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Part 14: Hearts of Stone

The Engineer Cid leads Cecil and his friends to the Enterprise. But somebody's not quite dead yet...

That blows.

It's been here all along!


Ain't she a beaut? Let's get the Enterprise on-line!

The Enterprise blows a hole out of the castle's foundation or something.


What is that?

It's a white flag.

I love the fact the octogenarian is correcting everyone on their eyesight of all things.

The Red Wing pulls up alongside the Enterprise. There's a familiar face aboard.

Heh! So you're still amongst the living.

Kain! You little maggot!

Where's Rosa?

If you want her back, bring me the Earth Crystal.


You shameless dog!

I will come to you once you have the Crystal. And if Rosa means anything to you, you WILL get that Crystal.

Why, you...!

I have nothing to say to you.

The Red Wing heads back to Golbez's mysterious stronghold.

That dirty scumbag...

Cid, set a course northwest... to Troia.

From previous conversations, we know the Earth Crystal is there. But why doesn't/can't Golbez take it for himself like the others?

With the airship, there's a lot more world Cecil can investigate now. Maybe he'll find something special next time to help stop Golbez...