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Part 3: Desert Rose

Cecil and an unconscious girl find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The remains of Mist are to the west, but there's no going back there now.

Cecil finds a desert to the northeast, and an oasis as well.

This is a good spot to get Cecil a few levels. Getting him to level 13 helps a lot because his 16 Strength gives him an additional attack, allowing him to one-shot everything here.

Cecil takes a quick look around town and makes a beeline for the Inn.

Cecil hurries to the back of the Inn and puts the girl in a bed so she can rest. After some time she regains consciousness.

Hey, are you alright?


My name is Cecil. What's yours?


I'm sorry about your mother. I understand if you can't forgive me. Will you at least let me protect you?


With no response from the girl, Cecil decides to get some sleep.


What was that?

Cecil, I've finally found you!



I am here on the King's orders. All Summoners from Mist are to be executed. Hand over the girl, now!



Then die, traitor!

The General and his Soldiers are pushovers. One Dark attack takes out the grunts and a few slashes to the face puts the General down.

Are you alright?

Yes. Don't worry about me. I won't let anyone hurt you.


I promise.

...I'm Rydia.


Rydia then joins our party.

Rydia is a little girl and has the stats of one as well. She's capable of using some White Magic as well as almost all Black Magic.

Rydia knows Summon Magic as well, but she only knows Chocobo despite what the cutscene last update might have you believe (she pretty much summoned Titan out of pure fear/hate for you). Summon Magic must be learned, but there's no one left to teach her...

There are some shops here, but there's nothing important in town with the exception of this lonely building...

Poor thing's got a case of Desert Fever. She keeps murmuring the name Cecil over and over...

Wait, could it be...?

...Cecil... Cecil, be careful!

Where can I find an antlion?

There's an Antlion Cave east of Damcyan Castle, but only royalty may enter. You have to make it through the Waterway to the north to get to Damcyan Castle, but I heard there's a terrible monster there!

It's worth it to level up Rydia a bit before the next part, as she is really fragile. She learns Cure, Sight, Hold(paralyzes enemies), Blizzard, Thunder, and Sleep along the way.

Next time, Cecil and Rydia enter the Waterway.