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Part 26: Mini-Update: I Am A Fuck Up

Mini-Update: I Am A Fuck Up

One thing to note before we start this update: Mega64 was nice enough to give me his screenshots/update information from when he LP'd this section. So, for a little bit, the shots are going to be a touch different, size and graphic-wise, and the translation is a touch rougher in the screenshots. In all instances of portraits being used, I have kept Mega's original portraits, but changed the dialog in them to that of the new translation. There is going to be some translation variation, but that's alright, as you'll still get the message. And with that out of the way, let's mosey!

Welcome back! Last time, on Final Fantasy IV, we defeated Rubicante, stole an enemy airship and made our way back to the Dwarven Castle. Today, we're going to cover what happens in that castle, so let's get this little update out of the way.

Dwarf women are certainly interesting in how quickly they'll inform you of their gender. I'm glad, too, since they still seem to have beards.

But what's this about finding a strange man? Who could it be...?

Hopefully, King Giott is still cool with us and won't decide to just execute us on account of incompetence. By this point, he has every right to.

You've returned! Were you able to recover the Crystals?
No, I'm sorry.
I see. Golbez is very persistent. He is trying to open the Sealed Cavern
by force. It will be a matter of time before he succeeds. I want you to get the
Crystal before he does. Luca, come here.

This is the key to open the Sealed Cavern. Without this necklace, no one can enter. We must protect the last Crystal.

Hey, who wants to throw up betting odds that we're going to fuck this up, too? Anyone? I've got 12:1 that we fuck this up.

I'll admit, I wouldn't have expected his daughter's necklace to be the key. I think that's pretty clever.

Well, you see, he went out like a fucking boss. It's too bad he's--

What the fuck?

Video: Cid Works Through the Pain


I can't believe it!
How did you...
Heh, heh.
Who's this geezer?

Geezer? Who's this snot-nosed kid?
Watch your mouth, windbag! I'm Goemon, prince of Eblan!
It's hard to believe, but it's true.
I'm also handsome and really skilled.

Stop that! He's in no condition to argue!
Heh, heh. Kim's got you whipped, eh, kid?
Shut up! Geez!

I find it pretty damned convenient how we're skipping over how he survived. I bet it was the beard.

He still holds all of the crystal except one.
We can't go after the last Crystal, since we left Enterprise on the surface.
We've taken an enemy airship, but it can't go over the magma in these parts.

It's true, we really can't. Though, I do find it interesting that the enemy airships can't cross lava right out of the gate.

Ahh, can it and give me a hand!

This is a fair reasoning for why this Cid is the most badass Cid. Not only did he survive the nuclear explosion that sealed the gate to Hell, he also drags his dwarven nurses off to help him upgrade the airship.

Hell, in his original LP, Mega64 puts it this way:

Mega64 posted:

So yeah, Cid's not only badass enough to jump off an airship and blow himself up, he's not only badass enough to survive such a feat, but he immediately gets out of bed and works on a airship.

I'd like to see any of the other Cids pull that off.

Cid makes Goemon his airship upgrade bitch; it's why you don't fuck with Cid, as he'll find ways to get back at you that don't include beating your ass. Waiting for a revenge strike from Cid isn't fear of physical pain; it's the fear of what he'll make you do...

Oh, Christ, we killed Cid. Again. Why does this keep--

Dammit, Cid, you overdramatic old fart.

He must be pooped.
He's overworked himself again.

Alright, so things accomplished this update; Cid is alive, our airship can cross magma, and the entire Underworld is open to us. The first place we're heading is the Sylvan Cave; the next regular update will pick up on the second floor there, but you're not missing much from the first floor. I'll still be covering it in my usual detail, so don't worry about missing anything!

So, next time, we'll be exploring the entire Sylvan Cave! Stay tuned!