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Part 56: DS Cecil of the Red Wings

DS Update 1: Cecil of the Red Wings

Hello, everyone! As promised, I'm going to do a simultaneous playthrough of the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. Here's some more info:

About the DS version

The DS remake was released in Japan in 2007, stateside in 2008. It featured, among other things, a complete graphical overhaul, and some gameplay tweaks. I'll go into more detail as we go along.

About me

This is the only version of this game I've played, aside from a brief foray into the PSX re-release. Despite owning an SNES in the early 90's, I somehow missed a lot of the classics released on that system. Link to the Past? Nope, never heard of it. Earthbound? Nah. Chrono Trigger? No again! My brother and I mostly just played Mario games. Thus, my first RPG was Super Mario RPG. My second, and first experience with this series, was Final Fantasy VII.

So, following along with this LP, and contributing to it, will be a learning experience for me!

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Fancy title screen. Looking good so far! Right now, "New Game" is our only option, so let's do that.

We are immediately greeted by the first major difference between the DS version and the GBA/PSX/Whatever version:

Polsy version

A cutscene! What's this? Polygons? Character models? Voice acting?!

Our buddy Cecil is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, and reprised the role in Dissidia. (He also voiced Sandal in Dragon Age: Origins! )

Music from the cutscene.

After that, we got tossed right into our first battle!

Just like in Leave's update, we gotta smack some floating eyeballs.

This ought to do the trick!

Cecil raises his sword, and the enemies are engulfed in flame!

It's super-effective!

And victory is ours! Cecil does a little victory pose while the fanfare plays, and we get some loot!

After that tough battle, we're kicked right back into cutscene land. Unlike in the GBA version, we don't have to fight a Zu or anything like that.

Polsy version

And with that, we're back in Castle Baron, with our good "buddy" Baigan!

Yeah, way to be sympathetic, jerk.

Baigan leads Cecil down the hallway.

Well, at least he's being polite about it!

Does it now? Indeed. Your loyalty and worth are proven once again, Captain Baigan. But the Crystal is all that matters. Bring him before me!

As you wish.

Again with the shouting! He's right on the other side of the door, for fuck's sake! How lazy can you get?

Cecil strolls on in and goes down on one knee before the king.

I have, Your Majesty.

Baigan walks over, Cecil holds out his hand and...

Here it's "relinquished" rather than "hand over," a bit more elegant, I think.

You know, just the fact that the king even entertained the thought that his most loyal knight would try to cheat him should have tipped Cecil off.

So it is. See how it shines! That will be all, Cecil. You may leave us now.

Yep, Cecil traded his soul for a shiny. That's got to feel just terrific.

Cecil walks partway down the walkway and stops, bowing his head, clearly wrestling with something.

And he runs back to the king.

Have you some other matter to discuss?

Shut up, Baigan! Nobody asked you.

Your ways are not as they once were. My men's hearts grow heavy with misgiving.

As does yours?

Your Majesty, no, I would never doubt-

The king stands up. You know he means business now!

After all I've done for you, Cecil... You wound me.
This is most unfortunate, but I can place no trust in one who offers none in return. I hereby relieve you of command of the Red Wings.

My liege!

A phantom creature haunts the borders of that land- the Eidolon of Mist. You will slay it, and deliver this ring to the village that lies beyond- they will know its meaning. Be gone at first light on the morrow.

Oh? What do we have here?

Oh, it's our buddy Kain! He'll fix this for sure!

Ah, Kain. I as not aware this matter concerned you. But as you seem so eager to protect your friend, let your spear accompany his blade on the road to Mist.

Your Majesty-!

I've no more words. Take the ring and begone, while my mood is yet fair!

The guards descend from the podium and block Cecil from the throne, just to reinforce the "you really should gtfo, dude" message.

A carnelian is a red stone commonly used in jewelry in the Middle Ages. It has similar properties to quartz.

Cecil, I really don't think he's listening anymore.

The guards crowd even closer around Cecil and Kain, and all but push them out of the throne room.

Welp. That was... not very constructive at all. Now what?

What's to forgive? We'll slay this Eidolon of his and all will be forgotten. You'll be commanding the Red Wings again before you know it!


Kain's a bro. He really is.

You must be tired from Mysidia, no? Leave the preparations to me and get yourself some rest.

And with that, we are finally given control!

So, let's poke around the place a bit, shall we?

This is where Kain and his dragoons hang out. Cozy little spot.

We're not done chatting up Kain yet, though.

The character models are very expressive. Here, you can see Cecil bowing his head in shame.

And Kain is having none of that shit.

I did not train in the way of the dark sword so I could steal from innocents, Kain.

(And presumably not to brutally murder them either, I'm sure.)

I did it because His Majesty asked it of me.

Kain takes a step towards Cecil to comfort him. Like I said, he's a bro.

It seems to perk Cecil up a bit, at least.

And suddenly we're in black and white land: it's flashback time, kids!

Cecil... So you saw me?

Ah, I see. Cecil and Kain must be sparring.

Kain takes a swing at Cecil, to make him back off.

This line really benefited from the re-translation. It was really awkward in Leave's version.

You're certainly headstrong enough.

Cecil resumes his ready stance.

Don't worry, Kain, if Fire Emblem has taught me anything, lances are strong against swords. You've got this one in the bag!

Now leaving flashback land, please remember to collect all your personal belongings as you exit.

Or do you mean to send me off against the Eidolon alone?

Of course not.

We leave early on the morrow. Best get some sleep.

After that pep talk, we are free to explore the castle! The overall layout is pretty much the same as what Leave showed us, it just looks fancier.

As per usual with a DS game, the action is on the top screen, with a handy map on the bottom. The map shows you the layout of the floor you're on, points of entry and exits, and- handily- treasure!

Speaking of treasure...

Hell yeah! Don't mind if I do.

This switch on the wall opens the way to our well-deserved loot!

Let's see what we get!

Some spending money.

Fuel for the Fire! (Or Fira, or Firaga...)

And a place to crash for the night while we're away from home. Having these around certainly can't hurt!

Also on this floor, we can chat up Baron's practitioners of magic. These ladies must be Rosa's colleagues.

Aww, that's really kind of cute. She also might have joined the White Mages so she could be close to Cecil (and keep an eye on him. Lord knows the man needs it...)

And where there's White Magic, there's the more destructive variety!

You... don't even feel sleepy?
That's odd. I swear I did it right.

Keep on truckin' buddy, you'll get it eventually!

Up on the battlements, you can see the map of the whole castle!

Down the eastern corridor...

Hey, I can see those treasures, buddy! How dare you deny me my loot!

Down in the courtyard, we meet some of Cid's assistants.

Wow, he sure rules with an iron fist!

Hey, you can't tell me what to do!

What a bunch of jerks. Preventing me from looting the place blind. What kind of place is this?!

Oh well, down to the west wing we go!

We don't get far down the stairway before...

Ah? Cecil's a popular guy today!


You're looking um... well. Clearly, Rosa is no "pure innocent virgin priestess." Actually, I like that, skimpy outfit aside.

Thank goodness! You're all right. The orders for Mysidia came so suddenly I'd worried.

We're fine. Small wonder, considering we fought mages who did not fight back.

Cecil tries to blow her of, but Rosa is not so easily deterred.

I'll visit you in your tower later.

Of course.

Now, they may not officially be "a thing," but Cecil and Rosa must be on very... friendly terms if Rosa can be a frequent, and welcome, visitor in Cecil's tower. Clearly, she is no chaste priestess.

When Rosa turns around, you can see she's sporting a rather nifty cape! I like Rosa. She's cool.

We're not quite done here! When Cecil tries to sneak off to his tower...

He's waylaid by yet another friend! Cid does this sweet air punch,

and comes downstairs for a chat.

You and them goons of yours need to treat those ships with more respect!

No stairs jokes for you in this translation!

Hey, why the long face? Something the matter?

Even Cid can tell something's bothering Cecil.

And he doesn't even try to hide it from ol' Cid. That man sees things. He knows things.

But what'll happen to the Red Wings without you?

Cid even knows something's up with the king! I tell ya, this is a man to keep an eye on.

What's he thinking? I'm not building these things for him to wage war!

Oh? I guess before, airships were used for transport, primarily? Maybe cargo?

There's talk among the townspeople, too. Everyone's worried about where Baron's headed. And now the king's sending you away from us! Mist, eh? Well, you take care of yourself. S'pose I don't need to worry about you, though, do I?

Listen to this man, Cecil. This man knows what's up!

See ya around, Cid!

Inside the door, we find another recurring character!

I travel the world, bestowing new names upon those dissatisfied with the ones they already possess.

I can't imagine why...

Oh, I suppose it couldn't hurt.



It is, at that!

In the DS version, you cannot change any character's names! The reason for that is the same reason you can't change anybody's name in FFX besides the main character (and why no one ever mentions him by name): voiced cutscenes. Still, the voice acting in this game is pretty well done, so I guess I can forgive it! I don't usually rename characters anyway. I'm kind of weird that way.

A Namingway who cannot change a man's name is no Namingway at all! I believe it is time I embarked on a new journey to find my proper place in the world. Well, then, until we meet again!

Yep, I'm sure we'll never run into him again.

Well, time to get some shut-eye, I guess.

The chambermaid gives Cecil a little curtsy, and leaves him alone.

And here we are in Cecil's room. It's rather spare, but I suppose that's fitting.

Time to hit the hay!

And it's cutscene time again!

Polsy version

Music from the cutscene

Cutscene continues here. I recommend the Polsy version The text is much easier to read.

A familiar theme plays during it.

More voice actors! Rosa's voice is Kirsty Pape/Karen Strassman. She's also been in a bunch of animes and a ton of video games.

And Kain's voice... I'm not sure if my reaction should be or , but in any case, he's voiced by Liam O'Brien.

And with that, we're kicked out into the world map.

One nifty thing: if you open the menu, you get a little snippet of the thoughts of whichever character is in the lead.

This is what's on Kain's mind.

Anyway, that will do for today, I think.

Tune in next time for the Village of Mist!