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Part 65: DS Back in Baron

DS Update 10: Back in Baron

When last we left our plucky band of heroes, Cecil had just shed his dark armor and become a paladin! Now, it's time to break back into Baron, save Rosa, and be home in time for tea.

But first, we have to get off this mountain.

You have to go the long way down. Teleport doesn't work.

Which is just as well. This way, we can get our boy Cecil some much-needed experience!

Paladin Cecil joins the party at level 1. Last time, we got him to level 7 in a single encounter. Before we leave this mountain, we're going to get him caught up, at least somewhat!

I didn't mention this before, but Cry actually hits all enemies on the field. Porom's first action in battle, provided no one is badly hurt, should be to Cry bitter crocodile tears.

This will help Cecil's damage output considerably, at least until he gets going.

And he will get going. Painfully. Cecil will be a goddamned juggernaut once he has a few more levels under his belt. He just needs a little push!

In the meantime, Palom has this asskicking business well in hand!

All right, let's see those level ups!

And I did mean level ups, two of them this time!

Learned Libra

Eh... 99% of the time Cecil is going to have better things to do than identifying enemies. Like murdering things.

His defense is already improving, and his HP is skyrocketing! Keep in mind, dark knight Cecil finished with 715 HP, at level 25. The new and improved Cecil has already surpassed that!

Yes, soon. Very, very soon.

Yes, I think it's about time.

Cecil's not getting level ups nearly fast enough, wouldn't you say?

Raise your hand if you agree!

Oh, damn it Tellah! Not like that!

Eh, he's dead weight anyway.

We can handle this with-

Palom what are you doing?!

At least someone still remembers what she's supposed to be doing!


Uh oh!

Now, I know people in the thread said I shouldn't do this in the DS version.

Well, whatever, I did it anyway!

We'll be fine. The damage they do isn't that bad. Plus,

There's this. With Cecil being the only target on the field, he'll get a lot of counterattacks.

And the damage does add up!

Yep, we'll be fine.

Pffft. Please.

That's what I thought!

Cecil stands alone among his fallen comrades.

And soaks up all that sweet, sweet EXP for himself!

Learned Protect

Ah, he actually learned a useful spell! Protect is indispensable in this version. Having another person around who can cast it is a very good thing! Plus, it works regardless of the caster's Spirit stat! This is Cecil's go-to White Magic spell, right here. If he's casting magic at all, chances are it's this!

In between battles, I can keep him healed up with these. I have plenty!

Just look at that HP! He's almost broken 4-digits already! He'll be the first member of the party to do so. 'Grats, Cecil!

Continuing down the mountain, what's that? Shiny?


Hmm, I wonder where this thing came from?

Might as well teach it to Palom. He's in no position to object!

Scarmiglione?! Oh! This must be where Scarmie landed after he fell! I get it.

Here's what it does. Not that great, and the MP cost is pretty hefty. Certainly not worth dropping any of Palom's equipped abilities for.

Now, there is a reason for putting Augments on characters, besides the obvious. I will go over it when it becomes relevant. Just rest assured, I'm not just tossing Augments on people willy-nilly!

Now, let's try out Cecil's new trick!

... If he had enough MP to cast it, that is. Hang on.

There. That's better.

When characters level up, their HP/MP are not restored. The reason Cecil's MP was so low is 10 MP was his maximum at level 1. We haven't healed him since then. We haven't needed to.

Now he has a bit of MP to work with. It's not much, but enough to fling out Protect at need. And take note of the damage. It's ramping up!

Cecil's casting animation is pretty cool. All characters strike the same basic pose when casting white or black magic. I just think Cecil's looks especially cool. Maybe it's the determined expression?

And now these things especially can't touch Cecil!

Oh yes. I love that Augment!

I like level ups too!

If anything, it's actually easier for Cecil to solo this area in the DS version, thanks to the Counter Augment. With the number of counterattacks he gets, he can clear enemies very efficiently! It's just too bad it only activates for physical attacks...

Here we have a different group of enemies for Cecil to brutalize!

Oh yes!

I believe it's official: Cecil's class change has catapaulted him from "sorta OK" to "absolutely amazing!"

Uh oh. That could be trouble! Last time that happened, I got wiped, and most of the work is already done for them!

Oh wait. Never mind.

Oh yes. I like those numbers.

Unfortunately, Counter does not trigger on a miss. The character must take damage.

The EXP yield from those is much less impressive.

Oh, oh, this is the encounter that wiped me last time!

Sweet, black revenge!

A little better EXP drop from the Bloodbones, but not by much. Still only about half of what those zombies were throwing out!

We're almost off this mountain, and I'm almost done levelling Cecil.

If you're wondering...

Here's the kind of numbers Cecil gets with Cure. Not too impressive, but it's enough to keep him alive.

Now, you would think enemies getting the jump on you would be a bad thing.

Well, here's how it goes: Attack, Counter, Attack, Counter,

and Cecil attacks.

Finished in one round. I love this Augment!

All right, we're just about done. One more for the road!

Oh. That could be more of an issue. Maybe.

Cecil's magic defense is nothing special. These guys are probably just dumb as a sack of bricks.

I didn't bother swapping the rows, because what's the point?

Cecil's damage is still respectable from back there!

He can still one-shot those things. Effective damage is a beautiful thing!

Pfft. Pathetic.

Cecil then proceeded to slaughter them.

And that'll do. He's still behind the twins, but I don't want to level him too much.

The rest of the party has been waiting patiently. Let's revive them!

Thanks for being such good sports, guys. We're done here now!

Huh? What happened?

I believe you used that Flame Rod of yours. On yourself.

Ugh, my head... I feel rather as if I hit myself with a Blizzard spell and then got dragged down a mountain unconscious.


Er um...

Did you carry us all the way down the mountain by yourself? How?!

I... I don't know.

It is kind of weird when you think about it... Eh. Let's just move on.

I don't feel like walking all the way back to Mysidia, so let's pop into the Chocobo Forest.

First, I visit the white chocobo for no reason. Were I so inclined, I could grind my fool head off, popping back here whenever I needed Cecil's MP topped off. But I don't feel like steamrolling the rest of the game.

Here's our ride. Let's mosey.

Chocobos sure are convenient, aren't they?

Here we are! Let's see what everyone thinks of Cecil's new look!

When we first met this guy, he turned Cecil into a Frog. This is a vast improvement.

Word to the wise: don't bet against Cecil.

The white mages are nicer about things, in general.

I guess Cecil makes a really good paladin!

Oh, that dancer over there will still turn you into a pig if you talk to her. In fact, she'll do so for the rest of the game. Don't forget!

I guess Cecil does look pretty cool now!

These guys really didn't think we'd be able to do it, didn't they?

You... you're a... when did you...?

Oh, how about that? Looks like I have just enough money to afford those last two pieces of paladin equipment for Cecil!

I honestly didn't plan that. It just turned out that way.

The Lustrous Helm gives a nice defensive boost.

Which is somewhat offset by the inferior magic defenses of the Gauntlets compared to the Ruby Ring. The Gauntlets also boost spirit, so I decide to take the hit.

Oh, I guess I can also sell Cecil's old dark knight equipment! He won't be needing it anymore.

Doing so earns me a nice chunk of change!

I buy a spare Flame Rod, even though I'm not sure I'll need it at this point...

and some Cottages. Extra Cottages are always useful!

That armor... You... you truly became a paladin? I can't believe it!

Hey, at least she doesn't run in terror at the sight of Cecil anymore! Progress!

I don't blame this guy, quite frankly. Cecil really did a number on this place.

Time to go see the Elder.

Just as you can see!

I didn't think he'd be able to do it, either!


It seems there was no need. Palom, Porom... you've done a fine job.

Where did you get that sword?

I received it on the mountaintop.

Hmm, so new paladins getting a free sword is not a regular occurrence? Interesting!

The writing engraved on its blade... These are the words of a legend passed down in Mysidia.

A legend?

Birthed from womb of Dragon's maw.
And borne unto the stars.
By light and darkness cast aloft
Are dreamtide oaths resworn.

Moon is swathed in ever-light
Ne'er again to know eclipse
Earth, with hallow'd bounty reconciled.

Whose was the voice I heard?

All I know is that we Mysidians have been told for generations to pray for its realization. To pray- and to trust in the one that bears the hallowed light. I believe that one may be you.

Oh, Tellah! Is that truly you?

It has been ages, my friend.

He learned Meteor up there!

Then what is happening now must be of a magnitude great enough to shatter even those most ancient seals.

It would seem so. And now I have the means to avenge Anna.

Avenge her?

Golbez killed her. And now I will do the same for him!

Meteor would destroy you if you tried to use it now.

If I should die, so be it! What he's done must not go unpunished!

Stubborn as ever, I see. You've not changed a bit.

Nor you.

See, people keep calling Tellah stubborn, but it's not just that. He truly feels that he has nothing left to live for. His desire for revenge has consumed him. It's all he has left.

But if we are to face Golbez, we'll need an airship. We must go to Baron.

The Elder takes a little half step here, which didn't look very good as a gif. I think it's supposed to be a little start of surprise.

As a paladin, you should be able to walk it safely. I will retire to the Tower of Prayer, and pray for your success. Go now. The fate of the world rests in your hands!

Cecil nods.

Thank you.

Palom! Porom! You need accompany Cecil no longer. Your work is done.

Palom actually drops his "I don't give a shit" pose!

You told us to help him, didn't you? To see things through to the end.

Please, Elder, let us go, too!

Palom and Porom agreeing on something?! Holy shit!

Very well. The light on Mount Ordeals accepted you as well. This may well be your destiny. I cannot leave Mysidia, but perhaps you can aid Cecil and Tellah where I cannot.

Oh hell yes we will!

But, they're only-

Shut up, Cecil! Don't you want to keep your twin death machines?

Yes, we certainly have!

Fear not. I'll be along as well. They will be safe.

Who's going to be keeping who safe, Tellah?

Then I suppose there's no reason to object.

This isn't a picnic we're going on, Palom.

"I don't give a shit" pose, resumed.

I will be in the Tower, praying for you and all life upon this earth. Luck be with you.

Well, that was quite a long chat! Let's see what the party has to say.

I've a sinking feeling it isn't good, whatever it is. Cecil's conscience was the only thing holding Baron's conquests back. With Golbez at the helm, I bet things have gone downhill, real fast.

Yep, Baron is essentially enemy territory now. We'll have to keep our wits about us!

See what I mean about Tellah? It's very sad.

Well, I'm glad to see someone is looking forward to what's ahead.

Perhaps! Or maybe Cecil is just that cool.

It's amazing how a little Ordeal can completely change people's attitude towards you. Defeat the embodiment of the evil inside you, and suddenly you're the bee's knees!

Cecil was always a good man. His transformation just brings that to the surface.

Now, I've been itching to see what's up here.

Oh. Well, that explains a lot. Clearly, Mysidia was not constructed with defense in mind. No wonder Cecil and his posse were about to wipe the floor with them so thoroughly!

Yep, the crystal is definitely gone. Oh, and see that door in the corner? I didn't.

We'll have to wait until later to see what's in there, I guess.

For now, it's time to head down the Devil's Road!

Not very fancy, is it? Just a single teleporter pad.

Step on the pad, and the screen turns green. And then, the trippy stuff happens.

Now, given how much this version hates you, you'd expect the Devil's Road to be a proper dungeon, wouldn't you? Filled with nasty monsters?

Nah, not so much. The camera just pans to the northwest and,

the party pops up on the Baron side!

You can actually come here at the very beginning of the game, and even step on the teleporter. It's not locked or anything. However, if you step on it, the screen just turns green and tells you it's blocked on the Mysidian side.

Well, in any case, we're back in Baron! It's been a long time since we were last here!

Lady: I believe he's at the inn right now.

It looks... not all that much different, really! However, if we chat up the townsfolk, we get some clues as to how things have been on the home front in Cecil's absence.

Aww. Cecil had at least one fan among the citizens.

Yeah. No one recognizes Cecil in his shiny new armor.

I dunno. The war's been going pretty well for Baron. It probably doesn't affect the people's day-to-day lives much.

Tellah gives us a clue about where we need to go next.

It's not that different from Mysidia, Palom! A little bigger, maybe...

Hmm, never mind. Looks like people's daily lives are being affected. What's happened to Cid?! Tell meeeee!

I guess I'll have to find out for myself!

Ah! Finally someone who recognizes Cecil! I guess only people who knew him well can tell it's him.

Oh dear. That doesn't sound good! We'd better find him!

Horror of horrors! How's a dancer supposed to make a living in this town?!

I don't suppose Rosa's come home?

Doesn't look like it. Damn.

Rosa's Mum: She snuck out after you when you left, and hasn't returned since!

Damn it lady, I told you, didn't I?!

Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me. It's still locked?!

Man, fuck this place. Fine. I'll head to the stinkin' inn!

Girl: Nobody comes here 'cause they're all afraid of the soldiers in the pub.

Soldiers, you say? Let me see.

Well, at least she's not afraid of Cecil anymore! Last time we saw her, she thought Cecil would shake her down, or haul her away for "questioning."

What are you looking at?

Didn't your mother teach you any manners? Sheesh.

Word has it he'd just finished work on his greatest airship yet. But- would you believe it? He refuses to tell the king where he's hidden it!

Interesting! We'd better find Cid, pronto!

Hey, what are you doing in our pub?

I'm about to clean your clock, that's what!

Perhaps I can enlist the help of this fine-looking gentleman!


And you are...?

Ah, I suppose you wouldn't recognize me like this. It is I, Yang- Cecil!

Ceil! I've searched long and hard for you.

Wait, what?

Now wait just a-

Bah, whatever. These chumps have 560 HP and no elemental weaknesses.

They have a few tricks up their sleeves, though. For one, they counter physical blows with Mini.

Mini is annoying, but it's easily handled. Observe.

One thing to watch out for: your defenses are reduced to "hahahaha, what?" levels.

And your attacks only do 1 damage. However...

The Guardsmen solve that problem for you quite readily.

Second, when hit with a magical attack,

(Palom does about 400 damage to these guys with his Flame Rod, for comparison.)

they counter with Pig.

And now Tellah's a piggy. Oh, and their damage is pretty respectable, even on characters that aren't mini'd.

All the same,

they don't stand much of a chance against Cecil.

Tellah, that's silly. You're silly.

Another level up for the twins!

Mm hmm. Nice, nice.

Learned Esuna

Aha, this is a handy one! Sure saves money on Eye Drops, etc.

Looks like we'll have to beat some sense into him!

Words are wind, Cecil.

Time to try out Cecil's support capabilities!

Cecil's pretty fast but,

unfortunately, Yang is faster!

Ouch! Well, it's a good thing he didn't think to use Focus beforehand! Of course, if he had, we would have had the Protect up already...

Yep, like I said: Protect is damn useful. And it can target the whole party. And it works just as well no matter who casts it! A perfect support spell for Cecil!

I have Palom just do his usual thing.

Like in the GBA version, when you're Pigged, you can only cast Pig.

Porom keeping us healthy, just like a good little healbot!

Anyway, casting Pig when you're already a Pig changes you back to normal. No items required!

Oh boy. Here we go again!

Hmm. The Protect helped, but not nearly as much as I expected. How odd.

Anyway, let's just cut to the chase. I promised I'd show this spell off!

Yep. That takes care of that!

Yang slowly climbs to his feet. I'm surprised he can stand at all!

Baron must have taken advantage of your amnesia, using you to its own ends.

Aww, it's all good, Yang. Kain did far worse...

What of Rydia and Edward?

Rydia... Rydia was swallowed by Leviathan. I do not know Prince Edward's fate.

I see.

We're in Baron. And we'd best not talk here, lest any guards overhear us. Let's see if we can find a room.

Hell yeah! Finally, a true member of Team Asskickers!

The party strolls off to have a chat with the Innkeeper.

They gather in the far corner of the room, and Palom stands on one of the beds, for some reason.

This is the great sage Tellah. His daughter and Edward were-

She loved him enough to give her life for his.

Don't be so modest, Yang. You're the monk of Fabul, the head honcho!

Porom curtsies here, but it's hard to see behind the text box.

All that monk training really paid off, huh? Letting Baron brainwash you like that!


But how? I do not think we will gain easy entrance to that castle.

A master key! Of course, you were serving in the royal guard!

Ah hah! Well, things are certainly looking up!

As to our next destination, I'll let Cecil explain:

See? These thought bubbles are more than just flavor. Sometimes they give you hints, too!

I don't know if he has his head in the game, or if he's just obsessed...

This attitude I can get behind!

Let's have a look at Yang!

I guess Baron's been cheaping out on outfitting their guards nowadays, huh?

Here you go, Yang. I still have all your old stuff!

That Kenpo Gi is a nice piece of equipment! It adds +3 strength!

This'll help shore up Yang's defenses.

Yang rejoins us at level 21, primed and ready for some ass-kicking!

Notice, Yang used to have the highest HP in the party. Not so anymore!

And now, when we got to the weapon/armor shop, the inventory opens and,

we can use our Baron Key on the door!

Finally, we can go shopping!

The weapon shop has one new thing for sale. The Thunder Rod works just like the Flame and Ice Rod. Couldn't hurt to pick one up!

The armor shop has some new head gear for Yang.

It knocks his defenses down a bit, but adds +5 to strength! Sounds like a fair trade to me!

That's not all! There's a well-hidden secret passage down here.

It leads around behind the counters.

I will never say no to more money!

And I guess these will come in handy. Someday.

One last thing to do today!

No? Oh, excuse me, then. I'd just assumed.

Having discovered the siren call of music, I have little choice but to abandon the name of Campingway. My passion lies now in imparting hope and dreams to the people of the world through song.

Oh, what a surprise!

Sure, might as well.

Well then, by all means!

Hey, look: it's Eddie! And he has access to all the music in the game!

I'll show these off in a mini-update, now that I have the means to record them!

For now...

We're done! See you next time, when we storm Baron Castle!