. Cid can, if he so desires, pick up another Wooden Hammer here, which he came equipped with.

This building here is the pub, which is going to be a place of great interest soon.

Not this update, though. First off, I can't even afford this Membership Pass and second of all, I hate the upcoming dungeon and want to get it over with.

The barfolk are interesting to talk to. Some of 'em, at least.

The bartender is a sweetheart.

Apparently, it's harder than Chinese arithmetic to get a seat at the bar.

I can't tell if he's hitting on Cecil or not. Either way, it won't end well for this guy.

If this chick thinks that Cecil is a chick and is into that...

Somebody, set up a ring and get some mud. I'll be out front with a ticket booth and a popcorn machine.

This guy proceeds to scream at Cecil.

And then gives him a very nice compliment. Cecil, you're a pretty man.

I was just agreeing, sir!

Does anyone else get that feeling this isn't the first time this situation has come up for this guy?

Alright, let's rest up.

As we are done here. This update was short and sweet, but the next one should be a bit longer.

Next time, on Final Fantasy IV, we go to the worst fucking place in this game. Stay tuned!

And since I still have your attention down here, there is no fucking way that Cid's name will change. He is Cid, Goddammit, and if you don't like it, then just sit and twirl.