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Part 12: He is Legend?

Cecil new start as a Paladin sets him back to Level 1, but his stats are much higher as a Paladin at any given level than as a Dark Knight. He gets some White Magic (nowhere near what Porom can get, though), and can take physical hits for wounded allies (<1/4HP).

Cecil can wear the gear found at Mysidia, and has the blade he earned through his ordeal. Like the description says, the Sword of Legend has the Holy Element. This lets him cut through undead with ease.

Tellah now has access to every White Magic spell (save one) and every Black Magic spell. Unfortunately he does not have the MP to cast the legendary Meteor he just learned because he's a weak old man.

One nice thing about Cecil being Level 1 is that he gains levels really quickly. One fight brought him up to Level 6.

Just south of Mount Ordeals is a suspicious forest.

White Chocobos refill MP somehow. I don't want to know how.

Yellow ones are for riding. They don't move very fast in this game for some reason as compared to other games in the series. Anyways, Cecil gets back to Mysidia and informs the Elder of his success.

Not everyone has the Elder's capacity for forgiveness, however.

Trust, on the other hand...

Unbelievable! You have succeeded!

Sir Cecil fought brilliantly.

I'll say. He passed with flying colors.

I'm sorry?

Forgive me. I assigned them to spy on you.

That pretty much sums it up.

I feel awful having deceived you. I'm sorry.

I have a sneaking suspicions that part of the reason no one's come back from Mount Ordeals is that those who attempted it either failed (and died) or decided against it (and were destroyed by their "guardians" to prevent the spread of evil). But maybe I like the thought of child assassins too much.
Kick-Ass is awesome and you should see it.

The important thing is you are now a Paladin and have shed the Darkness that held your heart... That sword...! Where did you obtain it!?

It was given to me on the mountain's peak.

Is this...? Yes, it is! The words of an ancient Mysidian legend are inscribed on the blade!

A legend?

The light at the peak called me "Son". What was that light?

Your question is a valid one, but I do not know the answer. The legend has never been unveiled. Mysidians have been told to pray for the fulfillment of this legend for generations and to believe in the one with the sacred Light. Perhaps you might be the one.

Tellah doesn't give a crap about some old legend.


It's been a while.

We met him on Mount Ordeals.

And guess what? The old man learned to cast Meteor!

WHAT!! Meteor, the legendary spell, unsealed? What is happening to our world...?

Anna, your daughter?

Golbez took her life. And I shall use Meteor to take his.

Tellah, you must not fight with hatred. Moreover, you are in no condition to use Meteor.

If I die, so be it! Golbez must die at any cost!

Still stubborn as a mule, I see.

Ha! Like you're one to talk!

Nevertheless, with your spells and Cecil's power, you may be able to defeat Golbez.

In any case, we must return to Baron and commandeer an airship first.

Very well. I will grant you access to the Devil's Road connecting Mysidia and Baron. As a Paladin, I am certain you can safely travel the path. Now I must retire to the Tower of Worship. I shall pray for your success.

Thank you.

Cecil and Tellah go to leave, but find a few kids hanging around.

Elder, please allow us to accompany Cecil.

Yeah, you're the one who said we should help him any way we can.

...Very well. You have both overcome the trials of Mount Ordeals. Perhaps this is your fate. Please look after them.

But, I...uh...

Cecil's already lost one kid and isn't too keen on bringing two more along.

Are you saying you don't want us tagging along?

I'm sure we can still be of assistance.

Don't worry, old friend. I will look after them.

Very well, so be it. I'm counting on all of you.

The entrance to the Devil's Road lies to the east of here. Palom, Porom, train well and return safely. Good luck to you all.

Contrary to what you might think, the Devil's Road is not a dungeon.

It's a teleporter, more or less.

It spits the group out in the city of Baron. Knocking on the castle gates seems like a poor idea, so Cecil looks around town.

Cid's daughter hasn't seen her father in a while. That's not good, as he's the one Cecil is counting on.

Strange monk? Could it be...?

Yang!? How did he survive Leviathan!?



It's me, Cecil!

Cecil... Baron's Knight turned traitor. Seize him!

Oh good, another mind control victim.

The guards hit pretty hard and can cast Pig and Mini. They're pretty easy, though.

Yang! What are you doing!?

You insolent wretch!

Yang takes quite a beating and loves to Kick the group for a lot of damage. Palom's Fira and Tellah's Bio hurt him badly. After a while the party knocks some sense into him.

...I cannot remember anything.

Apparently, you suffered from some amnesia and were being controlled by Baron.

Where are Rydia and Edward?

Rydia was... swallowed by Leviathan.


Edward... I don't know.

I don't care.

Where are we?

In Baron. Let's go somewhere and discuss things in private.

Yang then rejoins Cecil's group, giving us a full party once again.

Palom hops into bed while the others talk.

My daughter loved him enough to give her life for him.

I am sorry for your loss. I am Yang of Fabul.

I'm the prodigy of Mysidia! My name's Palom.

Feel free to ignore my twin brother. I am Porom.

I can't believe you were oblivious to so much!

Palom! Apologize!

No, he is right. Forgive my actions.

Well, first things first. We have to find Cid.

Sneaking into the castle won't be easy.

Hm? What is this?

This is a key to Baron! Of course! They must have given it to you when they put you in charge of those troops!

With a key in hand, the party will try to sneak into Baron. Next time.