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Part 69: DS Mini-Update: Music

Mini-Update: Music

Right. So I haven't talked much about the music in the DS version, which is a damn shame, as it's pretty good! The reason for this is I had limited access to the soundtrack/sound test. Well, no longer! Thanks to Explosionface, I have a bunch of music ready for your listening pleasure.

First off, I'll link the music we've heard so far in my playthrough. I've also gone back and added these tracks to their proper places in my updates. All the music in the DS version is remixed music from older versions. Sounds pretty good too. So, without further ado, let's get listening!

The opening theme, which comes with a pretty kickass FMV, which unfortunately is spoiler-ridden. Still cool to listen to!

This one should sound familiar to you if you've played any Final Fantasy game. (Plays at the title screen.)

This one plays during the first cutscene. I like it a lot!

Your musical accompaniment to wandering around Braon Castle.

Rosa and Cecil's love theme.

Another one that should sound familiar to you if you've played Any Final Fantasy game. Plays as Kain and Cecil head out for Mist.

Multipurpose town theme. Very peaceful, if a bit repetitive. You hear this one a lot.

The World Map theme! This is a really good one.

Battle Theme. You hear this one a lot, too. Luckily, it's a good track!

The fanfare we all know and love.

Fat Chocobo's theme. You hear this whenever you're in his menu.

The Chocobo theme. Chances are you've heard some version of this track if you've played a Final Fantasy game.

Dungeon theme. Plays whenever you're in a dungeon, so you hear this one a lot. It gets a bit repetitive, but it's not a bad track by any means!

The boss theme! I like this one a lot. Oddly, the first time I heard this track was in Super Mario RPG. It plays during the Culex boss fight.

Music from the destruction of Mist cutscene.

Rydia's theme. Really nice track.

Plays while wandering around Damcyan Castle. Sounds really sad, doesn't it? Well, that's because the place just got blown up!

Theme from Ana's death scene.

Edward's harp.

Mountain theme. It says Mount Ordeals, but the track also plays at Mount Hobs.

Fabul theme. Another really good one!

This one plays during special boss fights that are not elemental archfiends. Those get their own theme.

This one plays during those "meanwhile..." interludes.

Golbez's theme. Definitely give this one a listen!

Cid's theme. Go Cid!

Mysidia theme. I really like this one.

Pretty sure I heard this one on Mount Ordeals.

Palom and Porom's theme.

Elemental Archfiend boss fight. Definitely listen to this one; it's pretty great!

Airship theme! I love this one.

Another one that plays during interludes with Golbez.

That's all for what we've heard so far! Hope you enjoy listening.