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Part 82: DS King Giott is Going to Kill Us

DS Update 25: King Giott is Going to Kill Us

Welcome back, viewers! Last time, we left our heroes just outside the Tower of Babil, having exacted some sweet, black revenge on those fucking Flamehounds. Oh, and we got a new airship, too. That's nifty.

But, we also fucked up. Again. We failed to retrieve the Crystals. Again.

Anyone ever hear of the question of "What would happen if Indiana Jones did nothing?" And for the most part, the answer is that things would have turned out better all around? I think we have the same kind of deal going on here. What would have happened if our plucky band of heroes had just stayed the fuck home?

Our new airship can't cross lava, by the way. We'll probably need to fix that at some point. There's an awful lot of it down here.

Oh, and one other thing. I've come down with a cold. If this update seems weird and rambly, that would be why. Just go with it.

Silliness out of the way, we've reached the Dwarven Castle. Time to go back to King Giott and face the music. Anyone want to take bets on what he'll do to us? I'm guessing either the rack, or boiling oil. He seems like a boiling oil kind of guy.

First, we check in with the locals. Seems things have been rather... exciting since our heroes arrived.

We rescued a strange old man from the rubble. He's recovering in the infirmary.

Strange old man? No, it couldn't be.... Could it?

We are medics. You may not be able to tell, being human, but we are dwarf women.

A reference to the second Lord of the Rings movie, perhaps? Or maybe this was here all the time. It's still funny.

Ooh, I can smell the boiling oil already.

And what of the Crystals?

We failed.

Short and simple. No excuses. Probably the best course of action. King Giott doesn't strike me as a man who tolerates excuses.

Golbez has been hard at work attempting to acquire the last one. He is now trying to force open the Sealed Cave's entrance. It is only a matter of time before he succeeds. I was hoping you might go and remove the Crystal before he does.

Considering our track record, this is a terrible idea.


Bring me your necklace.

This necklace, you see, is the key to the Sealed Cave. No one can pass through the entryway without it.

We will try.

I like how Cecil's not even making guarantees anymore.

Cecil walks over to the throne, reaches out his hand and,

Item obtained. Now we can get into the Sealed Cave! Eventually.

Yes, that is indeed still a problem.

As much as we fucked up, at least we didn't cause the extinction of an entire race. This time.

Seems to be where the action is happening, so I would guess so.

We're just expanding Edge's horizons left and right here, aren't we?

Seriously. I wonder what would happen if we didn't.

The dwarves in the Throne room have things to say too.

If only we could fly, we could reach the Sealed Cave. But dwarves cannot fly. It's all up to you!

They have tanks. Would airships really be beyond them, technologically?

The village of Tomra near the Sealed Cave is also inhabited by dwarves. But we are separated by a sea of magma, so there is no way for us to visit one another.

If the magma is so insurmountable, how do you even know about the place?! Or the Sealed Cave, for that matter. They must have some way to cross the lava.

Your ship cannot fly over magma? Can your airship-man not do something about that?

Er, yeah... about that... Wait a second, didn't that dwarf lady mention they found someone near the entrance to the surface? This bears investigating!

Don't worry, kid. We'll bring it back when we're done with it.

You got it, Kingy! Eventually.

As you may recall, the infirmary is here, near where Fat Chocobo hangs out.

Spry? I guess that could be Cid.

Yep. Definitely Cid. Let's check on our old buddy, shall we?

I tell you, the cuisine down here could use some work. If I have to eat one more-

That makes me wonder, just what do the dwarves eat, anyway? There's not a whole lot of plant life down here. Maybe they eat the local monsters? Black Lizard stew, anyone?


You're alive!

Heh heh heh.

Who's this old codger?

You're the unmannered one!

No, u. Stay classy, Edge.

Pleased to make your acquaintance, old man!

He has a foul tongue, but the matter of his royalty seems true enough.

Let's not forget my dashing good lucks and mystifying skills.

Sure, Edge. Sure.

Rydia got him to shut up! It's a miracle!

Ha! So Rydia's got you reined in with that pretty little face of hers, eh?

Cid is still a man who knows what's up.

What's become of Golbez?

Yes, we "defeated" them, but the last one is still alive, you guys!

We would go to secure it if only the Enterprise weren't still up on the surface.

The enemy ship we stole cannot cross the magma.

I swear, you kids would never get anything done without me!

And Cid goes running off, ready to be awesome, however...

At least until you've healed!

There's no time to be lounging about. If you want me on my back again, you'd best come and lend me a hand!

You cannot contain the Cid. He is lighting in a bottle. He's an earthquake in a can!


Here, have a video of Cid being awesome:

Polsy version

Thank you, Cid.



Seems to have worn himself out.

He always pushes himself too hard.

Cid... Thank you for everything.

What's this? There's a letter beneath his pillow.

"Make sure you give all those baddies an extra whack on the head for me! We owe it to our late king. No, we owe it to everybody in this world- even those people down here with their lousy food! And please apologize to my daughter for me, for all I put her through with my selfishness.

All my love,


Oh, well that's nice. I'll hang onto this one for now.

Rest well, Cid, you beautiful crazy bastard!

Damn right he is! Unlike some other party members...

Yeah! Yang's at least as tough as Cid. It's certainly possible!

He amazes us all, Kain.

High praise, coming from Edge, I suppose.

Me too, Rosa. Me too!

Aww, he'll be fine, lady.

Yeah, he's a handful all right. Take good care of him!

Now then, we can take the Falcon for a proper spin.

Our next destination is over thisaway.

But we're not going there yet.

We're going to see what the Underworld has to offer, first, starting with the village of Tomra.

They do grow on you, yeah.

Maybe he has trouble crossing lava, too?

Oh, Edge.

Oh, just across the magma, you know. Nothing special.

Oh, well now I feel silly.

Long story...

Frightening, no?

This isn't the first we've heard of a mysterious cave leading to some mysterious place. We'll be going there soon. Aren't you excited?

I guess "normal" depends on your point of view!

Well, now that we've chatted up the locals, let's get to exploring this town!

Cozy place.

Why do those sylphs have to be so flighty? We don't want to hurt 'em or nothing. We're nice dwarves!

I'm sure you are! We'll be meeting the Slyphs soon. Very soon, in fact.

Exploration usually bears fruit. Like musical instruments tucked away in bedside dressers.

This Inn passes the "less expensive than a Cottage" test, so I avail myself of it.

And I find some hidden explosives next to the item shop. Hmm...


And feathers in barrels. What'll they think of next?

Now, the far northwest building contains my favorite thing.

Treasure! Lots of treasure!

Don't mind if I do!

Nice! This'll come in handy shortly.

I can always use more of these.

These, not so much, but I'm not going to complain!

Well, thanks for the free stuff, simple farmer!

Next stop, shopping!

Well, I haven't gone shopping in awhile! Let's see what they have.

Hmm, pretty nice stuff, actually!

Probbaly the most notable thing is this new whip for Rydia. If you have her using a Whip (I don't), you should nab this, as it's a significant upgrade.

Otherwise, you could nab another Ogre Killer or whatever, if you wanted.

Personally, I'll just refill my Shuriken supply. You can never have too many Shurikens!

Now, right next door...

More shopping!

Ooooh... that is a lot of really nice, really expensive armor.

Since I actually had enough cash, I bought a set each for Cecil and Kain, barring gloves, of course.

Time to get the boys kitted up.

Diamond gear is a step up from the Mythril stuff we've been rocking for... a long time now.

Plus, it halves lightning! That's pretty nice.

I didn't buy any gloves because the boys already have Giant's Gloves, which are better.

Kain's turn!

And there we go! Two frontline tanks, all geared up. It's a beautiful sight.

The shop also had Golden Hairpins, which are nice, but the girls already have 'em.

Before I leave, I sell off the old Mythril junk. I won't be needing it anymore!

Next stop, is the item shop. Let's see what they offer.

The item shop here is a bit different. It has some pretty nice stuff!

Lilith's Kisses and Vampire Fangs? Bronze Hourglasses?! Yes, please! If you've the extra cash, feel free to stock up!

For now, I buy a few of these. Stardusts are a spell-casting item that we haven't encountered yet. It casts Comet, normally only available from Twincast. It's powerful, and non-elemental. It couldn't hurt to have a few of these around.

I have one last thing to point out before we bid farewell to Tomra.

It's ultimately pointless, but there's a secret passage in the Weapon Shop!

It leads to... the Armor Shop. Eh, still pretty neat, I guess.

Time for our next, and last, stop for today.

This building, tucked away in the far southeast corner of the Underworld.

A forge, huh? Sounds interesting.

That it does.

That'd be the smell of... fire? I honestly don't know what smithy's smell like!

It could be...

Or maybe it's that. Edge nailed it.

A quiet forge? That doesn't sound quite right. Shouldn't there be banging and grunting and... stuff?

This bears investigating!

There's definitely a fire, but it doesn't look nearly hot enough to be a proper forge. What gives?

Oookay. Random medicine stashed away in crates? Why not?

Ah. Seems all is not well with our master smith!

Let's have a chat.

Right after I take his secret stash of... something.

Soma Drops permanently increase your max MP by 10. Definitely worth it to hunt them down!

What good would it do for me to forge another sword? I cannot find the legendary adamantite, and without it I can do no greater work.

And then our inventory pops up. I have a feeling the game is trying to tell me something, but I don't have any adamantite! Guess we can't help old Kokkol.

We're done here, I guess. Funny, there are some counters here that look like they could be used to sell things, but there's no one manning them. Hmm...

Well, that's it for today, in any case. Next time, we're going sidequesting, starting with the Sylph Cave. Hope to see you then!