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Part 11: The Man, the Monster, and the Legend

Cecil, Palom, and Porom begin their journey up Mount Ordeals.

They don't get very far.

Yeah, yeah. Keep your hat on! Blizzard!

Ha! Too easy!

Palom! The elder taught us not to submit to arrogance! Cecil, please forgive him for his antics.


Come forth, Scarmiglione!

Cecil aspires too much. He ascends Mount Ordeals as we speak. I shall clip his wings now.

So he desires to become a Paladin...

Dispose of him. His Dark Sword should be all but useless against your undead.

I shall return with his head.

The mysterious evil man then vanishes.

Cecil might still prove a formidable opponent.

You dare question my judgment?

No, sire!

Scarmiglione is one of the four Elemental Lords. He will not fail. Rosa will bear witness to this.

Sire, please grant me a second chance! Instead of Scarmiglione, allow me the task to slay him!

Just be grateful I let you live after your last blunder.



These enemies from the Waterway return with a vengeance. Palom's Fira is the way to go, as Cecil's Dark Sword isn't going to deal more than 1 damage to them. A little ways up...

...Cecil runs into the one ally not evil/kidnapped/sleeping with the fishes.

Cecil? What brings you here? Wait... are you looking for Meteor as well?


You know about Meteor!?

That must mean you're Tellah! Hey, old man, am I right?

Don't be rude! You're standing before a great Sage! It's an honor to meet you. We came here from Mysidia at the orders of our elder.

Yeah, we're spying on...

...Excuse me. As I was saying, we're just serving as guides for Sir Cecil. My name is Porom.

And I'm Palom, Mysidia's best Mage! I've heard a lot about you!

Kids from Mysidia? Cecil, where are Rydia and Edward?

We were on our way to Baron when Leviathan attacked...

What? They're dead!?

I'm afraid so... on top of that, Golbez kidnapped Rosa.

I'll betcha that his girlfriend!


I thought you'd head straight to Baron and confront Golbez.

My spells aren't strong enough still to fight Golbez. I've come here to seek the legendary spell, Meteor. I sense something here, I believe it's the key to what I need.

But that spell is dangerous! It requires tremendous vitality. For a man your age...

I admit I am old. But I will make Golbez pay, even if it costs me my life!

It's kinda hard not to like Tellah. He's a man with goals.


Cecil, you have yet to answer my question. Why did you come here?

I came in the hopes of becoming a Paladin. I cannot defeat Golbez with a Dark Sword... and I have longed to renounce this hateful thing.

Who's Golbez?

Don't you know anything!? He's the one controlling Baron.

So, you've come here to become a Paladin? Then this mountain holds some secret, just as I suspected. I shall accompany you.

Tellah then joins the party (again).

He has leveled up a bit, but he's still about the same statwise.

Liliths can inflict a bunch of status effects, but their weakness to fire is easily exploited.

Up at the summit...

Palom, stop that!

Stop what?

I said, stop it!

It's not me!

I sense an evil presence.

Who's there!?

Under Master Golbez's orders, I, Scarmiglione of Earth, will deliver you to the gates of Hell. But first... My undead hunger... for your flesh!

Scarmiglione comes at you with an undead army. Palom and Tellah should light up the Skullnants with Fire/Fira, and Cecil should focus on Scarmiglione as his Dark Sword is ineffective on undead. Scarmiglione blasts the group with Thunder, while the Skullnants hit with physical attacks and Drain. They're mowed down in no time.

With Scarmiglione dead, there's nothing between Cecil and...

...Uh oh.

It's never good when a boss ambushes you. Scarmiglione's true form can be nasty. His physical attack hits pretty hard and can poison as well.

Song of Curse isn't pleasant either. Palom's Bluff-Fira one-two punch is the key to making this battle less painful.

He then does a Wile Coyote-style fall to his death. With Scarmiglione really dead this time, there's nothing between Cecil and...

"Son"!? Just who are you!?

Cecil walks inside the structure to face his destiny...

The gimmick to winning the Dark Cecil fight is to not fight him at all. You need to spend a certain amount of time doing anything but attacking him- using items, defending, and his new White Magic spell Cure. It is possible to deal enough damage to kill him, but it takes a lot of Potions and grinding and it defeats the purpose.

You must be...

Palom! Enough!

This feeling... I can't explain it. It feels... so familiar. That voice...

...I've got it!

Master Tellah?

My spells! I remember them now!

!? Me...teor...? That light! Somehow, it broke the seal upon Meteor!

He is truly a great Sage.

Hey, Porom... I kinda think...

Er, Cecil?

We have to tell you something. We're actually...

I am ready to face Golbez! I am doom itself! Come, Cecil! To Baron!

Yes... to Baron.

Tellah doesn't stick around. He's ready for vengeance.

Hey, wait up!

Are you coming?

...Yes. That light... Why did it call me "Son"?

Next time, Cecil and his allies head back to Mysidia... and Baron.