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Part 37: Update Thirty Six: Gotta Go Fast

Update Thirty Six: Gotta Go Fast

Welcome back! Last time, on Final Fantasy IV, we found out Cecil and Golbez were brothers. Bowser also rejoined the team and it's time for us to prepare for the final battle. Today, in a very short update, we're going to finish off all the things I remember left to do on Earth, so let's mosey.

I figured you didn't want to see the trip from the Moon back to Earth again, so I cut it out. I considered including it, just for padding reasons.

However, for a different type of padding, there's something else I'd like to show you.

The Tower of Babel is no longer glowing. It has served its purpose. I think it's neat, but I'd understand if you didn't give a shit about this.

Our first destination today is Troia.

I hope nobody minds the massive spaceship landing outside of their city.

I can imagine that the people in the castle might be upset with Cecil, though, considering that he "borrowed" their Crystal straight into the hands of the enemy.

We're going straight to the bar today.

And to talk to this woman. She has something interesting to sell.

When this is first available, 10,000 gil is a pretty good chunk of change. This isn't mandatory at all, but I know someone would call for my crucifixion if I left this out, so here we go.

After buying one, we come up to this man, who asks to see our new membership.

I deposited a ton of stuff with the Fat Chocobo on the Lunar Whale, so my inventory is pretty empty. I'm still not sure who deserves the Silver Apple and Soma Drop I have in my inventory.

After showing him our pass, he hits the switch on the wall and opens the secret passage.

Oh, my, where does this lead?

And there is quite the show to behold. I have a video of it, too, and the video overlaps those last two screenshots.

I hope you're all as satisfied with that as I am.

I can think of a few places I'd rather be, yes. And I'm sure Rosa didn't appreciate that very much.

Nor will she appreciate this.

'course, this could lead to a Game Over and I think it'd be justified.

Apparently the show wasn't enough for Cecil. Our brave Paladin leader needs more stimulation.

Nobody in the party has anything to say about this. Apparently, they're all on board for the plan of sneaking a peek in the dressing room.

Personally, I'm most disappointed in Bowser. I thought he was better than that.

Either way, we flee and hop on the Whale, intent on getting back to a place where we're more comfortable.

Baron is our final stop today. We're seriously halfway through the update.

I took a total of 76 shots for this. I usually take double or triple that for a regular update.

And since Bowser joined back up, he's appropriately leveled. He has a full set of Genji gear, like Cecil, and is now wielding the Gungnir for a weapon.

He's now the weakest physical attacker on my team, but that's okay, as he still has Jump.

Anyways, we're back here to visit the King of Baron, who told us to return after we had visited the Land of Summoned Monsters.

He was in the basement of the eastern tower, if you'll recall.

We descend into the basement.

I came as soon as I felt ready, chief.

Even in death, Cecil's respect for his king is very high.

Remember, he was killed by Cagnazzo, of all lords. I wonder what the hell kind of power he would have been given if Babs or Rubicante had killed him.

But what summon is he?

And who granted him his power? Was it Leviathan? Or can Bahamut do that?

And what is it with these guys and wanting their asses kicked before they'll help us out?

This fight is on a strict time limit. Being Odin, he has the power to instantly kill you.

He's got some crummy physicals to throw out, though, and I just realized I left Bowser in the back row.

I should have had him Jumping around. Oh, well. Hindsight is always 20/20 and alla that.

Odin only has 20,001 HP to tear through.

With a weakness to Lightning, so Blitz is very helpful here.

His regular physicals shouldn't be a cause for concern. Don't waste the time to heal them up.

In this fight, just pound him as hard and as fast as you can.

Forgetting that I haven't learned Thundaga yet, I wasted a bit of time in this menu. I almost used Thundara, then realized I have something better.

Bahamut casts really fast for how powerful he is. Sure, he costs 60 MP, which is a bit pricey, but for the result, it's entirely justified.

Rosa's preparing a Slow for Odin's ass, just to give me a bit more time.

While Bahamut blows his fucking face off.

I think that's the lowest damage we've seen out of Bahamut yet. All things considered, that's pretty good; Bahamut is pretty much guaranteed to deal big damage, no matter what.

See how Odin has raised his sword? This is the signal that the fight is about to end, either with your victory or his.

I didn't get shots of it, but he's close to using his full-party attack, Zantetsuken. Instead of causing Instant Death (as it would on an enemy party when we summon him), this time, it just deals a shitload of damage to us. If I remember right, it's in the range of 6,000-8,000 damage, more than enough to kill anyone.

However, we don't have to worry about that, as we defeat Odin just in time.

Normally, I like to have Thundaga for this fight, as that'll usually deal 9,999 damage to him. Two of those, plus some physicals, will end this fight extremely fast, but Eric the Mauve called me a pussy for wanting to do it that way.

So, I fought him without it and won. I hope you're happy, Eric.

Did you ever really doubt us, Your Majesty?

Killed by Cagnazzo and turned into Odin. Like I said, imagine if he had been killed by someone who was actually threatening.

Maybe then we wouldn't have learned Odin. I think Odin is a pretty big badass, so having him along makes me feel better.

And so now, we get the hell out of Dodge.

Oh, and me thinking Odin is a badass?

Shoved right back in my face. Goddammit, Odin.

We're done here today, folks. If I missed something on Earth that you want me to do, barring the droppable summons (I have a plan for those), just let me know and I'll get it done. Still no spoiler tags around; just try and phrase it as a suggestion.

If I haven't missed much, then next time, we're going to the Moon to start the final dungeon. Stay tuned!