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Part 50: Update Forty Eight: The White Mage's Trial

Update Forty Eight: The White Mage's Trial

Welcome back! Last time, on Final Fantasy IV, we completed Cecil's Trial and beat up Lunar Odin. Today, we're doing Rosa's Trial, so let's mosey.

Thankfully, this Trial isn't much of a pain in the ass. It's kind of like Cecil's in that regard.

Huh. Mt. Ordeals.

That lone treasure chest is the only noteworthy thing around here.

Oh, you shouldn't have. No, fucking really, you shouldn't have.

Let's skedaddle outta here.

Into another area I never wanted to come back to. No wonder I hate this place.

At least there's a new enemy around here.

These guys are pretty much the same as the other Coeurl enemies we've encountered.

Only with 15,935 HP, so they've got a bit more staying power than the others.

They still have Blaster and that's about it for these guys. They can drop a rare suit of armor for Porom, but since we can just buy it later on, I'm not worried about grinding it out.

And, as per the norm, there is a shitload of gil and XP after these fights.

Anyways, let's get the hell out of here.

And back into the Magnetic Cavern. Thankfully, there's no magnetic field around, so we're not fucked like we were.

I think this makes 88 of these in my inventory. That's usually eleven times more than I usually ever actually have in a Final Fantasy game.

Anyways, we take the usual path to get here and we are gone like a freight train.

Oh, before I forget, Dooky Dingo was telling me earlier how he wants one of those red custom titles about how he's a whiny bitch. I'm not even joking and he asked me to call out to my thread lackeys (do I even have lackeys? And if so, they better start lacking for me) to try and get him one. I'll leave it up to your discretion as to what it will say, as I trust whoever is willing to drop the to make it the best they can.

I pop a Cottage and kind of wish I'd bought some more. There are about five more Trials to go and I only have twenty some-odd of them left!

Let's cut that number of Trials down to four. Or however many I have to go. I think it's four, since the Twins' Trial counts as one.

We enter into a town. It kind of reminds me of Kaipo.

The camera pans through the town...

...And then everything goes to shit.

Look, lady, the drugs I do are all prescribed by a doctor.

That line reminds me of something I caught on those late night Cinemax flicks...

Huh, she can fly. Or at least hover.

And then she pulls out her balls.

The green ball floats over to the east, toward this man.

Jesus Christ, it blew him up!

...Oh. For a second, I thought it had done something threatening to him.

Meanwhile, the red ball...

Dear God! That's much worse than a toading! Much worse!

Meanwhile, the blue ball...

...Well, that was something.

So begins Rosa's Trial.

There are fourteen different injured/polymorphed people that Rosa needs to help.

There's a few traps along the way, though, but I have a map, so it's fine.

That's right, I didn't do this one blind. I looked it up before hand, since you get a pretty sweet prize (apparently) out of this for getting all fourteen.

No shit, Cecil. No wonder you're the Paladin around here.

And we will!

Yeah, I got a map and everything.

Man, why are humans always being judged? Haven't enough people proved that we're worth it by now?

Anyways, now, we have these balls flying around us. There's a time limit on this Trial, apparently, but I'm not sure how long it is. I'm going to guess it's also decently generous, but I didn't waste any time, so I don't actually know.

Some people are just injured, while others are either Piggies, Toads or Petrified. I think these spells do take from Rosa's MP pool, but if you'd made it this far, then that shouldn't be a concern at all.

Yeah, level 70 is pretty mighty.

See that piggie over there? Fuck him, he leads to a fight.

And since this isn't one of those completionist runs where I get 100% of everything, I'm not worried about my Bestiary.

And their dialogs, after healing, aren't very varied.

Turning a Mini'd person back into a kid doesn't seem like it'd make them all that much bigger, but I don't know all the technical aspects of Mini, so maybe it does.

Y'know, I'm not sure if the Cure spell she's using is the basic one or not, so I'm not sure how much MP it actually costs. If it were Curaja each time, I'd understand if MP could be a concern for this Trial, but I don't think it is.

If anyone does know, feel free to speak up. I'm curious about this.

There are more people needing Esuna that Curing around here. Esuna is still 20 MP a shot, so it's not the cheapest spell around, but since we're in the 70s, as far as levels go, it's not a big deal, like I mentioned earlier. If these Trials happened thirty or forty levels ago, then maybe, just maybe it'd be a concern.

Speaking of Esuna, guess what we cast on this Piggie.

There are some little boys that I know who are practically indistinguishable from pigs.

That Piggie is a trap. We're going for that midget.

The trap battles aren't very dangerous; I did one for kicks, but didn't get shots of it. They're not that worthwhile to see, either, so fuck 'em.

Skipping past that Toad and Petrified woman, we keep heading south.

Toward this lady, who we passed earlier.

Whatever is left of it.

I figured that there would be a lot more injured people around, considering that there was a ball dedicated entirely to blasting people with lightning. And plus, that blue ball that was just wrecking shit.

Yeah, I ran past this guy at first and had to double back for him.

Hey, two injured guys in a row.

Then we pop down to this Piggie; we're almost done with this Trial.

This update is going to be far shorter than the last few, since the boss is also pretty much a cakewalk.

I wonder if this girl was in the water before she got Toaded or if she went there after being transformed.

And for our final person, we head through this canal or whatever you want to call it.

Shut up, kid. That shit only works in crummy movies.

And Rosa denies it immediately. What kind of things have you and Cecil been up to, girl?

Well, that doesn't look good.

Oh, we're back at the entrance. That wasn't so bad.

What are those tricky balls up to now?

What an astute observation. Even though Cecil could have done everything she did in this Trial...

Y'know, I don't really mind this trope, but I'm kind of tired of it by now.

Why can't humans prove their worth through a candlelit dinner or something?

I don't mind the asswhippings I have to give out, but maybe just once, I'd like to take the thing I have to prove humanity's worth to out to the movies or something. Show it that we're worth it by splurging at the concession stand. That shit is expensive, y'know!

Anyways, Lunar Asura is our boss here.

She's got all three elemental spells at her disposal.

And they are pretty fucking powerful.

Good thing I can throw these things around with impunity.

She has 130,000 HP to wear down, with no weaknesses or resistances.

I'd recommend casting Reflect on your guys instead of her this time, just to help Reflect her spells back. I don't do this, as I didn't fight regular Asura the "right way", so I won't do this the "right way" either.

Rosa, you took those ice spikes really well.

Her defenses aren't too different from the norm, so just keep your regular attack patterns going.

She does have Mini at her disposal, but only Champ and Leave have to worry about being affected by it.

As well as Toad, which has the same deal as Mini.

Flare is a great idea, as it's super-powerful. Bahamut would also do really well here, and for only 10 more MP.

This might seem like a counter to magic, but it's not. At least, I only saw her do it this one time after being hit with a spell and never again in this fight.

It restores a shitload to her and I don't think it's Reflectable.

She also has a pretty pathetic Curaga to use on herself, too. It's nothing worth Reflecting her over.

Anyways, let's skip to the final hit.

Which was Cecil decapitating her with his awesome sword. I seriously love the Lightbringer to no end.

I'm sure you guys expected this by now, but I still like showing this off.

We get her Grimoire, like usual, and that's the end of this Trial.

All that's left is this cutscene.

Some vague kind of bullshit, Cecil. Maybe if Square had expanded on this a bit, then it'd be worth something, but for now...

I'm not sure what it was, as this is the only mention of testing, really. Even the Lunarians were just waiting for humans to evolve and had none of that testing horseshit for us.

: The fuck are you talking about?

And I'm glad we're almost done with these Trials.

Yeah, we killed a boss and got a book, too.

Oh. I had no idea of what was going on in this town, seriously.

Y'know, I wonder why Cecil is the only one, so far, to get a weapon out of this.

Well, actually, Rosa, since I need to swap in the others, your ass is pretty much done in the party.

Huh, he didn't say "On to the next!" for this one, either.

I dunno. I didn't decapitate a Lunar summoned monster by being nice to it.

Well, may--

...Rosa just fucking walks away at that.

Bahahahaha! Rosa just walked away.

Anyways, the White Ring has a pretty kickass function. It changes Pray (remember Pray?) to Miracle, which heals more HP and heals status effects. It still has a chance to fail, and if it does, it's the exact same as Pray.

So, maybe it's not that kickass, but compared to what it upgrades, it's definitely awesome.

Anyways, we're done here for now. Look at how much cash I have. Sure, I had to come back through to redo Cecil's Trial, but even so, I made 1.5 million gil in that time. That's fucking insane.

Next time, on Final Fantasy IV, we'll be bringing in a new party and doing some of their Trials, so stay tuned!