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Part 40: Update Thirty Eight Point Five: Finding Cecil's Shit

Update Thirty Eight Point Five: Finding Cecil's Shit

Welcome back, from earlier today! Last time, on Final Fantasy IV, we partially explored the depths of the Lunar Subterrane and then were murdered by Dark Bahamut. In this little update, we're going to be finding the rest of Cecil's Crystal equipment, so let's mosey.

And when I say this update is little, I mean it. I only took sixty-three screenshots for it. For reference, for the update before this one, I took over one hundred and eighty.

We're going to be doing some backtracking to snag the chests that I skipped over in my hurry to find a save point.

But first, we're going to fight a new enemy.

Ahriman is slightly threatening. He has 25,000 HP to take care of and only one attack.

He's also weak to the Throw element, which Bowser's spears cover.

His sole attack is to use Doom on your party members.

Doom is an instant-death attack, of sorts.

It's more like a delayed-death attack. See that 10 that's appeared above Kim's head? That's a countdown and once it reaches 0, she will die, so we've gotta kill this fucker fast.

However, Ahriman is kind of a moron and will sometimes recast Doom on a party member he's already cast it on.

This will reset the countdown, allowing more time for that person to live.

All in all, he's not a super-tough fight, provided you can take care of him quickly. The countdown ticks down fairly quickly, so you've gotta be fast about it, but he doesn't resist or absorb any elements, so just wail away on him with your strongest spells.

He also drops a shitload of cash, as well as a good bit of XP.

Someone commented on how low my levels were and they aren't as high as they usually are. I learned from Super Mario RPG that people complain if you grind too much. Apparently, not grinding enough sets them off, too! Make up your minds!

I don't know why, but I encountered two more Ahrimans coming through here and nothing else. I don't know why he suddenly decided to make an appearance, but whatever, I'll take the cash.

It's a pretty good distance back, or so it seems. In game, this isn't actually all that long, but looking through the shots I took, it seems so much longer.

In this room, you might remember the doorway to the south that I skipped.

Along the way, I encounter this little guy.

He casts Scan on himself and will do nothing else.

I like it when enemies inform you about themselves and I don't have to. As you can see, 12,000 HP and a weakness to Lightning.

Now, there is a point to that. If you hit him with a Thunder spell, and he survives, he'll fucking berserk out on your party.

However, since I had attacked him before Kim's turn came up...

Well, he didn't make it. Next time I encounter one, I'll be sure to document their rampage as I don't recall what it is off-hand.

Behind the little title bar, there's a treasure chest for us to loot.

Surprisingly enough, it contains monsters.

Just a Behemoth, though, so nothing to worry about.

This adequately sums up the experience of fighting it, at least in the sense that it got its ass kicked.

The Crystal Mail is a pretty nice piece of equipment. In addition to adding +3 Spirit, it also resists Darkness, Silence, Pig, Mini, Toad, and Berserk.

Moving right along, let's get to another chest.

Such as this one right here!

More monsters! Who'da thunk it?

This is potentially problematic.

Nah, not really. Since these two are weak to Ice, I don't have to worry about absorption.

Heat Ray, which has the same animation as the Piercing Beam attack, is something to worry about, though. It hurts like a mad bastard.

But, we win Cecil's Crystal Gloves for our troubles.

I don't know who is sliding these on his corpse's hands, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

And then over to another chest. I know I'm not being as comprehensive in showing the way as I usually am, but I think I pointed out all of their locations in the last update, so I figured you guys won't mind.

Just laugh at this encounter. It's nothing worth worrying about and hardly worth mentioning. This is even more laughably easy than a Behemoth and takes far less time.

Pictured: encounter taking far less time.

Out of that, we get the Crystal Helm, the final bit of Crystal equipment.

This adds another +3 Spirit and also halves Fire, Ice and Lightning, which is why I didn't throw any of Bowser's Dragon equipment to Cecil, because I knew this thing wasn't far away.

But with that, we're done in here for now. I'm going to snake on outta here for now.

With that Teleport done, I pop a Cottage up and we rest.

I save my game and we're done here. Also, you might want to check out my gil total.

Next time, on Final Fantasy IV, let's continue our exploration into the Lunar Subterrane. Stay tuned!