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Part 61: DS Battle for the Wind Crystal

DS Update 6: Battle for the Wind Crystal

Hey, guys! Who's ready for a DS update?

When last we left our heroes, they had just reached the eastern slope of Mount Hobs. Today, we're heading to Castle Fabul. That Wind Crystal ain't gonna save itself, now is it?

We hop across this bridge, which is nothing special. I just thought it looked neat.

We continue to mass-murder our way down the mountain, and gain some levels. Edward is marginally less sucky now!

All right. I'll come clean here. I rag on Edward a lot, but he's honestly not that bad in this version. He's a great support character. He can shut the enemy down with various status attacks (confuse being especially good), and provide constant healing without you worrying about it. Salve is also surprisingly useful. Being able to use a healing item on the whole party is mighty handy. Everybody blinded? Have some Eye Drops! Need a pick-me-up? Potions in all flavors! Whole party KO'd except Eddie? Sorry, you're fucked! But you might be able to toss a mass Phoenix Down before he gets torn apart! Maybe. His damage sucks, and he has all the defense of a wet paper bag, but if you're doing anything with him other than sticking him in the back row and spamming Life's Anthem, you're doing it wrong. Still, he's not that great compared to other characters, but that's more of an indication of how good the other characters are, rather than Edward being terrible. We can't all be Rydia or Rosa.

Ahem, sorry. While I was off on a tangent, we completed Mount Hobs!

Obtained 3 Bomb Cores

More items that I may remember to use. Someday.

Hey, look at that. We made it through Mount Hobs. That wasn't so bad, now was it?

Like Yang said, Fabul lies to the east, but first...

New enemy? Yep, new enemy. The rather baddassly named Gatlinghog has 215 HP and no particular weaknesses.

For best results, apply Kick liberally. Really, that's all there is to it. Just beat 'em until they stop moving.

A few minutes of wanton murder later, and we've reached Fabul!

Fabul Castle is pretty neat! It has an eastern monastery sort of aesthetic going. I like it.

Now, when I first got here, I was surprised that Fabul has a king. I thought Yang would be the ruler. Turns out, Yang is just the head of Fabul's military. He's still a really important person, and probably has the king's ear on a lot of things. He's just not the one calling all the shots.

Still, losing him would have been a tremendous blow to the kingdom. As it is, Fabul's warrior monks are a mere shadow of their former strength. We have our work cut out for us!

So, with seriousness out of the way, let's do our usual thing.

Our first stop: Fabul's Inn/Item Shop. Hey, is that our buddy -ingway I see over there?

Eh, he can wait. I've a bit of shopping to do.

There's the usual things for sale.

I buy some Phoenix Downs and Potions. You can never have too many of those.

Then there's this. These are used to summon Fat Chocobo outside of Kaipo. Since Fat Chocobo is actually useful in this version, you might want to keep a few of these around.

Remember- in previous versions he stores your items, but all versions except the original have have infinite (or near-infinite) inventory capacity.

Now, let's see what -ingway has been up to!

What am I doing now, you ask?
Well, I was forced to flee here from Damcyan in the wake of that awful attack.

You'll notice, in the GBA version, Namingway is found in the infirmary. I guess he didn't get roughed up as badly here.

Having found my true calling, though, the name of Livingway no longer seems quite appropriate. From here on out, I plan to capture the various and sundry events as they unfold!

I see. And how many times have you found your "true calling" now?

I'm certain I have no idea what you mean, sir!

Oh, right! I meant to tell you. I passed that Bestiary of mine along to a friend who lives in the chocobo forest.

This means that you can now access the Bestiary from Fat Chocobo.

Well then, by all means!

Oh, hey, this looks pretty nifty! From here, you can view all the cinematic events in the game (the ones with voice acting). Doesn't make much of a difference to you guys, since I've already recorded these myself (heh, take that, Recordingway ), but it's a cool thing to have! Plus, it's free. None of this, "paying money to unlock extras," bullshit.

With that sorted, let's hit up the inn.

Eh, it costs as much as a Tent. Why not? Saves me a trip outside.

Yang's right! We still have more exploring to do. Let's get on that.

We'll explore the east wing next, the opposite of west!

Ooh, yes. I've got a pile of gil burning a hole in my wallet. Let's fix that!

The Weapon/Armor shop has some reeeaaallly nice stuff. I buy it. ALL OF IT.

Yang gets a set of Flame and Ice Claws

and some headgear to bolster his rather pitiful defense.

In many Final Fantasy games, Monks are unable to equip helmets. Thankfully, Yang doesn't have that problem. He needs all the defense he can get!

Of course, having said that, I also decided to toss a Ruby Ring on him. Eh, Yang's HP is his AC anyway. Am I right, guys?

Cecil gets decked out with a full set of Demon gear, minus the Shield. We'll pick up one of those later. Hello there, 20 defense, so nice to see you.

Have anything to say to that, Cecil?

Be careful what you wish for, buddy.

No, no. I promised I wouldn't rag on Edward anymore. Low hanging fruit.

Good point, Yang! That's why this man is a military leader. He sees right to the heart of the matter.

And Rosa's thinking along the same lines! Clearly, she and Yang should talk strategy.

If by that you mean fry/freeze/zap everything to hell, then yes, Rydia, that's what you have to do.

Here's the second floor. Don't fall into this trap. The stairs to the north lead to a point of no return. You get no warning that this is the case and you can't back out once you trigger it.

I surely did not get burned by this the first time I played this game, no sir!

Instead, head for the southern door, semi-hidden from the player's view. Dick move, game!

There's lots more stuff to check out up here. You don't want to miss it!

Once again, we'll go west, then east.

I spy treasure! Clearly, it's well worth our while coming here!

From the other two chests, we get an Antarctic Wind- works like a Bomb Fragment, except ice flavored instead of fire, and a Potion.

We also get the lightning version from an inconspicuous sconce. Seriously, how would you be expected to know this was here?!

Here's where you find Namingway in the GBA version.

See? There's little point to coming here now, though.

I hope they have enough beds. I've a feeling they'll need 'em.

Here we are! Yang's quarters are on the top floor of the western tower, just like Cecil's!

Unlike Cecil, Yang has a woman living with him!

This is my beautiful wife.

Cecil nods his head in greeting.

But do you really have time to be here making introductions right now?

I like this lady. She knows what's up! Oh, and were you paying attention, Cecil? Yang's a military man, too, but that didn't stop him from getting married. You should keep this in mind for later.

And yet, they sleep in separate beds?! Or maybe that's a guest bed? I don't even know! Let's just move on.

East tower, ho!

Nothing terribly notable on this floor, just a bunch of monks. Must be the barracks.

The only interesting one is this guy:

Fabul's finest, folks!

Next floor houses... the tavern? I thought monks were supposed to be ascetic?

Ah, that explains it! They're hiding the booze in the shrubbery!

This stuff does the same thing it does in the GBA version. Bacchus is the Roman god of wine, ritual madness, and ecstasy. Yep, sounds like a party.

Hmm, what do we have over here? Another dancer!

Yeah, sure. Let's just get it over with.


... What. The HELL. Just happened?!

Will do, little buddy!

And on the top floor of the east tower...

Oh, I see! It... doesn't look all that much fancier than Yang's room. Hmm, interesting!

Why does the king have one of those? Does he like to go camping on weekends, or something?!

Damn, I'm over-thinking things, aren't I? Sorry!

Anyway, it's time to have a chat with the king, but first...

Rosa will be leaving us soon, and I'd hate for all this nice equipment to go to waste, especially that Sage's Surplice! (You'd lose it otherwise, as I found out the hard way on my first playthrough )

There. She'll just have to run around in her skivvies for awhile. Though, judging from her model, that won't make much of a difference. Why, Japan, why?

Enough of that! In we go.

Yang does down on one knee before the king.

Your Highness, I return with urgent news.
A man known as Golbez is coming for the Wind Crystal, with all the might of Baron behind him.

What?! You're sure of this?

And who might they be?

Your Highness, there is no time for introductions. Your castle must be secured, and quickly!

Your armor would have you for one of Baron's own dark knights. Why should I trust you?

I had already lost my men, and fought for my own life when they came upon me. They could have stood and watched me die, but they aided me instead.

I assure you, your enemy will not wait as you do.

Please, you must believe us!

Hey, what's Eddie doing?

If it isn't Prince Edward! I'd hardly recognized you. How fares Damcyan?

I lost my mother and father- even my beloved Anna. Tell me you will not let your own land suffer the same fate as ours.

Forgive me. I only found it hard to believe you spoke the truth, but it seems you do.

I don't know. It sounds dangerous!

OK, OK, fine.

And the women, too, Yang. Don't forget the women!

By your leave, I would have them stand with me on the front line of our defense.

If that is your wish, I will trust your judgment.

Hell yeah. You just point in the general direction of things you want burned to a crisp, and Rydia here will-

Might you two lasses assist the healers?


What?! No! Rosa's a white mage, sure. She can assist the healers and Eddie can go with her. That Salve ability of his will be far more useful to the healers than it is to us! Rydia should be on the front lines burning things.

My kingdom's fate, then, is in your hands.

No one's listening to me, are they?

Your Highness.

No! I told you, leave Eddie with the- oh fuck it I'm not even going to try anymore! FINE. Send away the two useful characters! But don't come crying to me when we get our asses handed to us!

Everybody starts walking away.

Be careful.

I will. And you, too! Rydia, keep Rosa safe for me, you hear?

Rydia nods. She knows Rosa couldn't ask for a better bodyguard.

All right. Let's get this over with.

Like in the GBA version, we have to hold off against several waves of enemies.

Here comes the first wave!

Look familiar? These guys are functionally identical to those Baron jerkwads Cecil fought all by his lonesome back in Kaipo.

The Captain has 320 HP, and the Baron Marines have 210. Neither have any particular elemental weakness, but that hardly matters.

Use the same procedure you did in Kaipo:

Darkness it up,

kill all but one of the flunkies,

then unload on the Captain.

Piece of cake.

Seriously, if Cecil can handle enemies like that by himself what did they think was going to happen when he has a badass like Yang backing him up?!

After that fight, the Red Wings call in the air strike.

We'll die like dogs out here!

Retreat to the keep!

Everybody runs in, except Yang. He hangs back for a second.

I dunno, Yang, I'd say we're doing pretty well so far!

I told you before, this fight is as much ours as anyone's.
And it isn't lost yet!

They're... they're breaking through!

Bring 'em on, I say!

We've seen enemies like these before. Yang just kicks them to death.

Bullshit we can't!

Eddie! You get your musical ass back here!

Et tu, Cecil?

This plan is terrible.

It's all right! The king has taken cover elsewhere with the women and children. We need only draw the enemy here-

Oh, well that sounds a lot better- wait, no it doesn't. This plan is still terrible!

Ooh, never mind. I like this plan!

These guys again. It goes exactly the same as last time.

Just look at those claws. Do those look like the claws of a man you'd want to fuck with?

Oh, look, more meat for the grinder!

What are you talking about, Eddie?! It's perfect. Sit down and shut up!


See? Listen to this guy, Eddie. He's a military man.

Oh goddammit, Eddie! Why did I ever say nice things about you?!


It's hopeless, isn't it?

Fuck 'dis. I'm out!

Where is the Crystal?

In the chamber above us!

Uh oh, looks like treachery is afoot!

We're not locked in here with them. They're locked in with us! Bring. Them. ON!

Oh, hey, here's one we actually haven't seen before!

Gargoyle's have 240 HP and they're weak to holy.

That Tornado attack of theirs is the only thing remarkable about them. It automatically reduces the target to 1 HP if it hits.

And the guys slaughter it before I can heal Yang.

Oh well. Yang doesn't care, I guess. He levelled up!

More, more!


Oh, finally, a chance for Eddie to do something useful!

Check it out. Select a Hi Potion,


Um, there. I meant to do that all along, I swear!

I'm helping!

Screw you guys! We're doing fine.

Oh whatever.

Oh for fuck's sake, Eddie!


Hmm. He's not getting up. Maybe he got hit with something?


Yes, that is acceptable.

Here we go!

Well, there's the Crystal. Anybody wanna run away now?!

No? That's what I thought!

Kain! Boy am I glad to see you! You wouldn't believe the bullshit I've had to put up with since you left!

It's been some time, Cecil.

I am.

You'll fight, then?

Of course. That's the very reason I've come. But, Cecil...

Cecil takes a step back in surprise.

A duel, Cecil!

What do you mean?

Draw your blade!

And now we fight Kain. This fight is just as unwinnable as it is in the GBA version. Don't bother wasting your precious items.

I will not answer your questions!

Yep, we're jolly well fucked.

There's only a single frame between those two images, I shit you not. Kain is fast!


What's come over you?

Be silent!

The damage is ramping up!

A Darkness-fueled hit from Cecil actually does more damage, but what with how fast he is, he can easily outlast us!

Yep, it sure is...


Game over. Sorry guys!

Oh, wait. That's not the Game Over screen! We're back in cutscene land!


And that is why she should have been on the front lines with us.

Oh, voice actors. Yang's voice is Jackson Daniels (aka Dan Woren), and Golbez is Anthony Lander.

Golbez's theme. Bad. Ass.

Yes. Thank you, Rydia. But now they have Rosa.

Uh oh. I sense a pity party coming on.

Oh boy... Quick, Rydia, do something!

'Atta girl, Rydia! You tell 'em.

She's right.

Let us heal your wounds, and think of a way we might free Rosa.

Yes... Thank you.

Poor Cecil. This just isn't your day, is it?

And with that, we regain control.

Yep, the Crystal is definitely gone.

A fair question!

Keepin' your heads in the game. Good job, you two!

Good, Eddie! It's about time you grew some backbone. Welcome to the cool club!

If you try to leave the castle at this point...

Fine, fine. I can take a hint!

But I can take your shoes too!

Cool. Then I guess he won't mind if I loot the place blind!

There's a secret passage over here, leading to...


Ah hah, so that's where that thing went!

And now Cecil's fully decked out in Demonic gear!

Heading in the general direction of the innkeeper...

Hints, yes, I can take them. Thank you very much!

If we're to take on Golbez, we'll need an airship.
But the only man who knows how to build one is in Baron.

Oh, I like where this is going!

Is there no way we can enter the kingdom?

The Red Wings comprise the burnt of Baron's power. Its maritime forces are relatively weak. If we go, we go by sea.

Then we need a boat.

You've done so much for him, and for our kingdom. He will not refuse such a simple plea.

Thank you.

That dragoon... Who was he?

I see. I am sorry.

Yeah, I agree. This is getting maudlin.


Buck up, Cecil. Tomorrow is a new day! We'll rescue Rosa.

Yang, you will go with them and aid them in any way you can.

Oh, hell YEAH!

Please, I want you to have this sword. It belonged to a dark knight who once visited these lands. Consider it a token of my thanks, for your valiant efforts in the defense of my kingdom.

Beyond this, you will have to rely on the strength that already lies within you. Please, stop Golbez.

Cool. Can I have my shiny now?


Should Golbez obtain all the Crystals, this world will face catastrophe such as it has never known. I trust you will not let that happen.

Finally! Let's equip this bad boy.

Oh my god. It's... it's so beautiful!

Why, yes, that is a +5 to all stats! Hell fucking yes!

Any thoughts on this before we end this update, folks?

Once again, Rydia is very perceptive.

Low hanging fruit, low hanging fruit...

Yeah, great great.

Before we head out...

All of you, hand Cecil your stuff.

If you don't like it,

I'm sure he'd be happy to introduce you to his shiny new sword!

And we're done! See you next time when we sneak back into Baron. Maybe!