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Part 7: A Magical Moment and a Mysterious Monk

Mount Hobs is the only way to get to Fabul. It's located to the north and east of the Antlion Cave.


What's wrong?

Give it a try. I know you can do it.


I know you can do this. Why won't you try?

I...I hate fire.

That's right... her village was destroyed by fire when...


If we can't get to Fabul, more people will be in danger. Please, Rydia.

Rydia... You've helped me, you've helped Cecil, you've helped Rosa... and you have the power to help many more people. Please, we need your strength and courage.



Rydia decides to give it a try.

With the ice out of the way, we can proceed up Mount Hobs.

There are two passages through the mountain, but you want to go through the left one first, as there's some treasure and a save point as well.

The enemies here hit a lot harder than in the Antlion Cave. They can do appreciable damage (40+) to Cecil now. Cockatrices can also Petrify party members which is always dangerous.

Rosa uses White Magic exclusively, but she can use Bows as well. Her Aim Command takes longer than a normal attack, but always hits. Her Pray Command almost never works, but can restore some HP to the group for free.

This is cool, I've never actually gotten one of these before.

Rydia has four "secret" Summons that can be dropped off of enemies. Cockatrice petrifies an enemy. It costs 15 MP, so it's kinda hard to cast effectively right now.

Yes, Cockatrices can be petrified. I don't know how that works.

The right passage leads to the summit, but Cecil's group is not alone up here...

What's going on?

The group stumbles across a battle already in progress.

Cecil and friends decide to give the mysterious stranger some help.

The Mom Bomb is a great deal harder than the previous bosses. It's also the first time you've had a full party and that messes a lot of people up as well. It hits hard, so just hit it back and have Rosa heal.

After awhile, Mom Bomb gets pissed. Just keep wailing on her with whatever you've got.

After you hit it enough, it will explode in your face. But that's not the real dick move.

It splits into a bunch of Bombs and Gray Bombs. Gray Bombs can hit for over 100 damage and their Self-Destruct can one-shot people, so take them out ASAP. Edward's Lamia Harp helps out a lot here. Confusing the Gray Bombs will usually result in them one-shotting their own kind.

I came here to train with my men, but they were all killed by a swarm of monsters... They were Fabul's finest monks...

My name is Cecil. We bring urgent news to Fabul.

A villain named Golbez is using Baron's military to seize the world's Crystals.

Then he covets our Wind Crystal.

There is no doubt of that. He easily seized the Crystal of Damcyan a few days ago.

The odds are against us. The only monks left at the castle of students. They stand little chance against Baron's forces.

I'd assume Golbez was behind the attacks that killed your men... and almost you as well.

...Then the attack is imminent. I must go.

We will follow you to Fabul. We would like to help.

But it does.

...For I am the Prince of Damcyan.

Rosa and I are citizens of Baron, and this girl is one of the many victims of Baron's recent attacks... which I led personally.

I see... then I humbly accept your assistance.

Let's go. We haven't much time.

Follow me. Fabul lies east of here.

Yang then joins our party. Next time, the fight for Fabul begins.