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Part 87: DS Tying up Loose Ends

Remember when I used to update on Tuesdays? Uh... here!

DS Update 30: Tying up Loose Ends

Welcome back, gentle viewers! Last time, The Plot vomited all over us and it was a big mess.

We lost the Crystal, and Kain.

I guess it's time to go back to King Giott and tell him we fucked up. Again.

(Get ready for a lot of )

We failed.

No excuses here. Giott doesn't strike me as a guy who tolerates excuses.

What?! So, he holds all of them now.

The Lunar Whale?

It is a great ship, said to have been built in an age long past.

Those are the words of the Mysidian legend!

You know of Mysidia!?


What? You mean to tell me Mysidia is real?

Very much so. Its elder has confined himself to their Tower of Prayer, where he prays for us even know.

He prays, you say? Could it be?

What do you mean?

Mysidia- that is our answer! You must hurry to Mysidia!

So it is, as we saw.

And we can't even get near the Tower of Babil- not now that all the Crystals are there.


Oh, Cid. What awesomeness do you have in store for us today?

That sounds... incredibly hardcore.

Come now, we've got bigger things to worry about than a few scratches on ol' Cid!

Shut up, Edge. This is Cid we're talking about!

Think? I'm Cid- there's nothing I can't do!

Goddamn right!

The following sequence is presented in both screenshot and video. Did you click the Tindeck link above already? Make sure the music is playing!

Polsy version

While Cid is furiously hammering, Edge ambles over to talk to Rydia.

But Cid don't cotton to such things.

And Edge spends the rest of the sequence all by himself in the crying corner.

While Cid continues running around being awesome.

Error: Awesome Overload.

Oh, Cid.

You always have to overdo it, don't you?

I'm no good for much outside of fixing up airships in this condition anyhow.

Nonsense! A couple Cure spells and you'll be right as rain! Rosa?

Get well soon.

Yes. Our party is tragically short of awesome as of late.

You two... look after Cecil and Rosa for me, you hear?

Uh huh...

Cecil, Rosa... be careful!

You too, Cid.

Take care of yourself, Cid.

And so ends the reign of Cid the Awesome.

We should hear our party's thoughts after that mess of Plot:

Madness? Come now, Cecil. It's been fun!

Just a hunch, but I think it's a metaphor, sweetie.

Kind of a lame name for a warship, if so.

Yeah... Eventually!

Will do, Cid!

Yep! Cid really is amazing. Now, let's see...

Pfft. Yeah right, buddy.

That's better!

Now, let's try this puppy out! we just go to where we first came to the underworld...


And... we just drilled right through a bunch of mountains. OK then!

Anyway, we're back on the surface at last! Hello, Tower of Babil. How nice to see you!

You may be wondering what our objective for today is, since I haven't mentioned it yet. Well, I can tell you right now we are not going right to Mysidia. That would be silly!

We haven't been back to the surface world in ages. It'd be a crime to not check out what it has to offer after our long absence. And there's a lot. Trust me.

For our first order of business, we'll need the hovercraft back, and for that we need our old friend the Enterprise!

The hovercraft is right where we left it: outside the entrance to the Cave of Eblan.

Our first stop is Mythril. Not the town itself, mind.

But rather, these shoals to the southeast,

Even more specifically, this island here, only accessible by hovercraft.

Here we are, the Adamant Grotto. We actually could have come here as soon as we got the hook for the Enterprise, but there wasn't much point in doing so.

What's here? Why, these two mini-people!

Animal tails? What in the world could he want with such things?

Hmm. I think we can come to some sort of arrangement. Yes, indeed!

Well, as a matter of fact...

Yes, yes, that'll do nicely.

Mm hmm. A legendary ore. Now, who do we know who could use something like this?

But, before we do that, there's someone else we should see!

Yeah, remember we found Yang in the Sylph Cave? We should probably tell his wife about that...

Oh, I can't believe that man! What does he think he's doing, lounging about in a place like that?

No, of course I'm not crying! I just... I just have something in my eye, is all!


Interesting! I'm sure we can find a use for this.

While we're on the surface...

Let's check on Eddie!

You've informed his wife, haven't you?

Way ahead of you, Eddie!

Now then, next stop-

Er, hang on.

Wasn't there something else in Troia that I left for later?

Something involving the pub?

And a lot of money?

Well, I'm good for it now, aren't I?

Here you go, bud.


A hole opens up in the wall.

It leads to a secret passage,

and some stairs!

Hmm. A secret pub!

Well, let's see what all the fuss is about!

Polsy version

Er, yes. I suppose we do...

...Let us never speak of this again, hmm?

There's another little bit to check out down here.

Dancer: What are you doing in here?! This is a dressing room! Get out!

Oh, Jesus, I'm sorry! Let me just grab this sparkly thing and I'll be out of your hair!


All right, this Augment. This Augment is somewhat important. It teaches an ability that gives you more gold from battles, but that's not the important part. If you plan on doing a new game+, you should not use this Augment. When you do a second playthrough, give it to Eddie so you can pick up some of his Augments. If you're not planning on doing NG+, give it to whoever!

With that, we're done with the surface world, for the moment. Let me just swap airships real quick...

and pop back to the underworld to finish our current errands.

Our first stop, Kokkol's place.

We picked this up from the Adamant Grotto, remember? Kokkol said he was looking for it. It's certainly not doing us any good sitting in our inventory, so let's hand it over!

I cannot believe it! Allow me to reforge that old sword of yours, as a token of my most heartfelt appreciation.

Which sword? We have like... a lot of them.

Oh, that sword! Seriously, that old thing? This oughta be interesting!

We find Kokkol hammering away at his... fireplace. Guess we'll have to check back with him later!

A strong one, I'd imagine.

Beats me? Maybe he'll make an alloy out of it, or something. I'm sure there's a way.

Nothing more we can do here. Next stop!

Being the Sylph Cave, of couse!

I know a sleeping monk who has a date wtih a frying pan! Or at least his head does!

On the way, Cecil got Toaded and levelled up. That's just silly, Cecil. You're silly!

Anyway, here we are, the Sylph's cottage.

I missed talking to this Slyph earlier, for some reason, so here you go. She doesn't say anything interesting.

Let's have a look at Yang.

Hey, if SMRPG taught me anything, it's that frying pans really pack a wallop!

Only one way to find out!

One thing I just noticed. His eyes are clearly open. It's a little bit creepy...

Oh well. Nothing for it!

Here goes nothing!

Uhhhn... Is it time for training already? Just let me sleep a little longer...



Thank goodness! You're awake!

Yes, though I would not even be alive had these kind sylphs not rescued me.

Thank to you, those terrible cannons were destroyed.

Oh hell. YES. Who needs Kain when we can roll with the Yang!

Excuse me? This is the Yang we're talking about!

You're goddamn right, Yang! Now get in the party.

The wounded have no place on the batlefield.

Shut up, Edge. Nobody asked you!

Edge, of Eblan- your superior replacement!

Oh, that's interesting. How about we whack you over the head with that frying pan and see who replaces who, you little shit!

(No, I am not too fond of Edge during this sequence. I don't know whether or is more appropriate here. Maybe I'd be better off with because-)

Eblan, you say? A ninja, then... But I must go as well.

Just let me take him, game, please? C'mon, a ninja and a war-monk in my party? We would blind our foes with the power of sheer AWESOME!

But no. It is not to be.


Then Yang will have no need to fight, and he can rest right here!

Thank you.

Well, we get a new Summon out of the deal. That's something right? Right?

There is little I could to to help you now, weakened like this.

I don't fucking buy it, Yang, not for a second!

But please... at least allow me to give you something that will.

Obtained Kick augment

Obtained Focus augment

And we get Yang's Augments, so it's kind of like having him back in our party!

Hah... hah?

Oh who am I kidding! I hate this part. Yang is my favorite character and the game just dangles having him rejoin you, and takes it away! It's just cruel. It's heartwrenching! Why do you do this to me, game?! *sniff*

Quiet, lady! I'm grieving over here.

B-bu-but I waaaaaana!

Yeah, thanks. I appreciate that.

So yeah. Here's our new Summon. Honestly, I would prefer to get Yang back!

Oh well. Might as well make the most of it!

I guess he's just too awesome for this party...

I'll sit on Focus for now. I know someone who can make better use of it than Cecil.

In the meantime, here's Cecil's shiny new ability loadout. Isn't it beautiful? (And it is. Trust me on this.)

Welp. Might as well tell Yang's wife the good news... such as it is.

You make it sound like he's dead!

Don't tempt me, young man. I still have that frying pan on me!

Here, let me give you a little something in return. I'm sure you can find a use for it.

Like in the GBA version, the original "Spoon" was changed to "Knife" here. I think a spoon would be funnier, to be honest.

Just tell that husband of mine to hurry up and get himself back to fighting strength!

Nope. Still grieving over here!

Oh, is that so? Maybe this won't be a total wash after all!

All right, Edge. You said you can use that Knife? Let's see...


You're a goddamn liar, Edge!

Yet it's in our inventory... hmm...

The Knife is a throwing weapon, and quite a powerful one, at that. You only get one, so it's best saved for a dire emergency!

On my way back from checking on Kokkol (the sword wasn't ready yet),

I ran into a new enemy.

Alraunes have 3,930 HP and no elemental weaknesses. Nothing special, really.

However, I do get the opportunity to show off something magical.

Cecil's about to go all Crouching Tiger on these guys.

Oh hell yes!

So yeah. Explanation is in order. How Counter works is it counters with the Attack command, unless you don't have Attack equipped. In which case, it uses the ability you have in your top slot. Kick, in this instance. Very abuseable, if you're so inclined...

In the meantime, let's see Rydia's newest Summon:

Polsy version

Damages the enemy, heals the party. Not a bad deal, really. Too bad the damage kind of sucks, and thus the healing does too. Eh, don't quit your day job, Rydia.

Well, that takes care of business in the underworld. Where to next?

How about we check up on Baron? We haven't been there in ages!

I take advantage of the free healing offered by Cecil's bed. Just because.

The castle guards are still reeling a bit from what happened last time we were here. Not that I blame them.

Yet, their resolve is still strong. That's heartening.

They'll need that resolve, what with how grim things are looking!

Yeah... the king.

... Wait a minute. The king! We found the ghost of the king in the basement. Didn't he say something about coming back to see him when we'd been to the land of the Eidolons?!

Well, we have! So, let's see what ol' Kingy wants!

First, some preparations are in order.

I put Steal on Edge. I have a special job for him coming up.

And Cecil gets the Avenger again. I have one specific job for him to do, and the Avenger will let him do it faster.

Preparations complete, we approach the throne.

The screen turns yellow, and that familiar, ghostly voice welcomes us back.

And the King of Baron appears once more.

Do not look upon me with such sadness, Cecil. The fiend slew me, yes, and robbed me of my earthen vessel. But my mind lives on, now and for eternity.

Oh, fisticuffs, is it? Bring it on, Kingy!

And here's the man himself, Odin.

Odin is a recurring Summon in Final Fantasy, and also the Norse god of war and ruler of Asgard.

Odin is also a pain in the ass. This fight is basically on a timer. When time runs out, Odin will raise his sword above his head and unleash his super attack on you: Zantetsuken. It hurts. A lot. You don't want to let him get that off. This is somewhat of a problem, because he has 40,001 to burn through, and his normal attacks are no slouch either! However, there is some good news! Our buddy here has a crippling weakness to lightning, ironically enough.

First of all, I need Edge to steal a thing from our boss, so he gets right on that.

Yeah... this could take awhile.

Like I said, Odin's normal attack is painful! That would be a one-hit kill on anyone but Cecil. Thank god for Draw Attacks, huh?

(By the way, Counter is disabled when you're Berserked, so no Crouching Tiger action for you during this fight. Sorry!)

Rosa's first act is to Slow Odin. Never a bad idea on any boss, it's absolutely essential here.

And she also Hastes Cecil. He's already Berserked, so now he's become a human meatgrinder. Thanks, Dualcast!

And Odin is made of meat, oh yes he is!

Bah. I'll get it eventually!

Now, remember I mentioned Odin is weak to lightning?

Yessss! Ramuh is your best friend in this fight. The god of thunder can really put the hurt on this guy.

Another round of Haste. This time on herself, to faciliate getting the rest of the party buffed up.

And Protect. All Odin's attacks are physical, including Zantetsuken. If you don't beat Odin quick enough, you'll need to have Protect up to have any hope of surviving his super attack!

Third time's the charm?

Yes! I got it!

Time to unload on this bastard!

Meanwhile, Rosa continues to do her job, dropping a Curaga on Cecil,

and Hasting Rydia. More Ramuh, more better!

Now, check this out. Wanna see what kind of damage Edge can put out with a Fuma Shuriken? Of course you do!

Bahaha! How do you like them apples?

You saw it right here, folks! Edge just out-damaged Rydia!

Odin cannot last long against this kind of onslaught.

With that, the god-king of the Vikings is sent back to Valhalla!

We get a nice chunk of EXP for our efforts, but only one level up this time.

You did good, Edge. I take back most of the mean things I said about you.

I pray that I might help protect that world with you.

My liege!

Aww yeah, son!

Yep. Hope you were taking notes!

Yep. That's a nice list of Summons, right there.

Super Bonus Round

The boss fight is over, but let's take another look at Odin.

If you don't pound his ass into tar like I did, after awhile he'll do this.

This is your cue to initiate Panic Mode.

I thought perhaps Thundaga would do extra damage on Odin when his sword was raised.

Conclusion... maybe?

Does about as much damage as Ramuh, in any case.

Anyway, when Odin does this, have everyone Defend! (Cecil can use Brace, if you have that equipped on him.)

If you don't, you'll be sorry!

Very, very sorry.

Owowow! It hurts, Mommy, it hurts!


a quick Dualcast Raise/Curaga gets everyone back on their feet.

But if he offs Rosa, you're proper fucked!

So yeah. Odin, ladies and gentlemen!

One last thing to do before I end this update.

It'll be quick, I promise.

We have to pop into the Cave of Eblan real quick-like.

I take the opportunity to put Ninjitsu back on Edge.

In the spot where Edge fought Rubicante, there's something sparkling on the ground. What could it be?

It's Rubicante's signature Augment! Inferno is a fire-based attack in the same vein as Whirlwind and Tsunami. I'm holding onto it until further notice. The archfiends' Augments aren't that great, due to the steep MP cost.

This guy is here too, just in case you got any ideas about going back to the Tower of Babil.

OK, last thing, for real this time!

There's something to grab in Mist.

Another sparkly!

And unlike Inferno, this one's actually useful!

Boy, oh boy is it ever!

Does just what it says on the tin: boosts your maximnum MP by 50%. Now, who to give it to?

Well, the logical choice would be either Rydia or Rosa, hmm?

Now, I suspect I'll get a lot of flack for this, but hear me out.

I gave it to Rosa for several reasons. 1) It's my LP and I can do what I want. 2) Even though Rydia's magic costs more MP than Rosa's, Rydia has ways of restoring MP. Namely, Osmose. Rosa doesn't have it; Rydia does. Only way Rosa can restore her own MP is with Pray. Reason #3 we'll encounter later. Let's just say, Rydia has ways of wrecking things without needing MP.

Naturally, I toss it on Rosa right away. She officially doesn't need to attack anything. Ever.

But just in case (thought I doubt I'll ever need it), I make Aim her Auto-battle command.

OK. Now we're done. Next time, we'll get back to this Plot business. I hope to see you all there!